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LiDAR - Lighting The Path From IoT To AoT (Autonomy Of Things)


Japanese auto giant Toyota Motor unveils their new violin-playing robot at the company's showroom in ... [ ] Tokyo, 06 December 2007. Toyota unveiled three mobile robots, one called a "partner robot", one that plays the violin and a third which can transport a passenger with two wheels. IoT or the Internet of Things has been widely deployed in the past decade as sensors became smarter, machine learning proliferated and advanced, access to WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless communications became prevalent, and cloud storage and computing technologies matured. In general, IoT achieved intelligent networking of "things" that were typically static or stationary, through movement of data. The ongoing and imminent revolution is in the Autonomy of Things or AoT - which for purposes of this article is defined as autonomous movement of "things" or robots, either in public (mostly uncontrolled), semi-public (somewhat controlled, includes outer space) or private (highly controlled) spaces.