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Upcoming Amazon Alexa Feature Can Mimic Voices of the Dead


Amazon Alexa might use the voice of friends and family who are no longer alive in a future update. Amazon mentioned the features at its re:MARS conference Wednesday as a way to "make memories last." After listening to someone's voice for less than a minute, Alexa would be able to simulate that voice when speaking. A video of the feature depicted a child who asked to have their grandmother read them a story, and Alexa affirmed before changing her voice, according to Sky News. It's not clear how far the feature is in development or when it could be rolled out to Alexa voice assistants.

Amazon's Alexa could soon speak in a dead relative's voice

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Do you miss the sound of a dead relative's voice? Well fear not: Amazon unveiled a new feature in the works for its virtual assistant Alexa that can read aloud in a deceased loved one's voice based on a short recording of the person. "While AI can't eliminate that pain of loss, it can definitely make their memories last," said Rohit Prasad, senior vice president and head scientist for Alexa, on Wednesday at Amazon's re:MARS conference in Las Vegas. In a video played at the event, an Amazon Echo Dot is asked: "Alexa, can Grandma finish reading me'The Wizard of Oz'?" "Instead of Alexa's voice reading the book, it's the kid's grandma's voice," Prasad said. "We had to learn to produce a high quality voice with less than a minute of recording."

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SAVE $150: As of June 23, Amazon's high-tech Echo Frames(opens in a new tab) are a cool $150 off the original price ahead of Prime Day. Prime members can grab a pair for just $99.99. Are you an early adopter of the latest and greatest tech? Have you ever wanted to cosplay as agent Ethan Hunt after watching Mission: Impossible one too many times? If you said yes to either or both, we think you may be the type of person who needs a pair of smart eyeglasses in their life.

Application of Artificial Intelligence - MechoMotive application


Application of Artificial Intelligence, AI has become one of the hottest buzzwords in tech and with good reason. It is becoming essential for today's time because it can solve complex problems. Applications of AI include Gaming, Speech Recognition, Vision Systems, Healthcare, Automotive etc . Alphago: is the very first AI program that was able to beat a professional players, 2-dan player Fan Hul in October 2015, on a full sized board with no handicaps. Google Assistant: It is designed to have conversations with you in order to complete tasks. It uses AI to process natural language and perform task book appointments and make a calls.

NLP, NLU, and NLG: What's The Difference? A Comprehensive Guide - KDnuggets


Have you ever used a smart assistant (think something like Siri or Alexa) to answer questions for you? The answer is more than likely "yes", which means that you are, on some level, already familiar with what's known as natural language processing (NLP). NLP is the combination of methods taken from different disciplines that smart assistants like Siri and Alexa use to make sense of the questions we ask them. It combines disciplines such as artificial intelligence and computer science to make it easier for human beings to talk with computers the way we would with another person. This idea of having a facsimile of a human conversation with a machine goes back to a groundbreaking paper written by Alan Turing -- a paper that formed the basis for NLP technology that we use today.

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In line with a brand new report, folks acquainted with the matter stated that Google had delayed the Google Pixel Notepad as soon as once more, and it is not anticipated to debut till at the very least subsequent spring.

Uses of AI in the Real World


In 2022, we haven't been fully able to access the Sci-fi future with Artificial Intelligence. We don't have robots on every corner of the street yet, taking over our jobs. In fact, most of the AI we experience is running in the background of our daily tasks. Let's take a look at some applications for AI in present times: In 2022, it seems like smartphone companies can't stop talking about the quality of photos their phone takes. We've got iPhone dominating smartphone video, Pixel dominating photo's and Samsung pumping out the craziest camera hardware.

Smart homes on rise, will Artificial Intelligence take over next?


Smart home or automation technology that converts a home fully tech-driven with a remote program device has integrated home appliances with sensors and actuators via the internet. But the next phase of it is bound to be of Artificial Intelligence that is fast taking off in this segment. The technology available so far is able to control devices like light, fan, TV, climate, enjoyment systems, and appliances. Some common applications include lighting control, HVAC, outdoor lawn irrigation, kitchen appliances, and security systems are already part of our daily life. Read: Canada's defense scientists develop a model to enable trust in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy (January 28, 2021) Voice control devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home have accentuated the process to control almost every aspect of home through the Internet of Things (IoT) at a cost that ranges from $174 to $10,000, which has made repetitive daily routines easier and significantly cut down on energy costs too.

Five clever ways to use your Echo and Alexa that you'll wish you knew sooner

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The built-in screen gives you another helpful security feature if you have an Echo Show. You can turn on the camera from anywhere to make sure everything is OK at home. With Drop In, you can pop in on your speaker or one owned by a friend or family member who has authorized access. It's an excellent way to say hello without picking up the phone. Now, you can use the Alexa app to pop into your own Echo devices. In the app, tap Communicate at the bottom of the screen, then Drop In. Choose the device you want from the list. MORE ECHO USES: 'Alexa, I want to talk to a doctor' - How to use your Echo to get medical help The Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled virtual assistant, is seen at it's product launch for Britain and Germany in London, Britain, September 14, 2016.

Boost your home security for less with this Anker Eufy camera for $30


If you need an extra pair of eyes in the living room or study, Amazon has the deal for you today. To get the deal, you need to clip the $4 off coupon underneath the price on the product page. We haven't reviewed this camera, but it's well liked on Amazon with 4.5 out of 5 stars from nearly 6,000 user reviews. It's also compatible with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning you can control your camera or get visuals from it with select devices. It doesn't have pan and tilt, but it does have customizable activity zones and local storage for your videos with an option for additional cloud storage.