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15 Top AI/ML/AR/VR Based App Ideas for Startups and SMEs in 2020โ€“21


Planning to invest in a mobile app? Here are the top 15 AI/ML/VR/AR app development ideas that ensure your success in 2020โ€“21! With the availability of around 5 million apps existing in the app stores, the trends of developing ordinary mobile apps are just fading away. The increasing usage of mobile applications with each passing year also pushes the demand for innovative technologies to meet future mobile app users' demands. And Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) have become the most influencing technologies in the field of mobile app development and creating a plethora of opportunities for startups in 2021.

A Survey of Available Corpora for Building Data-Driven Dialogue Systems Artificial Intelligence

During the past decade, several areas of speech and language understanding have witnessed substantial breakthroughs from the use of data-driven models. In the area of dialogue systems, the trend is less obvious, and most practical systems are still built through significant engineering and expert knowledge. Nevertheless, several recent results suggest that data-driven approaches are feasible and quite promising. To facilitate research in this area, we have carried out a wide survey of publicly available datasets suitable for data-driven learning of dialogue systems. We discuss important characteristics of these datasets, how they can be used to learn diverse dialogue strategies, and their other potential uses. We also examine methods for transfer learning between datasets and the use of external knowledge. Finally, we discuss appropriate choice of evaluation metrics for the learning objective.