How Artificial Intelligence Will Disrupt Your Life


We are on the verge of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another unlike anything humankind has experienced before. The main driver for this technological revolution is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technological change driven by AI wil...

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, watching almost all modern-day human behaviors


One of the problems in demystifying artificial intelligence is that once an AI-based product reaches the public, "we stop calling it AI," said Tara Chklovski, the CEO and founder of Iridescent, a nonprofit that aims to educate and empower children and their parents on engineering and technology matters. Instead, she went on, "we call it GPS." This is true. And it's a significant truth because it means the world of AI stays mired in the average person's mind as something of a science fiction-type character -- a Terminator programmed to kill, a Matrix hero designed to liberate, a Star Wars robot set to serve. But AI is not one and the same as a robot. Simply put, AI is everywhere. And people ought to know. The average person ought to be aware. In a sense, AI is watching and recording almost all modern day human behaviors. Ever wonder where all those recommendations come from when you buy a book on Amazon or watch a movie online? That's AI at work, taking note of your selections and ...

AICTE To Give Credits For New Tech Subjects Like AI, Robotics, ML, IoT


For the first time in India, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has given up to 20 credits for subjects like artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning and robotics. In December 2017, the AICTE had revised the curriculum for the four year undergraduate (BTech) p...

Drone Caused Helicopter Crash, Reports Say

International Business Times

A recent helicopter crash in South Carolina may have been caused by a civilian drone. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident that resulted in a crash landing. The case would be the first known aircraft accident to be caused by a drone, though the United States Federa...

Cork Institute of Technology


The programme aims to produce AI engineers with a highly relevant skillset in AI topics. Students will learn how to use and develop intelligent computer systems that can learn from experience, recognise patterns in vast amounts of data and reason strategically in complex decision-making situations. ...

Elyria Schools robotics program grows


Lisa Roberson The Chronicle-Telegram ELYRIA -- This is how one educator described the fierce competition taking place at Elyria High School on Saturday: An erector set meets shuffleboard. In a room usually reserved for student-athletes, student engineers showed there is more than one way to compete for first place. Nineteen teams from seven middle schools in Northeast Ohio made up the field of competitors for Elyria's first Vex Middle School Qualifier. At the Elyria Pioneer Classic, students brought their robots, tools and drive to win while parents cheered from the stands as each custom-built robot dropped cones into scoring zones. Whether a student had the role of builder, coder, scout or team captain, winning was the result of a carefully orchestrated dance between metal players