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US says it killed al-Qaeda leader in Syria with drone strike

Al Jazeera

The US military has killed senior al Qaeda leader Abdul Hamid al-Matar in a drone strike in Syria, a US Central Command spokesman said. "The removal of this al Qaeda senior leader will disrupt the terrorist organisation's ability to further plot and carry out global attacks threatening US citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians," US Army Major John Rigsbee said in a written statement late on Friday. The strike comes two days after a US outpost in southern Syria was attacked. Rigsbee did not say if the US drone strike was carried out in retaliation of the attack.

Anthropomorphism in AI


AI research is growing rapidly raising various ethical issues related to safety, risks, and other effects widely discussed in the literature. We believe that in order to adequately address those issues and engage in a productive normative discussion it is necessary to examine key concepts and categories. One such category is anthropomorphism. It is a well-known fact that AI's functionalities and innovations are often anthropomorphized (i.e., described and conceived as characterized by human traits). The general public's anthropomorphic attitudes and some of their ethical consequences (particularly in the context of social robots and their interaction with humans) have been widely discussed in the literature. However, how anthropomorphism permeates AI research itself (i.e., in the very language of computer scientists, designers, and programmers), and what the epistemological and ethical consequences of this might be have received less attention.

Supercharged: Tesla shares rally to a record high

Al Jazeera

Tesla Inc. shares rallied to a record high on Friday, taking the electric-vehicle maker another step closer to joining an elite group of companies with market valuations of at least $1 trillion. The stock jumped as much as 1.8% to touch a high of $910, before closing at $909.68 in New York. That drove the Elon Musk-led automaker to briefly overtake the valuation of Facebook Inc. The trailblazing electric-vehicle maker is up 29% this year, ahead of S&P 500 Index's 21% advance. Meanwhile, Facebook took a heavy hit on Friday after a cautious outlook from Snapchat parent Snap Inc. weighed on the shares of ad-dependent technology companies.

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Right now, there is a whole body of researchers debating the extent to which artificial general intelligence could mimic the human brain. Digital life continues to augment human capacities and disrupt eons-old human activities. Are we witnessing the new world order already? There are examples of AI everywhere we look. However, Artificial General Intelligence is still in its primary stages.

The Anger of Tesla Fans Is Becoming a Problem


This week, the Biden administration confirmed a Reuters report that it plans to appoint Missy Cummings, an engineering professor at Duke University and a former fighter pilot, as the senior adviser for safety at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The head of Duke's Humans and Autonomy Lab, Cummings is an expert in human factors, a field examining interactions between people and machines. That's an important skill set for the development of advanced driver-assistance systems, or ADAS, emerging automotive technologies that rely on safe handoffs between car and driver on the roadway. It's the crucial bridge between the mostly dumb vehicles we drive today and self-driving cars. Cummings has studied ADAS for years, and she has been a vocal critic of Tesla's deployment of its Autopilot feature, which enables a vehicle to moderate speed, make turns, and respond to traffic signals on its own (though, contra the feature's name, the driver must remain vigilant and ready to intervene).

Biggest influencers in future infrastructure in Q2 2021: The top individuals and companies to follow


GlobalData research has found the top influencers in future infrastructure based on their performance and engagement online. Using research from GlobalData's Influencer platform, Verdict has named ten of the most influential people and companies in future infrastructure on Twitter during Q2 2021. Guidaautonoma is a technologist who blogs about driverless, autonomous and self-driving cars on the online publishing platform Medium. He covers news and content on the potential of autonomous vehicles to disrupt the mobility sector. He believes that lack of infrastructure and legislation is impacting the transition of all forms of mobility to electric.

New Age of Sail combines robots and sailboats


Matt Rutherford was just a few days into his planned unaided, non-stop solo-sailing trip around North and South America when he realized he'd left all his extra pants on the dock. The days of preparation before setting off had been frantic and a few things got left behind. He was facing 309 days at sea with little human contact and his small 27-foot sailboat, which he got for free and outfitted himself, was designed for bay sailing and not the notoriously unrelenting weather and towering seas of Cape Horn or the perilous ice of the Northwest Passage. To cap it off, he had just spilled diesel fuel all over himself, the result of a leaking fuel bladder, and he really wanted a change of clothes. Most people would have turned back.

Save $250 on this iHome 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop at Walmart


Save $250: As of Oct. 22, the iHome 2-in-1 Robot Mop and Vacuum is 63% off at Walmart. Fun fact: The first robot vacuum debuted in 1996 from Swedish manufacturer Electrolux. Well we've come a long way since then. No one has to remind you how much household chores suck, and this innovative gadget is the kind of futuristic tech we could only dream about 20 years ago. If there is one product to invest in this year, it's a robot vacuum.

Object Detection Web App With TensorFlow, OpenCV And Flask


Detecting Objects and finding out their names from images is a very challenging and interesting field of Computer Vision. The core science behind Self Driving Cars, Image Captioning and Robotics lies in Object Detection. In this course, you are going to build a Object Detection Model from Scratch using Python's OpenCV library using Pre-Trained Coco Dataset. The model will be deployed as an Web App using Flask Framework of Python. IF YOU FIND THIS FREE UDEMY COURSE " Object Detection Web App "USEFUL AND HELPFUL PLEASE GO AHEAD SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE WITH YOUR FRIENDS WHILE THE COURSE IS STILL AVAILABLE

The future of jobs in the era of AI


AI is expected to help humans in the future, not replace them. People will develop their capabilities and talents much more by applying these skills to new technologies and developments. This may lead us into a digital economy where people create things rather than produce them since AI can create multiple models in just minutes. Computational thinking and deconstruction are definitely skills many people don't currently possess because they don't need them to perform their jobs. This can be a problem when AI starts to progress and "compete" with humans for jobs.