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When Mark Zuckerberg told Congress Facebook would use artificial intelligence to detect fake news posted on the social media site, he wasn't particularly specific about what that meant. Given my own work using image and video analytics, I suggest the company should be careful. Despite some basic potential flaws, AI can be a useful tool for spotting online propaganda – but it can also be startlingly good at creating misleading material. Researchers already know that online fake news spreads much more quickly and more widely than real news. My research has similarly found that online posts with fake medical information get more views, comments and likes than those with accurate medical content.



The graph represents a network of 988 Twitter users whose recent tweets contained "#ThinkAtIBM", or who were replied to or mentioned in those tweets, taken from a data set limited to a maximum of 18,000 tweets. The network was obtained from Twitter on Thursday, 27 June 2019 at 17:11 UTC. The tweets in the network were tweeted over the 9-day, 16-hour, 52-minute period from Tuesday, 18 June 2019 at 00:14 UTC to Thursday, 27 June 2019 at 17:06 UTC. Additional tweets that were mentioned in this data set were also collected from prior time periods. These tweets may expand the complete time period of the data.

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Alphabet's drone delivery project Wing launches air-traffic control app

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Drone delivery service Wing is launching its own air-traffic control app to keep its craft safe in the skies. The company, owned by Google-parent Alphabet, recently started making deliveries in parts of Australia and Finland. Wing's new iOS and Android app aims to'help users comply with rules and plan flights more safely and effectively,' providing a rundown of airspace restrictions and hazards as well as events nearby that could interfere. The new app, Open Sky, is being released to drone flyers in Australia this month according to Wing. 'The design of our software has required a detailed understanding of flight rules -- along with buildings, roads, trees, and other terrain -- that allow aircraft to navigate safely at low altitudes, and we've used it to complete tens of thousands of flights on three continents,' Wing said in a blog post.

How AI and Machine Learning Can Help With Governmental Cybersecurity Strategies


An ever-present threat to any given country's national security is that of cybersecurity. There are always hackers that want to use technology for malicious purposes, not to say the long list of adversaries that a country can pile up along the years. That's so as what it is at stake is millions of sensible data from citizens, companies, directories, senior officers and members of the government, state's information and more. Unfortunately, not all Governments take this peril as seriously as they should, and the efforts towards creating cyber-defense strategies – in most countries – lack budget, personnel and even real, field knowledge. Before this absence of real policies, Artificial Intelligence might be well seen as a good starting point where to build the walls that keep out any possible threats.

Store featuring 'Astro Boy' creator Osamu Tezuka's manga characters opens in Tokyo

The Japan Times

A store themed around the work of "Astro Boy" manga artist Osamu Tezuka opened earlier this month in Tokyo's Asakusa district, putting an array of available products on display, from traditional Japanese crafts to artificial intelligence robots. The Tezuka Osamu Shop & Cafe is currently the only store, apart from the artist's memorial museum in western Hyogo Prefecture where he grew up, that sells character goods featuring his manga and anime, according to the shop's operator. With theme songs from his animation work playing in the background, the first floor displays approximately 300 types of merchandise, including wooden kokeshi (Japanese dolls) in the shape of characters including Astro Boy and his father figure Professor Ochanomizu, as well as ties featuring another masterpiece, "Phoenix," made in traditional Nishijin textiles. "Astro Boy" tells the stories of the adventures of a boy android with human emotions. The sci-fi manga series, serialized from 1952 to 1968 and also adapted into an animation series, has many fans in Asia and beyond.

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Artificial Intelligence's Job of Cleaning the Dark Web


The deep web is the part of the internet that isn't included in surface web. In better words, the deep web is the unindexed part of the internet, search engines can't really find such websites. Deep web itself isn't bad at all, it just isn't indexed. People often confuse the deep web with the dark web. The dark web is that part of the internet which is usually associated with illegal activity, it requires certain software or authorization to get access.

VIDEO: Move Objects With Your Mind? We're Getting There, With The Help Of An Armband

NPR Technology

In the latest episode of Future You, check out an armband that lets you control tech devices with your mind. This is not a brain implant or even a headset. It's an armband that reads neuron activity to let you move objects in digital space. Then it goes further, giving you mental control of physical robots too. Think "the Force" from Star Wars.