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Do You Know How to Get to the Self-Driving Future?


For years, companies and techno-bros have been saying that self-driving cars are ready to roll. Now companies like the ride-hailing service Lyft are actually letting customers take rides in autonomous vehicles. And at CES this year, John Deere unveiled a self-driving tractor that lets farmers put the latest automation tech to work in the fields. But if the time for self-driving vehicles is finally nigh, what does that mean for the workers who make a living behind the wheel? This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Senior Data Scientist, Commercial Operations


We're Cruise, a self-driving service designed for the cities we love. We're building the world's most advanced, self-driving vehicles to safely connect people to the places, things, and experiences they care about. We believe self-driving vehicles will help save lives, reshape cities, give back time in transit, and restore freedom of movement for many. Cruisers have the opportunity to grow and develop while learning from leaders at the forefront of their fields. With a culture of internal mobility, there's an opportunity to thrive in a variety of disciplines.

'Robot umpires' coming to Triple A ball this year after tryout in lower leagues

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Robotic umpires that use an automated system for determining ball and strike calls will now be used in Triple-A baseball for the 2022 season, MLB officials announced. This puts the Automated Ball and Strike (ABS) system, which has seen success after experimental adoption by some ballparks in the minor leagues, just one level below the major leagues. MLB'S SNAIL-PACED LOCKOUT TALKS TO RESUME WITH UNION OFFER MLB is currently seeking personnel to operate the system at ballparks for the Albuquerque Isotopes, Charlotte Knights, El Paso Chihuahuas, Las Vegas Aviators, Oklahoma City Dodgers, Reno Aces, Round Rock Express, Sacramento River Cats, Salt Lake Bees, Sugar Land Skeeters and Tacoma Rainiers, FOX 13 of Seattle reported.

Why Artificial Intelligence Struggles with Causality


Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can spot patterns that humans can't. But they still can't explain, say, what caused one object to collide with another. The concept of AI involves other subsets such as machine learning and deep learning. Many AI experts predict that machines may outperform humans at every task within 45 years. Self driving cars hurtling along the highway and weaving through traffic have less understanding of what might cause an accident than children who have just learned to walk.

5 Reasons Businesses Should Use RPA to Improve Their Processes


Hannah Wilson with PSTG says the virtual workforce that comes with robotic process automation (RPA) can streamline processes and improve data security.

5 Fresh Examples Of AI


From chatbots to robots and data-driven algorithms, adoption of artificial intelligence has been for years. But the pandemic took AI to the level, with 52% of companies accelerating their AI adoption plans because of COVID. What used to be seen as niche is now widespread, with innovative AI applications across all industries. AI transforms customer and employee experiences, increases productivity and efficiency, lowers costs, improves safety and helps the environment. Real estate is known for red tape and plenty of paperwork.

Tesla driver faces felony charges in fatal crash involving Autopilot

Washington Post - Technology News

Federal regulators have also recently homed in on Autopilot over reports of crashes while it was activated. Over the summer the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the country's top federal auto safety regulator, launched a formal probe into a dozen crashes involving parked emergency vehicles while Autopilot was active. One person was killed and at least 17 people were injured in the crashes.

The Roomba i3 is back on sale -- save over $200


Get a robot vacuum that cleans up your house and cleans up after itself. As of Jan. 20, the iRobot Roomba i3 with automatic dirt disposal is on sale for $399. All the best robot vacuums make life easier, but certain models go the extra distance to add convenience to your cleaning routine. That means it's time to upgrade your little robotic butler to a new Roomba that disposes of debris on its own. The iRobot Roomba i3 robot vacuum is on sale for $399 at Amazon.

What America's largest technology firms are investing in


WHEN CORPORATE bosses want to impress investors they increasingly reach for the i-word. Mentions of "innovation" during the earnings calls of S&P500 firms have almost doubled in the past decade. And no other sector talks about it as much as the technology companies do. For Hewlett-Packard, a printer and personal-computer maker, innovation has on occasion become what location is to estate agents and education to Tony Blair: so important it has to be said three times in quick succession. Your browser does not support the audio element. Do they protest too much?