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Alexa Has No Place on Your Face. The Echo Frames Prove it


I want smart glasses to be a thing. So far, every real pair of smart glasses has fallen woefully short of the mark. Amazon's Echo Frames are the latest smart glasses to follow in that storied tradition of overpromising and underdelivering. They are essentially an Echo Dot that you wear on your face--built entirely around interacting with Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa. They don't have a screen in the lenses like the Focals by North or most other smart eyewear.

Ding dong: Ring's most affordable smart doorbell is here--and we love it

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Doesn't work with existing chimes Everything you need to install the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, including mounting hardware, is included with your purchase. Here are the Ring Video Doorbell Wired's specs: It also offers two-way talk with noise cancellation, night vision, and Amazon Alexa integration. The doorbell detects motion and sends smart push notifications to your phone when someone is at the front door. Within the Ring app, you can view a live stream of your doorbell camera, create custom motion zones, and finetune your privacy settings. Installation takes about 15 minutes, and existing doorbell wiring is necessary.

COVID-19 Pandemic Puts Workplace Technology in the Spotlight


The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the role of technology in the workplace, and more employers are relying on artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality to save money and limit in-person contact. These technologies can be effective tools for hiring, training and assessing employee performance, as well as creating meaningful interactions during a time of isolation. However, employers must ensure that their use of technology doesn't run afoul of employment and labor laws. "It's incredibly important for HR organizations and hiring managers to understand the nuances of the technology that they're using if it is making decisions on their behalf," said Marc Goldberg, chief technology officer at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in Alexandria, Va. He was speaking during a panel discussion at the American Bar Association's 14th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference, which was held virtually.

Arlo Video Doorbell now takes commands from Google Assistant


You no longer have to live in an Amazon-focused household for Arlo's Video Doorbell to make the most sense. Arlo has introduced Google Assistant support to deliver notifications and send commands. If you're worried about the ruckus outside, you can ask Google to "show me the front door" and get a video feed sent to a smart display like the Nest Hub Max. The Video Doorbell normally sells for $150. That's more than rivals like Ring's new starter doorbell, but it gives you the choice of both Alexa and Google Assistant.

2020: A look back at the decade in tech from Alexa to Xbox

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"Alexa" was just another female name. Uber hadn't taken anyone for a ride yet. And the buzz around Facebook had more to do with the fact that seemingly everyone you once knew was turning up on "The Social Network," and less about the numerous data and privacy scandals that would tarnish the company's reputation later on. The year was 2010, the dawn of a new decade. And while 10 years is a long time for most every industry, in consumer tech it might as well be a lifetime.

Will virtual reality and AI help us to find love or make us lonelier?


Two lovers hold hands across a table, overlooking a virtual vista of the Mediterranean. As the pair exchange sweet nothings, the fact they are actually sitting thousands of miles apart bears little significance on the romantic experience. The couple was deemed "hyper-compatible" by online dating technology that matched them using a search engine infused with artificial intelligence (AI). Using data harvested about their social backgrounds, sexual preferences, cultural interests, and even photos of their celebrity crushes, they were thrust together in a virtual reality of their own design. This technology is in the early stages of development.

Wearable AI and its rising penetration in healthcare industry


Globally, the adoption of wearable artificial intelligence (AI) will be primarily driven by increasing concerns among consumers towards health and fitness. Rising prevalence of obesity and other cardiac illnesses around the world will boost the adoption of these devices. Wearable AI gadgets such as smartwatches and fitness bands are equipped with sensory hardware to monitor health-oriented vitals, including heart rate and blood pressure and can help improve early detection of diseases. Innovative advances in technology have resulted in continuous enhancements in the design and functionality of smart wearables. The availability of these devices at affordable prices will create a large consumer base for wearable gadgets in the coming years.

The smarter, better Ring Video Doorbell Pro is $50 off and comes with a free Echo Dot


Amazon's got an unstoppable deal right now for a smart doorbell: The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is on sale for $199. That's the usual $50 discount we've seen before on this item, but on top of that, Amazon's throwing in a free Echo Dot. The third-generation Echo Dot is usually $50 (albeit currently on sale for $40), but it's not clear if you get the second or third generation mini speaker with this deal. It connects to your Wi-Fi via 802.11b/g/n and you can check-in remotely to see who's at your door. The Pro also works with Amazon's Alexa digital assistant, which allows you to use the smart speaker for two-way talk with whoever's at your door.

4K HDTV on sale, plus Google Home Hub, Nintendo Switch, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and more for April 13


To celebrate this day, why not get yourself an Audio-Technica LP120X-USB direct-drive analog turntable for $298.00 after applying SAVE100 coupon code at checkout. Normally retails for $398, so you're saving yourself 25% off. What makes this deal so great is that it comes with a Mackie MDB-USB stereo box, allowing you to get the sound you want. If this is the first time you've heard about Record Store Day, it's an annual event for independent record stores and music lovers that come together to spread the word and celebrate their unique culture. No problem, keep scrolling as we have gathered more deals from Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, B&H Photo-Video, BuyDig, Dell Small Business, Best Buy, Macy's, Adorama, and BuyDig for Saturday, April 13: What are the best deals today?

Reimagining human interaction with technology


And even these engagement patterns are giving way to new and more seamless and natural methods of interaction. For example, images and video feeds can be used to track assets, authenticate individual identities, and understand context from surrounding environments. Advanced voice capabilities allow interaction with complex systems in natural, nuanced conversations. Moreover, by intuiting human gestures, head movements, and gazes, AI-based systems can respond to nonverbal user commands. Intelligent interfaces combine the latest in human-centered design techniques with leading-edge technologies such as computer vision, conversational voice, auditory analytics, and advanced augmented reality and virtual reality. Working in concert, these techniques and capabilities are transforming the way we engage with machines, data, and each other. At a dinner party, your spouse, across the table, raises an eyebrow ever so slightly. The gesture is so subtle that no one else notices, but you received the message loud and clear: "I'm bored. Most people recognize this kind of intuitive communication as a shared language that develops over time among people in intimate relationships. We accept it as perfectly natural--but only between humans.