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Top Emerging Computer Vision Trends For 2022


The purpose of Computer Vision (CV) is to allow machines to obtain valuable information from their surroundings, by analyzing visual data that can be provided by different sources such as digital images and videos. The nature of such information depends on the final goal of the machine. Think, for example, of self-driving cars. A CV module that is capable of detecting in real-time objects that appear in front of the car is essential to avoid accidents. On the other hand, a robot that has to give directions to people inside a railway station can change the way of speaking based on whether the listener is a child or an adult.

Inside the company that makes it possible to transfer money and gain access to buildings by scanning


In China, face recognition is transforming many aspects of daily life. Employees at e-commerce giant Alibaba in Shenzhen can show their faces to enter their office building instead of swiping ID cards. A train station in western Beijing matches passengers' tickets to their government-issued IDs by scanning their faces. If their face matches their ID card photo, the system deems their tickets valid and the station gate will open. The subway system in Hangzhou, a city about 125 miles southwest of Shanghai, employs surveillance cameras capable of recognizing faces to spot suspected criminals.