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The latest iPad drops to $280 in Best Buy's Black Friday early access sale


Now that we're less than two weeks away from Black Friday, Best Buy has kicked off yet another sale -- this time exclusively for its My Best Buy members. We say "exclusively" loosely here because anyone can sign up for a My Best Buy account and it's free. It's unclear if all of the deals included in this sale, which ends tomorrow, will return for the actual day of Black Friday -- but it's clear that Best Buy wants to give its most loyal customers the opportunity to get their gadgets early. If you don't want to sign up for My Best Buy, you still may be able to save a few bucks because some deals are being matched by competitors like Amazon. We picked out some of the best tech deals in this early access sale to make it easier for you to find them.

Artificial intelligence on the edge


Many of us may not even understand exactly where or what the Cloud is. Yet, much of the data and programs that control our lives live on this Cloud of distant computer servers with the directions to run our devices coming over the Internet. As the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven devices grows, researchers would like to bring some of that decision-making back to our own devices. WSU researchers have developed a novel framework to more efficiently use AI algorithms on mobile platforms and other portable devices. They presented their most recent work at the 2020 Design Automation Conference and the 2020 International Conference on Computer Aided Design.

'Machines set loose to slaughter': the dangerous rise of military AI – podcast


Autonomous machines capable of deadly force are increasingly prevalent in modern warfare, despite numerous ethical concerns. Is there anything we can do to halt the advance of the killer robots?

5G Has Arrived. What Is It and How Does It Work?


By now, you've probably heard about 5G and the new high-speed cellular networks that are spreading to every corner of the country. But what's all the hype about, and is it really as groundbreaking as your cellular provider makes it seem? Here's a simple breakdown of what 5G is, and how it works. As the term implies, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless telecommunications. If you've had a cell phone for the last decade or so, you probably remember the switch from 3G to 4G, which started in the early 2010s.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review: Apple's Awkward Middle Child


The iPhone 12 Pro is the awkward middle child in Apple's 2020 lineup. There are now four new iPhones to choose from (technically five, but I'm not counting the Face ID-less iPhone SE from earlier this year). You can get the same performance on all four phones, and the same screen quality too, now that the cheaper iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini have OLED displays and a bumped-up resolution. Usually, when you spend a little more on an iPhone, you get all of the top-tier features. But even at $1,000, the iPhone 12 Pro doesn't get you all of the best tech.

Open source Intel manual helps turn your smartphone into a little robot on wheels


Openbot is an Intel Labs projects that can turn a smartphone into a small mobile robot, using only $50 worth of equipment. Intel has decided to open source the manual as a way of providing new opportunities for education and research.

How Apple Built 5G Into Its New iPhones


In introducing its first 5G phones on Tuesday, Apple said it had tested them on more than 100 networks. That's a significant achievement, because 5G operates across a confusing patchwork of frequencies, meaning Apple had to pack additional chips, radio frequency filters, and multiple antennas into the iPhone 12. The road to 5G has been less impressive than advertised so far, paved with meh speeds and patchy coverage, largely because the technology is so fragmented. "There is one standard, but it can be interpreted in different ways." Apple did its best to sell people on the potential of 5G when unveiling its new phones, showing how it could make a smartphone behave like a game console by offloading computation.

Best Buy Prime Day 2020: Shop deals on Dyson, Roomba, smart TVs


Well, technically it should be Prime Days, because the colossal shopping event will be taking place on both Oct. 13 and 14. We're in for a lot of great deals coming our way, so make sure that both your wallet and shopping cart are primed (get it?) Amazon isn't the only retail giant that'll be kicking off big sales this week. While Amazon did create Prime Day, retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and more are having their own Prime Days of sorts to add even more choice (and savings opportunities) into the mix. For Prime Day 2020, it's best to cast a wide net and keep an eye out for more than just Amazon's listings.

Apple iPhone 12: The chip advance set to make smartphones smarter

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But in the years to come, some applications of the gains 5nm and then 3nm tech promise should be become obvious beyond smartphones - smart glasses that don't look too bulky, smart watches that last longer between charges, and perhaps affordable self-driving cars.

Startups Spurring Innovation in Connected Car Technology


Humans are not perfect drivers; we are vulnerable to many physical and emotional factors influencing our driving behavior. A study suggests that many road accidents occur due to a lack of response time for drivers. In order to make informed judgments, drivers need a smart assistance system that can predict a possible event beforehand and prevent a fatal crash or serious injuries. V2X is an intelligent transport system comprising of Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P) communications. Biometric seat technology; autonomously managed municipality; and highway system are also part of advanced IoT technologies.