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August is a web application for users to create and sell the services of their own customized artificial intelligence for the career they desire. Providing a solution to the problem of technology unemployment as artificial intelligence and robotics is replacing the need for human labor. By allowing our workforce to create the job they want no education or experience required.

China Overtakes The US In AI Journal Citation - Stanford AI Index Report


Stanford publishes its AI Index Report that focuses on the developments of the complex artificial intelligence landscape since 2017. The latest report -- 2021 -- shed some light on the impact of COVID-19 in AI research, countries leading the race in research, and more. In a total of 7 chapters, the Stanford AI Index Report also covers aspects like AI education, research and development, diversity in AI, and AI policy. One of the most surprising revelations, for many, is that China overtakes the US in terms of journal citation, pinpointing the advancement in their research. This comes after China surpassed the US in the terms of the number of artificial intelligence research publications in 2017 after briefly overtaking in 2004.

Emerging Edge Cloud Architecture Continues to Shake Out


As video streaming, Alexa-type digital assistants and self-driving cars continue to permeate daily life, edge computing architecture has become foundational to enable these tasks. These data-intensive processes are fueled by a proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.. According to Statista, there will be 30.9 billion devices by 2025. These devices are becoming increasingly intelligent as well, with more analytics and decision-making capabilities at the device level. "There are more and more devices that need intelligent capabilities, especially to process AI at the edge," said Aditya Kaul, research director at Omdia.

Annual index finds AI is 'industrializing' but needs better metrics and testing


China has overtaken the United States in total number of AI research citations, fewer AI startups are receiving funding, and Congress is talking about AI more than ever. Those are three major trends highlighted in the 2021 AI Index, an annual report released today by Stanford University. Now in its fourth year, the AI Index attempts to document advances in artificial intelligence, as well as the technology's impact on education, startups, and government policy. The report details progress in the performance of major subdomains of AI, like deep learning, image recognition, and object detection, as well as in areas like protein folding. The AI Index is compiled by the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence and an 11-member steering committee, with contributors from Harvard University, OECD, the Partnership on AI, and SRI International.

Panel on artificial intelligence urges US to boost tech skills amid China's rise


An artificial intelligence commission led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is urging the U.S. to boost its AI skills to counter China, including by pursuing "AI-enabled" weapons – something that Google itself has shied away from on ethical grounds. Schmidt and current executives from Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon are among the 15 members of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, which released its final report to Congress on Monday. "To win in AI we need more money, more talent, stronger leadership," Schmidt said Monday. The report says that machines that can "perceive, decide, and act more quickly" than humans and with more accuracy are going to be deployed for military purposes -- with or without the involvement of the U.S. and other democracies. It warns against unchecked use of autonomous weapons but expresses opposition to a global ban.

A Deep Dive into Artificial Intelligence and How It's Applied in the Modern World


There haven't been many technological breakthroughs in recent history that are as significant and as impactful as artificial intelligence. Gone are the days wherein robots and machine learning were only ideas to be found in science fiction novels. Not only has artificial intelligence made some really great strides as a discipline, but more and more members of the masses have adopted artificial intelligence into their everyday life. In the past, everyone would think of movies like the Terminator or iRobot when it came to talks of artificial intelligence. But now, sophisticated AI software can be found in the everyday devices that we use. Now, you might be curious how AI is applied in the modern world these days.

Boundless: The evolution of the connected company


"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless." Over the last two years or so, Henry King, innovation and transformation at Salesforce and my colleague and co-author, and I have been investigating and reporting on a model for business success that has eluded the spotlight until now but is beginning to emerge into the mainstream. It contrasts traditional or conventional ways of managing a company's various resources (data, product, money, employees, customers, etc.) with new ones that we have seen gradually emerging over at least a decade. The primary driver of change during this period has been and continues to be, the evolution of our digital technologies and the new opportunities they bring to those able to perceive and assimilate them, as well of course as the new challenges they bring to those who aren't. The gulf between opportunity and challenge, between success and failure, was made manifest by the COVID-19 pandemic which quickly became the accelerant of digital adoption at least for the connection between businesses and their customers and employees in a digital-first, work from anywhere -- in fact do anything from anywhere -- world.

The first drone on Mars shows what the right collaborations make possible


Such early and continuous connections were key. Leveraging commercial technology must be strategic. During this critical early period, core technologies are developed, standards are created, and rollout plans are shaped. When the right experts can connect early in the process, the right technologies can be applied to the right mission needs. Bringing two partners together isn't guaranteed to lead to innovation.

SpaceX uses robotic dog to investigate wreckage of SN10 that exploded ten minutes after landing

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The SpaceX team is clearing a mangled Starship from the launch after the rocket exploded following its first high latitude test Wednesday evening. The crew returned to the site the day after Starship Serial Number 10 (SN10) exploded 10 minutes following its'soft landing' and they brought along some help – Zeus the robotic dog. The yellow, four-legged robot was spotted prancing around SpaceX's testing facility in Boca Chica, Texas Thursday as it inspected the aftermath of the fallen rocket. Images of the wreckage have also surfaced on Twitter, showing the crushed body of SN10 and smashed Raptor engines – each of which costs $150 million. SpaceX returned to the site the day after Starship Serial Number 10 (SN10) exploded 10 minutes following its'soft landing' and they brought along some help – Zeus the robotic dog SpaceX has yet to reveal what caused SN10 to burst into flames, but some speculate it was caused by landing legs that did not deploy.

ByteDance Said to Invest in Chinese Self-Driving Startup QCraft


Chinese social media titan ByteDance Ltd. is investing in local autonomous driving startup QCraft Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, another sign of the blurring of boundaries between car companies and Big Tech. The owner of Tiktok is investing in QCraft's latest fundraising round of at least $25 million, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. QCraft's technology is being trialed in minibuses in parts of China. A ByteDance spokesperson had no immediate comment. A representative for QCraft declined to comment.