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Top 5 Creepy Robots


We were used to hearing that we'll be out of a job in twenty years, because of robots. Then the virus came, and now many are out of a job a bit faster, and not because of anything more intelligent or capable than themselves. Here are five currently existing robots that score pretty high on the creepiness scale, even without threatening to take away one's job. Sophia has somehow become the flagship of humanoid robotics. Constructed in Hong Kong, it has taken part in major TV talk shows and has been granted Saudi Arabian citizenship, although it is, essentially, not more than a "chatbot with a face" [1]. What the citizenship thing really means is unclear: Can Sophia vote?

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Maoyan Entertainment, China's biggest online movie ticketing platform, is seeking to raise as much as US$345 million in a Hong Kong initial … By target, the hottest sectors were tech, entertainment and culture, e-commerce, … as regulators relaxed restrictions on M&A and IPO approvals. Tencent and Alibaba, China's biggest tech groups and two of the country's most acquisitive buyers, have stepped on the brakes after a … Let's start with Honor, a sub-brand of Chinese tech giant Huawei, … with super low-cost phones made by Chinese tech giant TCL under the … China's push for technology self-reliance faces reality check, says … The problem is that a large proportion of suppliers in China's technology industry are foreign based, often with headquarters in Taiwan, South … Tencent Holdings, the largest video game publisher in the world and owner of China's top messaging app WeChat, made 163 investments in … China has been scrambling to catch up to the U.S. cloud computing … intelligence research and so-called "smart cities," which generate a lot of … As the trade war between China and the United States rumbles on, its focus has shifted from deficits and surpluses towards more technological .. The Alibaba effect: Chinese e-tailer tightens grip over 600m lives … It is also a world leader in technologies like artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Is Powerful--And Misunderstood. The potential applications for AI are extremely exciting. World's most valuable AI startup SenseTime unveils self-driving center … Xiaomi Corp. will invest at least 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) on artificial intelligenceand smart devices over the next five years, as the … According to the Chinese media, the joint venture between Riot and Tencent will be established in Shanghai.

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Hong Kong has a very special place in our hearts. It's the safest place on the planet, with beautiful local people who are shy and endearing, who harbor a fondness for taking pictures of their food, who believe in ghosts, who despise "those uncouth mainlanders", and who invent some strange cartoon characters – like McDull the pig and his friend Excreman that's literally a turd that crawled out of the toilet. If you're someone who noticeably speaks English, don't expect the Hong Kong police to ticket you for jaywalking. They're too shy about their English to approach you. Of course these are the same people who won't hesitate to tell you that you look fat when you return from holiday.