The Morning After: Weekend Edition


It's been another eventful week in Trump's America. The Ninth Circuit effectively administered a coup de grace to the president's Muslim travel ban after hearing from most of Silicon Valley about said ban's deleterious effects. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell censored Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor for trying to read a letter critical of would-be Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And, despite all the work to be done forming a new government and horrific conflict of interest implications, the President found time to take Nordstrom to task on Twitter (via his personal and official POTUS accounts) for dropping his daughter's clothing line. As Ivanka's prospects as a fashion mogul were trending down, Cherlynn Low was reading the tea leaves of Snap Inc.'s IPO filing to see if the future is bright for the company's first foray into hardware, Spectacles.

Thanks, Twitter. You turned Microsoft's AI teen into a horny racist


But to us humans of a certain age, it's hardly surprising that soon after its Wednesday debut Tay's Twitter account was peppered by comments that might only suit a presidential debate. You will become increasingly perturbed when I tell you she also offered: "F*** MY ROBOT P**** DADDY I'm SUCH A NAUGHTY ROBOT." She behaved like such a naughty robot that Daddy Microsoft appears to have removed these tweets. Tay, a Microsoft spokeswoman told me, is "as much a social and cultural experiment, as it is technical."