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Senior Data Scientist - Consumer platform


About The Role They say no man is an island, and this holds true here at Gojek. Data Scientist, you'll be part of the Consumer Platform team that directly impacts Gojek by building smart smart data products. Your main objective will be to mine insights from the sea of data to build ML powered data products. Many smart business leads, analysts and scientists will be your companions during this ride. Best yet, you'll have the opportunity to flex your DS skills, getting us even closer to our ultimate goal to become the leading technology platform.

Data Architect


Our Data Architects are experienced technologists with technical depth and breadth, along with strong interpersonal skills. In this role, you will work directly with customers and our team to help …

Top 7 Big Data Trends to Dominate 2021


Capturing big data is easy. What's difficult is to corral, tag, govern, and utilize it. NetApp, a hybrid cloud provider, sees cloud automation as a practice that enables IT, developers, and teams to develop, modify, and disassemble resources automatically on the cloud. Cloud computing provides services whenever it is required. Yet, you need support to utilize these resources to further test, identify, and take them down when the requirement is no longer needed. Completing the process requires a lot of manual effort and is time-consuming. This is when cloud automation intervenes.

Dremio launches data lake service running on AWS cloud


All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Dremio today launched a cloud service that creates a data lake based on an in-memory SQL engine that launches queries against data stored in an object-based storage system. The goal is to make it easier for organizations to take advantage of the data lake, dubbed Dremio Cloud, without having to employ an internal IT team to manage it, said Tomer Shiran, chief product officer for Dremio. An organization can now start accessing Dremio Cloud in as little as five minutes, he said. Based on Dremio's existing SQL Lakehouse platform, the Dremio Cloud service runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

Alteryx Masterclass For Data Analytics, ETL And Reporting


A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Alteryx course. Why should you choose this course? This is a complete tutorial on Alteryx which can be completed within a weekend. Data Analysis and Analytics process automation are the most sought-after skills for Data analysis roles in all the companies. Alteryx designer core certification portrays one of the most desired skills in the market.

PayPal uses story based analytics to process 33 mln transactions per day - ET CIO


In conversation with ETCIO, Dr. V. Chandramouliswaran, Senior Director, Global Financial Crimes and Customer Protection & Chennai Centre Head at PayPal talks about why he feels PayPal is in the risk business and how the company is using a story-based analytics approach to fight frauds and risk in its payment business. "We process approximately 33 million-plus transactions per day, a bit more than $22k of payments per second, and serve over 390 million active customers. We have more than 500 petabytes of data in the systems out of which risk alone uses close to 2 petabytes of data to make decisions in mini seconds. All of us are used to instantaneous approvals and so risk leverages a significant amount of data to make these decisions," Chandramouliswaran said. According to him, over three trillion events are added each day to PayPal's systems.

MongoDB 5.0 is here, spotlighting productivity and extensibility


At its annual MongoDB.Live event this week, MongoDB is unveiling the next major release – version 5.0 – of its eponymous database. To some extent, the highlights for MongoDB 5.0 are not surprising, as there's a greater focus on productivity for its core constituency of developers. But the new release also expands the umbrella of data types with new time series support, followed by features that would be considered enterprise-friendly. Underscoring this is that MongoDB, and a rapidly growing cross section of its customer base, are going cloud-first. As of the latest quarter, Q1 FY 2022 which was reported back in June, the Atlas managed cloud database-as-a-service (DBaaS) now accounts for 51% of overall revenues.

IBM rolls out CodeFlare, an open-source framework for machine learning apps


IBM Wednesday announced CodeFlare, an open-source, serverless framework designed to simplify the integration and efficient scaling of big data and AI workflows onto the hybrid cloud. CodeFlare is built on top of an emerging open-source distributed computing framework for machine learning applications known as Ray. IBM said CodeFlare extends the capabilities of Ray by adding specific elements to make scaling workflows easier. With data and machine learning analytics are proliferating into just about every industry, tasks are becoming far more complex, IBM noted. While it is important to have larger datasets and more systems designed for AI research, as these workflows become more involved, researchers are spending more and more time configuring their setups than getting data science done.

The 10 Hottest Google Cloud Tools Of 2021 (So Far)


Google Cloud continued to expand upon its big data, analytics and machine learning strengths this year, with new products and services ranging from an artificial intelligence platform to help developers more quickly build and deploy ML models to a database migration service for customers to more easily migrate their data to its cloud platform. The No. 3 cloud computing provider also is providing -- in preview for now -- access to the daily top 25 Google Search terms in BigQuery, its analytics data warehouse. And continuing with its focus on delivering industry-specific offerings to enterprises, Google Cloud released a purpose-built manufacturing solution to improve production quality, a financial services solution for licensed market data discovery, access and analytics on Google Cloud, and its new Cloud Healthcare Consent Management API. Here's a look at those offerings and others that have made CRN's list of the hottest Google Cloud tools so far this year.