AI trends: Robotic Process Automation top term on Twitter in Q4 2021


Verdict lists the top five terms tweeted on artificial intelligence (AI) in Q4 2021, based on data from GlobalData's Technology Influencer Platform. The top trends are the most mentioned terms or concepts among Twitter discussions of more than 150 AI experts tracked by GlobalData's Technology platform in Q4 2021. Common functions of RPA, and AI and machine learning (ML) allowing organisations to streamline their operations, were some popularly discussed topics on RPA in Q4 2021. Giuliano Liguori, CEO of Kenovy, an IT services and consulting company, further shared an article on understanding the use cases and applications of RPA across industries. The article highlighted how RPA is used by businesses to streamline customer or employee boarding, updating customer relationship management (CRM), and other processes and to feed data into systems to automatically extract relevant data.

When Creators Meet the Metaverse: A Survey on Computational Arts Artificial Intelligence

The metaverse, enormous virtual-physical cyberspace, has brought unprecedented opportunities for artists to blend every corner of our physical surroundings with digital creativity. This article conducts a comprehensive survey on computational arts, in which seven critical topics are relevant to the metaverse, describing novel artworks in blended virtual-physical realities. The topics first cover the building elements for the metaverse, e.g., virtual scenes and characters, auditory, textual elements. Next, several remarkable types of novel creations in the expanded horizons of metaverse cyberspace have been reflected, such as immersive arts, robotic arts, and other user-centric approaches fuelling contemporary creative outputs. Finally, we propose several research agendas: democratising computational arts, digital privacy, and safety for metaverse artists, ownership recognition for digital artworks, technological challenges, and so on. The survey also serves as introductory material for artists and metaverse technologists to begin creations in the realm of surrealistic cyberspace.