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How AI is a Boon For Retail Business in India


The retail business is getting back on track and has been witnessing steady growth after the dismal impact of the third wave. There has been buoyancy in the market with the removal of lockdown restrictions. After a long time of distress and uncertainty, things are getting back to normalcy as businesses have started taking pertinent steps to resume operations and focus on sales, marketing, and inventory management. The realization of digital transformation coupled with the indispensable role of artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the major outcomes of Covid-19 implications on the retail sector and the vast possibilities and opportunities it can create with such transformations. With the emergence of e-commerce, buyers experienced the first crucial shift that successfully made it possible for them to buy things from anywhere at any time.

Lenovo's Smart Clock Essential with Alexa falls to a new low of $45


Lenovo launched a new smart clock at CES earlier this year, and it improved upon its previous models by giving it a pogo docking pin at the bottom and support for Amazon's Alexa. If you've been thinking of picking it up but haven't gotten the chance to until now, you may want to head over to the device's listing at Best Buy. Lenovo's Smart Clock Essential with Alexa is currently on sale for $45 on the retailer's website only for today -- there's less than 20 hours left for the deal as of this writing. The Smart Clock Essential with Alexa retains the brand's Smart Clock 2 cloth design. While its predecessors only supported Google Assistant, though, this model only supports the Alexa voice assistant.

Best Presidents Day deals 2022: Save $150 on Blink cameras, $2,250 on ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga, and more sales


Whether you need a new TV, a monitor, a laptop, headphones, or are looking to splurge on something unique, now is the time to snag deals on these items and more during President's Day sales. You can find deals at almost every retailer and brand for the upcoming holiday, but we've picked out some of the best ones in tech for you. We found an 83-inch OLED from Sony that you can save $2,000 on for a limited time. Most of these sales last through the weekend, so now is the time to score discounts on the tech you've been eyeing. There are some non-tech deals listed here, too, just because they're such good deals.

The best Super Bowl TV deals we could find


Game day is right around the corner, which means it's one of the best times of the year to upgrade your TV. Aside from the holiday shopping season, the few weeks leading up to the Super Bowl have some of the best TV deals you'll find throughout the year. Sets from Samsung, LG, Hisense and others can be hundreds of dollars off and you can even find devices like soundbars and streamers for less, too. Just keep in mind that often the best discounts will be on more expensive TVs. But retailers like Amazon and Best Buy still have a bunch of TVs under $500 that are worth considering if you don't want to spend too much -- and it's possible to save money on those, too.

The Echo Dot has been reduced from £39.99 to just £21.99 thanks to this Amazon deal

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, MailOnline may earn an affiliate commission. Amazon has continued to drop incredible deals in their New Year sale, and if you're looking to upgrade your smart home, we've found Amazon device deals you won't want to miss. Today the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is now 45 per cent off, so you can score the hockey puck-shaped smart speaker for just £21.99 (typically £39.99). This isn't the only Amazon Echo device on sale right now, as the retailer has slashed the Echo Dot (4th Gen) price by 40 per cent to just £29.99.

Artificial Intelligence: the day magic came into our lives


It was in 1956 that the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined by John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky and Claude Shannon at the Dartmouth Conference, a conference where predictions so optimistic were made that they never came true. Today, having vastly surpassed those forecasts, AI is an indispensable part of our world. The applications of Artificial Intelligence are increasingly numerous and surprising, ranging from sophisticated recommendation algorithms for online shopping to improved diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Innovation in this field is advancing by leaps and bounds, making it possible for us to live in an increasingly automated society. A clear example of the use of AI in the home is virtual assistants, which have become a well-known success story: Aura (Telefónica), Alexa (Amazon) Cortana (Microsoft) and Siri (Apple) are spectacular technological developments.

Here are the best Amazon Echo deals right now


When it comes to smart speakers, Amazon has a slew of voice-enabled Echo devices to choose from, one for practically every occasion. Maybe you want to add Alexa to a spare bedroom, for example, or you're looking for an Echo device that will allow you to easily manage your lighting or other smart home devices. Regardless of the reason, this is one of the best times of the year to pick up an Echo device, even if Black and Cyber Monday are behind us. Last year, Amazon released the fourth generation of the Echo Dot, which looks more like a sphere than an actual dot. But if you prefer the previous design, don't worry: Amazon has not discontinued the third-gen Echo Dot, which still retains the familiar dot shape and is currently on sale for just $19.99 at Amazon.

Deal alert! You can buy TWO Amazon Echo Dots for £29.99 right now

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Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, MailOnline may earn an affiliate commission. Smart home devices were a hit over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but if you missed out, we have some good news. Right now, you can buy two Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) smart speakers for £29.99 - so you can treat yourself and a friend this Christmas. The same sell-out deal that was seen during Amazon's Black Friday sale, for a limited time, shoppers can score two Alexa devices for £29.99 using the promo code 2ECHODOT at checkout.

A bunch of robot vacuums and smart home gadgets are on sale for Black Friday


Black Friday typically presents lots of opportunities to smarten up your abode, with everything from connected bulbs to robot vacuums undergoing deep discounts for the holidays. We've already seen a few of these items go on sale as part of early Black Friday efforts, and we'll definitely see more today and over the weekend. These devices include not just the aforementioned bulbs and robot vacuums but also sous vide machines, Instant Pots, Nest Hubs and more. To prevent you from sifting through all these sales yourself, we've done the hard work for you. Here are some of the best ones we've seen so far. One of our favorite robot vacuums, the iRobot Roomba 694, is now $95 off, which brings its price down to $180. It does a great job cleaning both hard and carpeted surfaces, plus the app is easy to use.

Amazon's Echo Show 8 drops to an all-time low of $90 for Black Friday


We've seen the second-gen Amazon Echo Show 8's price rise and fall over the past few months, but the e-commerce giant waited until Black Friday to list it for its lowest price yet. You can now get the smart display for $90, $40 less than its original price of $130. The Echo Show 8 listing that comes with six months of free Amazon Music Unlimited also costs $90 at the moment, while the Blink Mini camera bundle that was originally being sold for $165 now only costs $95. In addition, you can get the bundle that comes with a battery base for $40 less at $140, while the bundle with an adjustable stand now only costs $112. The latter is currently $43 less than its original price.