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Machine Learning Certification Course Big Data & Hadoop Tutorial Machine Learning Training - Imarticus


Your study material will be available to you on Imarticus's Learning Management System, which is a fully integrated state-of-the-art learning management system for an extended duration of 7 months. You will need to log in to the learning portal using the credentials provided and navigate through the portal as required.

How to Get Hands-On with Machine Learning - InformationWeek


The eCornell Machine Learning Certificate Program consists of 7 two-week courses aimed at developers, software and data engineers, data scientists and statisticians. Interested parties can take a pre-test to gauge their level of knowledge.

7 Fastest-Growing Job Roles In Data Science & How To Work Towards Them


In an industry that is experiencing a steady rate of job creation, data science itself has moved from just a buzzword to a strategic component in organisations. In addition to this, data scientists are increasingly taking on more strategic roles as organisations employ a product-centric view of data. It is a field that promises tremendous job growth and higher earning potential. Our latest research posits 97,000 jobs are available in this buzzing field. On the hiring end, there is a significant overall growth in jobs in the field.

How to Learn Python for Data Science the Right Way


Most aspiring data scientists begin to learn Python by taking programming courses meant for developers. They also start solving Python programming riddles on websites like LeetCode with an assumption that they have to get good at programming concepts before starting to analyzing data using Python. This is a huge mistake because data scientists use Python for retrieving, cleaning, visualizing and building models; and not for developing software applications. Therefore, you have to focus most of your time in learning the modules and libraries in Python to perform these tasks. Follow this incremental steps to learn Python for data science.

A Quick Introduction to 'daal4py' for Data Scientists


Accelerating scikit-learn with Intel's accelerated Python requires absolutely no code changes, thereby giving us a nearly effortless way to enhance performance. However, scikit-learn is designed for machine learning operations on in-memory homogeneous data. Fortunately, there is good news for extending beyond those limitations: daal4py. Think of it as "scikit-learn meets MPI (Message Passing Interface)" without requiring us to actually program in MPI. We get the benefits of MPI, and our programs get higher performance by utilizing parallelism across multiple nodes of CPUs.

A Clinical Approach to Training Effective Data Scientists Artificial Intelligence

Like medicine, psychology, or education, data science is fundamentally an applied discipline, with most students who receive advanced degrees in the field going on to work on practical problems. Unlike these disciplines, however, data science education remains heavily focused on theory and methods, and practical coursework typically revolves around cleaned or simplified data sets that have little analog in professional applications. We believe that the environment in which new data scientists are trained should more accurately reflect that in which they will eventually practice and propose here a data science master's degree program that takes inspiration from the residency model used in medicine. Students in the suggested program would spend three years working on a practical problem with an industry, government, or nonprofit partner, supplemented with coursework in data science methods and theory. We also discuss how this program can also be implemented in shorter formats to augment existing professional masters programs in different disciplines. This approach to learning by doing is designed to fill gaps in our current approach to data science education and ensure that students develop the skills they need to practice data science in a professional context and under the many constraints imposed by that context.

Deep learning Calculus - Data Science - Machine Learning AI - BuzzTechy


Udemy Online Course - Deep learning Calculus - Data Science - Machine Learning AI Mastering Calculus for Deep learning / Machine learning / Data Science / Data Analysis / AI using Python You start by learning the definition of function and move your way up for fitting the data to the function which is the core for any Machine learning, Deep Learning, Artificial intelligence, Data Science Application. Once you have mastered the concepts of this course, you will never be blind while applying the algorithm to your data, instead you have the intuition as how each code is working in background. What you'll learn Build Mathematical intuition especially Calculus required for Deep learning, Data Science and Machine Learning The Calculus intuition required to become a Data Scientist / Machine Learning / Deep learning Practitioner How to take their Data Science / Machine Learning / Deep learning career to the next level Hacks, tips & tricks for their Data Science / Machine Learning / Deep learning career Implement Machine Learning / Deep learning Algorithms better Learn core concept to Implement in Machine Learning / Deep learning Who this course is for: Data Scientists who wish to improve their career in Data Science. Deep learning / Machine learning practitioner who wants to take the career to next level Any one who wants to understand the underpinnings of Maths in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial intelligence Any Data Science / Machine Learning / Deep learning enthusiast Any student or professional who wants to start or transition to a career in Data Science / Machine Learning / Deep learning Students who want to refresh and learn important maths concepts required for Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Data Science. Data Scientists who wish to improve their career in Data Science.

9 Best R Programming Certifications, Courses & Training JA directives


Are you looking for the Best R Programming Certification? Here is the handpicked list of Best R Programming Course & Training to assist you to become an expert in programming in R. Before you start doing these courses we have included an article How to Start Programming in R? Go through this article you will get a brief idea about where and how to start learning r? Find out how attractive the r programming jobs are? Description: Data Analytics with R training will help you gain expertise in R Programming, Data Manipulation, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Regression, Sentiment Analysis and using R Studio for real-life case studies on Retail, Social Media. "R" wins on Statistical Capability, Graphical capability, Cost, a rich set of packages and is the most preferred tool for Data Scientists. In this course, you will learn how to program in R and how to use R for effective data analysis.

A Plethora of Microsoft Training Options on AI, Machine Learning & Data Science, including MOOCs


This post is authored by Kristin M. Tolle, Director of Program Management for Advanced Analytics Ecosystem Development and Training at Microsoft. Cortana Intelligence, Microsoft's end-to-end platform for Advanced Analytics, offers a suite of services to solve real world customer problems. The suite has many moving parts – Data Lake, HDInsight (Hadoop), Event Hub, Machine Learning and R – just to name a few, and we realize it may be challenging for some of you to experience first-hand how all these services work together in concert. My team, which is tasked with training our partners to use these services to address their customers' needs, is keenly aware of the breadth of that knowledge surface area. In this blog post, I outline some of the best ways for you to learn about all things Big Data and Advanced Analytics from Microsoft, including many hands-on training options, and also how to stay in the loop on our future offerings.