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The Morning After: Dyson's secret robot projects


The NFL's rumored streaming service could debut in JulyDyson, the company that's recently branched out into hair curlers, air-purifying headphones and not cars, has revealed it has an entire division secretly developing robot prototypes for household chores. The company didn't detail any of the models specifically, but many look like robot arms adapted to do specialized home chores, like cleaning and tidying. Dyson also showed off its Perception Lab dedicated to robotic vision systems, environment detection and even mapping humans with sensors, cameras and thermal imaging systems. So why reveal its secret lab now? Well, Dyson's on a recruiting drive, looking for around 700 engineers to help finally make at least some of these ideas a reality in our homes.

3 Innovative Ways You Can Use Robots


Since its inception, the robotics industry has seen a tremendous hike in its revenue growth. The global robotics market is expected to see a CAGR of 24.52% within 2023. Realizing the incredible capabilities of robots, organizations worldwide are investing a lot of their capital to enjoy the benefits of this AI application. Grabbing the opportunity to enhance organizational productivity, automate business services, and stay unique in the crowd of competitors, organizations are finding potential areas where they could replace human tasks with robots. Robots have become one of the key contributors to driving the market revenue significantly.

IKEA made a Matter-ready hub with a new smart home app to match


IKEA continues its foray into smart home devices with the launch of a Google Matter-ready hub called DIRIGERA and a new IKEA Home smart app. With the new device and app, the Swedish company is promising to handle more smart device segments while making device integration easier. It says the app will be "convenient, easy to navigate and user-friendly" for anyone just getting into smart home tech. "With the new DIRIGERA hub for smart products, users will be able to onboard all IKEA smart products to the system and steer them individually, in sets or in groups in the new IKEA Home smart app. This enables users to create different scenes with pre-set functions of the smart products and increases the personalisation options for the smart home," according to the company.

Forget vacuum cleaners! Dyson is secretly developing ROBOTS to carry out household chores

Daily Mail - Science & tech

While Dyson is best known for its vacuum cleaners and hairdryers, the tech giant has revealed that it is secretly developing a range of futuristic robots. The robots are designed to carry out a variety of household chores, including tidying up toys and doing the dishes. Dyson has given a glimpse of the new robot prototypes in a video released at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Philadelphia today. Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer at Dyson, said: 'There's a big future in robotics and saving people time, performing chores for people, and improving daily lives. 'I'm a parent, I spend half my life cleaning up after my kids, and it's pretty tedious.'

Automotive Cybersecurity Market - Insights, Forecast to 2026


The global Automotive Cybersecurity Market size is projected to grow from USD 2.0 billion in 2021 to USD 5.3 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 21.3%. Increasing incidents of cyber-attacks on vehicles and massive vehicles recalls by OEMs have increased awareness about automotive cybersecurity among OEMs globally. Moreover, increasing government mandates on incorporating several safety features, such as rear-view camera, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning system, and electronic stability control, have further opened new opportunities for automotive cybersecurity service providers globally. As a result, there are various start-ups present in the automotive cybersecurity ecosystem. Government initiatives toward building an intelligent transport system have also further escalated the demand for cybersecurity solutions all over the world.

5 Reasons why AI is Important?


You have heard that AI can be useful in various industries to do tasks. AI is a group of many different technologies working together to enable machines to sense, act and learn with human-like levels of intelligence. Maybe that's why it seems the definition of artificial intelligence is different. Meanwhile, technologies like machine learning and natural language processing are all parts of artificial intelligence. Each one is revolving along its own path.

Let's talk robotics with Tom Caska -- EXAPTEC


Tom is also a co-inventor of an advanced 3D flight navigation algorithm for drones which is being utilised in new software applications for Aerologix. Tom guest lecturers at one of Australia's top universities – The University of New South Wales, teaching subject matter on Unmanned flight, he also holds a position on a government subcommittee dedicated to developing rules and regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles. Tom's passion for disruptive technology is infections, he is always looking for new challenges, especially drone tech and IoT. Tom has a very successful track record of establishing, executing and delivering large complex technical projects, Tom recently set up the largest drone network in Australia to monitor 1700 km of coastline to enhance swimmer safety. Tom enjoys complex problem solving and welcomes the challenge of empowering team members and creating new innovative ways to solve real-world problems. He has a high passion for life and enjoys a healthy lifestyle, and loves adventure sports such as kitesurfing, mountain biking when time permits.

Top 5 smart personal home robots you can buy in 2022


Robots are not limited to industrial works anymore! Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence and voice recognition, robots are slowly invading our smart homes embedded with devices like wireless security cameras, Smart TVs, Amazon's Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Philips Hue lightbulbs, Ecobee4, etc. And it is not a secret that machine learning software development is on rise now. A lot of clients are coming to develop personalized ML solutions for their businesses. ABI Research predicts that this integration will grow, and by 2024 that over 79 million homes in the world will have a robot in the house.

Driverless cars could force other road users to drive more efficiently

New Scientist

Autonomous cars are predicted to improve fuel efficiency for everyone on the road – an idea that will be put to the test on routes around Nashville, Tennessee, later this year.

How AI-driven robots and drones bring cognitive intelligence to Industry 4.0


We are excited to bring Transform 2022 back in-person July 19 and virtually July 20 - 28. Join AI and data leaders for insightful talks and exciting networking opportunities. Over the past few years, smart manufacturing initiatives such as digital twins and the internet of things (IoT) has caused Industry 4.0 – the trend toward digital transformation in manufacturing and industrial sectors – to explode. However, robots and drones tasked with visually inspecting machines haven't yet seen the same growth. That is set to change in a big way, Bill Ray, vice president and analyst, emerging technologies and trends at Gartner, told VentureBeat. The robots, drones and cameras that inspect machines to perform predictive maintenance and relay analog information to operations staff can now function autonomously.