How to Improve Computer Vision in AI Drones Using Image Annotation Services?


The Autonomous flying drone uses the computer vision technology to hover in the air avoiding the objects to keep moving on the right path. Apart from security surveillance and Ariel view monitoring, AI drone is now used by online retail giant Amazon to deliver the products at customer's doorstep revolutionizing the transportation and delivery system by logistics and supply chain companies. Cogito and AWS SageMaker Ground Truth have partnered to accelerate your training data pipeline. We are organising a webinar to help you "Build High-Quality Training Data for Computer Vision and NLP Applications". After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Top Computer Vision Trends for the Modern Enterprise


The increased sophistication of artificial neural networks (ANNs) coupled with the availability of AI-powered chips have driven am unparalleled enterprise interest in computer vision (CV). This exciting new technology will find myriad applications in several industries, and according to GlobalData forecasts, it would reach a market size of $28bn by 2030. The increasing adoption of AI-powered computer vision solutions, consumer drones; and the rising Industry 4.0 adoption will drive this phenomenal change. Deep learning has bought a new change in the role of machine vision used for smart manufacturing and industrial automation. The integration of deep learning propels machine vision systems to adapt itself to manufacturing variations.

Improve Computer Vision in Drones using Image Annotation Lionbridge AI


Within the field of autonomous vehicles, drones are currently one of the hottest topics in computer vision. With great potential to revolutionize the transportation and delivery industries, companies like Amazon are seriously investing in the research and development of drone technology. At Lionbridge, we help AI engineers power computer vision in drones with high-quality aerial imagery and image annotation services. We are your trusted supplier of AI training data, helping you create the innovative drone tech of tomorrow. To help drones accurately detect objects on the ground, avoid collision with objects in their flight path, recognize landing zones, and more, we provide a wide array of image annotation services for drones and aerial imagery.