Europe wants to be a computer chip powerhouse again. It's not going to be easy


The European Commission will soon present its European Chips Act, a plan to reduce supply chain dependencies on chip manufacturers outside the bloc. The plan was detailed by EC president Ursula von der Leyen at the 2021 State of the Union address. It's become standard for mid-range and flagship phones across all major US wireless carriers and most new phones incorporate 5G technology. "The aim is to jointly create a state-of-the-art European chip ecosystem, including production," she said. "That ensures our security of supply and will develop new markets for ground-breaking European tech."

Xiaomi unveils Pad 5 productivity tablet and Mi Smart Band 6 with NFC


Xiaomi has also launched a new tablet, the Pad 5, and an NFC version of the Mi Smart Band 6 today, in addition to its new Xiaomi 11 smartphones. The Pad 5 was designed with productivity in mind, specifically as a tool meant for people working or studying from home. It comes with the company's Smart Pen, which can be used to take notes or to quickly take screenshots with its function keys. The tablet has an 8-megapixel front camera that supports 1080p video for meetings and classes. It also has built-in capability to scan documents for later use or for sharing using its 13-megapixel rear camera.

Everyone will be able to clone their voice in the future


Cloning your voice using artificial intelligence is simultaneously tedious and simple: hallmarks of a technology that's just about mature and ready to go public. All you need to do is talk into a microphone for 30 minutes or so, reading a script as carefully as you can (in my case: the voiceover from a David Attenborough documentary). After starting and stopping dozens of times to re-record your flubs and mumbles, you'll send off the resulting audio files to be processed and, in a few hours' time, be told that a copy of your voice is ready and waiting. Then, you can type anything you want into a chatbox, and your AI clone will say it back to you, with the resulting audio realistic to fool even friends and family -- at least for a few moments. The fact that such a service even exists may be news to many, and I don't believe we've begun to fully consider the impact easy access to this technology will have.

The Machine Ethics podcast: responsible AI research with Madhulika Srikumar


Hosted by Ben Byford, The Machine Ethics Podcast brings together interviews with academics, authors, business leaders, designers and engineers on the subject of autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology's impact on society. We chat about managing the risks of AI research, how the AI community should think about the consequences of their research, documenting best practises for AI, OpenAI's GTP2 research disclosure example, considering unintended consequences & negative downstream outcomes, considering what your research may actually contribute, promoting scientific openness, proportional ethical reflection, research social impact assessments and more… Madhulika Srikumar is a program lead at the Safety-Critical AI initiative at Partnership on AI, a multistakeholder non-profit shaping the future of responsible AI. Core areas of her current focus include community engagement on responsible publication norms in AI research and diversity and inclusion in AI teams. Madhu is a lawyer by training and completed her graduate studies (LL.M) at Harvard Law School. This podcast was created, and is run by, Ben Byford and collaborators.

Warner Bros.' Dune vs. Apple's Foundation: An epic clash of content distribution


This afternoon, for the technology industry, all eyes will be on Apple's "California Streaming" virtual event, during which this year's models of iPhones -- and possibly iPads -- are set to be unveiled to an awaiting public. The new smartphones and tablets are destined to be big hits -- they have been, consistently, year after year, even with minor iterative improvements. But Apple's biggest news of 2021 won't be the iPhone 13. In terms of new market penetration and risk potential, the big news will be the results of Apple's $1 billion investment in streaming media content for its Apple TV Plus service, which they announced in 2019. A big chunk of that billion-dollar commitment will be their adaptation of Foundation, the first of three volumes in a series of classic Isaac Asimov science-fiction novels published in the early 1950s.

How to watch Apple's fall event


Tuesday is the big day for Apple fans. The newest iPhone is expected to be revealed, along with an updated Apple Watch and maybe something more for AirPods during the "California streaming" event. The virtual event will be streamed live from Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California, at 10 a.m. Because of the pandemic, it'll once again be an audience-free affair. If you're eager to learn more about the iPhone 13 when the info first drops, you have a few options to tune in live.

Will AI Make You Faster/Smarter/Stronger ... Or Just Replace You?


I guess there's always a third option, the one Elon Musk worries about. That is, of course, Skynet. But AI is already here, even if it's not self-aware. The valid question is: what will AI do for us? Will it replace us, as we've seen automation do in factories?

Apple still reliant on one core product as it nudges $3tn hurdle

The Guardian

If Apple is to become the world's first three-trillion-dollar company, the iPhone will play a key role in that feat. The tech firm unveils the latest iteration of its signature product on Tuesday, and the success of the iPhone 13 will determine how quickly Apple goes from its current market capitalisation of just under $2.5tn (£1.8tn) to $3tn. "We believe Apple is on a trajectory to hit $3tn by early 2022 and the iPhone 13 will be a lynchpin of growth," says Dan Ives of investment firm Wedbush Securities. He does not believe that forecast is changed by last week's ruling that the company must not block app developers from guiding users towards making payments outside the Apple app system – a blow to one of its most profitable services. But the share price could do with a bounce from the new iPhone following Friday's ruling.

5G Driving Automotive Transformation


The semiconductor industry has been investing heavily in the automotive segment for the past several years and rightfully so. According to Intel's forecast presented at IAA Mobility, the value of the automotive bill of materials (BOM) will increase as a percentage of the car from 4% today to more than 20% in 2030. There are few individual segments growing at such a rapid rate. We tend to think about this growth because of the electrification and autonomous control of vehicles, but as Qualcomm's CEO Cristiano Amon pointed out in his keynote at IAA Mobility, it is due to much more. According to Mr. Amon, the entire world is going through a "digital transformation".

The Growing Importance of Data and AI Literacy – Part 1


This is the first part of a 2-part series on the growing importance of teaching Data and AI literacy to our students. This will be included in a module I am teaching at Menlo College but wanted to share the blog to help validate the content before presenting to my students. Apple plans to introduce new iPhone software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to churn through the vast collection of photos that people have taken with their iPhones to detect and report child sexual abuse. See the Wall Street article "Apple Plans to Have iPhones Detect Child Pornography, Fueling Priva..." for more details on Apple's plan. Apple has a strong history of working to protect its customers' privacy.