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Xendit provides payment infrastructure across Southeast Asia, with a focus on Indonesia and the Philippines. We process payments, power marketplaces, disburse payroll and loans, provide KYC solutions, prevent fraud, and help businesses grow exponentially. We serve our customers by providing a suite of world-class APIs, eCommerce platform integrations, and easy to use applications for individual entrepreneurs, SMEs, and enterprises alike. Our main focus is building the most advanced payment rails for Southeast Asia, with a clear goal in mind -- to make payments across in SEA simple, secure and easy for everyone. We serve thousands of businesses ranging from SMEs to multinational enterprises, and process millions of transactions monthly.

Students show how AI can predict airline delays, drug vulnerability


MANILA, Philippines – How can artificial intelligence (AI) solve real-world problems? Students of Asian Institute of Management's (AIM) Master of Science in Data Science program presented 16 different answers to this question on Friday, August 23. The students showed their peers, industry experts, and members of the media how they can predict whether an airline will be delayed at the Ninoy Aquino National Airport, which Filipino youth are more susceptible to drug use, and more. The 16 project topics ranged from tools for language education, poverty prediction, and healthcare to tools for businesses like debt collection and stock market and foreign exchange prediction. Each group of 3 or 4 students spoke for 4 minutes on the projects that they worked on for 6 months.

Using AI to Tag your Pictures Business Process Outsourcing Farmout Call Center Philippines and Accredited Call Center Philippines Trainers


In today's online market place, visual marketing is an integral part of reaching out to customers. Research show that the human brain is more visual. Up to 80% of people remember what they see compared to only 20% of what they read. This is one of the main reasons why visual content resonates more than written content. It has a greater chance of going viral.

Enabling a digital lifestyle using data analytics and machine learning OpenGovAsia


Globe Telecom is the leading full service telecommunications company in the Philippines, serving the needs of consumers and businesses across an entire suite of products and services including mobile, fixed, broadband, data connections, internet and managed services. Accounting for more than 50% of the Philippines' mobile revenues, Globe Telecom leads the mobile market, while also generating one-third of the country's fixed broadband revenues and enterprise data connections. To enhance customer experience for its 60 million customers, Globe Telecom looked into the use of machine learning to deliver real-time targeted marketing and optimised products and services, while maintaining compliance with the latest industry data regulations in the country. According to Chief Technology and Information Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Globe Telecom Mr Gil Genio, the company strives to enable its customers to live a digital lifestyle that is supported by its robust and pervasive mobile network. Given the increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Globe Telecom's mobile data volumes grew by 66% in 2017, reaching 600 petabytes (PB).