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What is Ambient Computing?


Ambient computing is all about A.I. and making decisions without human involvement. Ambient computing is a broad term describing an environment of data, smart devices, A.I. decisions, and human activity that allows computer actions alongside daily life, without direct human interventions or commands. This essentially means that computers quietly handle stuff in the background. Although the phrase was coined in the 1990s, it first became prominent in the mid-2010s. Thought leaders assumed that 2021 would be finally the big year for ambient computing. Ambient computing is currently experiencing its moment as both a growth factor in lots of business decisions and an accelerating force towards smart home branding.

Here's how smart home tech will change this year


It's been nearly a decade since the smart home introduced voice commands. Today, there are thousands of smart home devices, apps, services, skills and ways to add the internet to every inch of your home. In 2021, we saw small but significant updates to the smart home that set the stage for a big 2022. Here's what the next year in smart home tech could bring. Every year, we look forward to new products from major smart home brands and exciting new ideas from startups, too.

Artificial Intelligence Stocks: The 10 Best AI Companies


AI stocks may be excellent long-term investments. The global artificial intelligence market is on track to hit more than $554 billion in total revenue by 2024, according to market researcher IDC. AI, automation and robotics are disrupting virtually every major industry. From machine learning to the "internet of things," autonomous vehicles, virtual assistants and smart home appliances, companies that aren't embracing AI and incorporating it into their business models risk going obsolete. Countless companies stand to benefit from AI, but a handful of companies have business models focused specifically on automation.

The 10 Best Gadgets of the 2010s

TIME - Tech

Making a list of the decade's most important and influential gadgets is, in a word, illuminating -- and that's before you factor in all the LEDs. Over the last 10 years, thousands of products have been released, and while some are definitely "cooler" than others, their impact on the past decade, and the decade to come, is by no means identical. Each gadget tells the story of a new way of thinking, a slow-moving paradigm shift set to change the way we approach the personal technology we interact with on a daily basis. Sure, you might not know what a Raspberry Pi is, but its impact on industries like robotics and home automation has been massive. But the elegantly executed idea has opened up a world of delight for gamers with disabilities.

5 Disruptive Technologies Shaping Our Future


Throughout the centuries, humans have made tremendous leaps forward in the way we build, interact, and communicate with each other and the world. More recently, we've shifted self-execute industrialization to the age of information. We now have a seemingly unlimited amount of knowledge available at our fingertips. Technological advances are now accelerating faster than ever before. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect it to impact all aspects of our lives and society as a whole.

Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2019 WSJD - Technology

The coming year brings the cleanup and a return to the optimism that technology is really good for the world. By that of course we mean finally playing the much hyped, much delayed Harry Potter augmented-reality game.