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The top courses for aspiring data scientists - KDnuggets


Data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning – from theories and nascent beginnings, these fields have grown to become extremely important not just to IT, e-commerce, and entertainment, but also financial services, pharmaceuticals, disease prevention and public health services as well diagnostic tools. The opportunities are immense, and you only need to equip yourself for them. Here are four courses that can give you the necessary skills to lead businesses in the 21st century. All of them include Python programming as a course component. Most of them require an undergraduate knowledge of statistics, calculus, linear algebra, and probability, so we recommend checking your course of interest for the specifics.

TabPy: Combining Python and Tableau - KDnuggets


Can we integrate the power of Python calculation with a Tableau? That question was encourage me to start exploring the possibility of using Python calculation in Tableau, and I ended up with a TabPy. How can we use TabPy to integrating Python and Tableau? In this article, I will introduce TabPy and go through an example of how we can use it. TabPy is an Analytics Extension from Tableau which enables us as a user to execute Python scripts and saved functions using Tableau.

An Ultimate Guide to Time Series Analysis in Pandas


It is the analysis of the dataset that has a sequence of time stamps. It has become more and more important with the increasing emphasis on machine learning. So many different types of industries use time-series data now for time series forecasting, seasonality analysis, finding trends, and making important business and research decisions. So it is very important as a data scientist or data analyst to understand the time series data clearly. I will start with some general functions and show some more topics using the Facebook Stock price dataset. Time series data can come in with so many different formats. But not all of those formats are friendly to python's pandas' library.

How to Future-Proof Your Data Science Project - KDnuggets


Nontechnical stakeholders struggle to define business requirements. Crossfunctional teams face an uphill battle to set up robust pipelines for replicable data delivery. Machine learning models can take on a life of their own. If you've been ignoring these critical elements in the past, you may find your deployment rate skyrockets. Your data products may depend on correctly deploying the tips from this article.

Must Have Data Science Skills That You Should Learn - Statanalytica


Data science skills contains several subject skills such as it contains skills in relation to math, science, business communication, statistics & English. Having skills in a diversified area enables you to crunch with financial functional and non- functional activities to influence decision making concepts. Accordingly, it can be said that data science skills are those which contain technical as well as non-technical skills. Data science skills help businesses to make decisions as it breaks the gap of communication between numbers and action in the real world. Data scientists must have skills of communication, and an understanding of its implication on businesses along with recommendation.

The 8 Best Predictive Modeling Books on Our Reading List


Find powerful new insights in your data; discover machine learning with R." "The process of developing predictive models includes many stages. Most resources focus on the modeling algorithms but neglect other critical aspects of the modeling process. This book describes techniques for finding the best representations of predictors for modeling and for nding the best subset of predictors for improving model performance. A variety of example data sets are used to illustrate the techniques along with R programs for reproducing the results." "Kattamuri Sarma's Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner: Practical Solutions for Business Applications, Third Edition, will show you how to develop and test predictive models quickly using SAS Enterprise Miner.

The Solution to a Data Science Problem is not Unique


Data science projects vary in scope and complexity. Sometimes, the project could be as simple as producing summary statistics, charts, and visualizations. It could also involve building a regression model, classification model, or forecasting using a time-dependent dataset. The project could also be very complex and difficult, with no clear guidance as to the specific type of model to use. In this case, it is the task of the data science aspirant or professional to come up with a model that best suitable for addressing project goals and objectives.

Timeline for Data Science Competence


For anyone interested in jumping into the field of data science, one of the most important questions to ask is: How long does it take to gain competency in data science? This article will discuss the typical timeline for data science competency. The time required to gain competency in data science depends on the level of competency. In Section II, we will discuss the three levels of data science. In Section III, we discuss the time required for gaining data science competency based on the level of interest.

A Learning Path To Becoming a Data Scientist


Data science is one of the rapidly growing fields that demand a data scientist growing up daily. As of October 2020, I can't see this demand slowing down anytime soon. It is an interdisciplinary field that can help us analyze the data around us to make our life better and our future brighter. Luckily, becoming a data scientist does not require a degree. As long as you are open to learning new things and willing to put in the effort and time, you can become a data scientist.