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Top 40 Voice AI Influencers to Follow on Twitter


The voice-first community on social media continues to grow almost as quickly as the adoption of voice AI technology itself. In 2018, we identified 15 voice AI influencers to follow on Twitter and heard from a lot of our readers on how much they loved the list--an inspiring mix of engineers, entrepreneurs, academics, linguists and journalists. Two years later, we're updating our list to include 40 experts we recommend you follow to keep up with the latest in voice AI news, trends, predictions, and successes. As we are all in planning mode for 2021, we thought this would be a good time to publish a new list to help inspire you. If you know someone who should be included in our next list, please let us know.)

How Voice Commerce is Dominating the E-Commerce Market Through AI?


Artificial intelligence has the power of transforming anything remotely stupid into an intelligent object! Yes, AI has been doing this for quite some time now and with the rise of voice assistants, things have become more exciting. Businesses around the world, have now understood the importance of "Voice Commerce". It all began with speech-to-text technology developed by Google. 'Google Voice Search' has been launched for iPhones, this advance app utilized data centers so that it can easily compute data and can analyze data, this is actually a good example of human speech.

Xiaomi's Xiao AI assistant passes 49.9 million users


Today marked the kickoff of Xiaomi's annual Mi Developer conference in Beijing, and the tech giant wasted no time in announcing updates across its AI portfolio. It took the wraps off the latest release of Mobile AI Compute Engine (MACE), its open source machine learning framework, and it demoed an improved version of its Xiao AI voice assistant (Xiao AI 3.0). Xiao AI, which Xiaomi says is used by 49.9 million users each month, will soon support multi-turn conversations à la Alexa Conversations and Google's Continued Conversation. This will be enabled on select phones, including the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi 9 via a software update, and it will allow for interruptions of the assistant at any time with new requests or commands. Xiao AI 3.0 also boasts improved voice shortcut functionality and a voice reply feature that will let users respond to incoming calls with transcribed text messages.

Google Assistant brings voice control to Dish Hoppers


Dish launched Alexa support for its Hopper and Wally set-top boxes last year, so the devices can already do your bidding with just a spoken command. Now, the satellite TV provider is giving you another voice control option: one that should make you happy if you prefer Google's AI to Amazon's. So long as you have an Android device, an iPhone loaded with the AI's app or an Assistant device such as a Home speaker or a Home mini, you can navigate its channels and shows with your voice. You can ask Assistant to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and adjust the volume of what you're watching. If you have no idea what to watch, you can also search for shows based on channel, title, actor and genre.

Woman says her Echo device recorded and sent a private conversation

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Be careful of what you say around your Echo devices. A Portland woman was shocked to discover that Echo recorded and sent audio of a private conversation to one of their contacts without their knowledge, according to KIRO 7. The woman, who is only identified as Danielle, said her family had installed the popular voice-activated speakers throughout their home. It wasn't until a random contact called to let them know that he'd received a call from Alexa that they realized their device had mistakenly transmitted a private conversation. The contact, who was one of her husband's work employees, told the woman to'unplug your Alexa devices right now. 'We unplugged all of them and he proceeded to tell us that he had received audio files of recordings from inside our house,' the woman said.

Google is accused of FAKING its creepy AI voice assistant Duplex demo

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Google is working on some nifty new features for Google Maps, including a short list of your favorite places, the possibility of a'virtual positioning system' and more. Assistant is coming to Google Maps in a big way, with a ton of new shortcuts, as well as the ability for the digital assistant to text your friend when you're on your way. Google is rolling out a tool called'Your Match', which uses machine learning to determine your location and interests, serving up targeted suggestions for new businesses opening up in your area and more.

Google brings its visual assistant to Android devices with Google Assistant


Google said it is rolling out its visual assistant, which brings ups information as well as ways to interact with apps with a Google Assistant voice request in a full-screen experience, to Android phones this summer. When an Android user makes a query through Google Assistant, Google will provide a more interactive visual experience on the phone. That includes ways to interact with smart home products, like thermostats, or interacting directly with apps like the Starbucks app. Google's visual assistant is coming to iOS devices this year. You can make a voice query such as "what is the temperature right now," and a display shows up with a way to change the temperature.

Wake words and voice UI are coming to our favorite apps


In the past, running an always-on, always-listening wake word recognizer as software meant constantly running the applications processor, which consumed too much battery power. This has meant that hands-free voice UI technology has not yet made its way into mainstream mobile apps. Fortunately, there has been a breakthrough in low-powered wake words technology. Santa Clara, Calif-based vision and voice technology company Sensory has announced a new low-power wake word AI for apps. Its TrulyHandsfree wake word and speech recognition AI engine can run on Android and iOS platform at low power.

Voice Assistants Aren't So Easy to Fire Backchannel


I was about to plug my new Google Home Mini into the wall outlet this weekend when I froze. What kind of a commitment was I about to make? Google had handed out freebies of its puck-sized, fabric-coated gizmo at a press event last week. It seemed like a good, low-risk opportunity to dip my toes in the home voice-assistant waters. Scott Rosenberg is an editor at Backchannel.

Hi Bixby: Samsung phone's voice assistant now speaks English

Boston Herald

Samsung Electronics said its Bixby voice assistant for smartphones will start speaking English but only in two countries: South Korea and the U.S. The South Korean tech giant said starting Wednesday, users of the Galaxy S8 smartphones can speak in American English to their phones to turn on the flashlight, take a selfie or make the phone search for say, pictures from a summer vacation, and create an album. Samsung did not say why it could not make Bixby in English available to users outside South Korea or the U.S. or when it will become available in other languages in other countries. The service, comparable to Apple's Siri or Google Assistant, was previously available only in Korean. Samsung says its virtual assistant can be activated by saying "Hi Bixby" to the phone or by clicking a button on the side of the S8 phones. The rollout of the Bixby English version was delayed by a couple of months.