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The Role of Social Movements, Coalitions, and Workers in Resisting Harmful Artificial Intelligence and Contributing to the Development of Responsible AI Artificial Intelligence

There is mounting public concern over the influence that AI based systems has in our society. Coalitions in all sectors are acting worldwide to resist hamful applications of AI. From indigenous people addressing the lack of reliable data, to smart city stakeholders, to students protesting the academic relationships with sex trafficker and MIT donor Jeffery Epstein, the questionable ethics and values of those heavily investing in and profiting from AI are under global scrutiny. There are biased, wrongful, and disturbing assumptions embedded in AI algorithms that could get locked in without intervention. Our best human judgment is needed to contain AI's harmful impact. Perhaps one of the greatest contributions of AI will be to make us ultimately understand how important human wisdom truly is in life on earth.

Best streaming device in 2021: Top media players compared


Streaming our favorite shows and movies has become not only popular but during the pandemic, they became a necessity to keep ourselves entertained. Whether it's reruns of The Office or watching the hottest new series on Netflix, streaming devices and sticks bring hours of entertainment into our living rooms and bedrooms with the push of a button or two. And because of that, the devices you use to stream are one of the most important -- but often overlooked -- gadgets we all have in our living rooms. Apple just updated the Apple TV 4K, with sales starting on April 30. It's the first major update to Apple's streaming device since 2017, and it was long overdue.

30+ Best Artificial Intelligence Android Apps - Appventurez


When I first watched Ironman, I was thrilled with its advancement in technologies. But what hooked me to the movie was J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System). Well, what is not to like about it. The AI system was so intelligent that it painted the ironman suit with a single command. The best thing is that now we have the best AI Android apps that are making this dream come true. AI apps are there to assist the users to achieve their daily targets and accomplish their goals. Well, some of them can have completely different functionalities that will be described further.

The 45 best and coolest tech gifts of 2020

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Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. I don't know about you, but I've never gotten a techy or tech-adjacent gift I wasn't excited about--it's true. Opening up a gift and getting a new pair of headphones or a fun gadget I wasn't expecting is almost always fun, even if it isn't something I thought I wanted. That's the problem with trying to buy a fun new tech gift for a giftee: How do you single out the small margin of great products from the ocean of sub-par stuff? Easy--you check out our picks below. Reviewed tests tech all year long and this list is chock full of our favorite gadgets. Roku's fancy "Ultra" media streaming device has been our favorite for a couple years running now, and for good reason. Processing is snappy and the UI is extremely friendly and intuitive, making it easy to settle in for a night of Netflix (or Hulu, or Amazon Prime, or YouTube, or Twitch, or anything else) without a hitch.

The Morning After: Netflix queues up some free samples


What do you really need from an alarm clock? Smart displays can be a little extreme to sit by your bedside, but having something that syncs nicely with your phone doesn't hurt. Now Lenovo has followed last year's Google Assistant-connected Smart Clock with this few-frills Smart Clock Essential. As Cherlynn Low points out, its four-inch display doesn't just tell the time, it also shows the current weather and temperature, along with your alarms and other status indicators. Of course, it has microphones for "OK, Google" voice commands, and a three-watt speaker to make sure Mat's voice comes through clearly every morning.

25 technologies that have changed the world


You may even be using one to read this article. Wi-Fi has become essential to our personal and professional lives. The smartphone and the internet we use today wouldn't have been possible without wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi. In 1995 if you wanted to "surf" the internet at home, you had to chain yourself to a network cable like it was an extension cord. In 1997, Wi-Fi was invented and released for consumer use.

How technology made us bid farewell to privacy in the last decade

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In 2011, Apple unveiled its first iPhone with artificial intelligence, a personal assistant named Siri that could answer questions and help keep track of our daily lives. The AI revolution had begun, and it gave way to higher resolution cameras on phones, such as the then-new iPhone 4S, microphones and cameras in the home, everything from connected speakers, security devices, computers and even showers and sinks. By the end of the decade, we were carrying and or living with devices that are capable of tracking our every movement. Counties and states are selling our personal information to data brokers to resell it back to us, in the form of "people search engines." Facebook and Google have refined their tracking skills, in the pursuit of selling targeted advertising to marketers, that many people believe they are listening to us at all times.

I tried this can-sized TV projector--is it worth it?

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Once upon a time, projectors were big, clunky, and, well, not exactly easy to move around if you want to watch the big game in your backyard or a movie at a friend's house. However, portable projectors have come a long way and Anker's Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector is a solid bet. The Anker projector, which runs Android TV, is lightweight, works with Google Assistant, and has an auto-focus function that automatically adjusts the screen size to your projector screen within a second, not to mention other features that deliver a sharp and clear picture. I've been in the market for a smart projector so I can watch my favorite teams play and watch movies outside. I had high hopes of testing the Nebula Capsule II against a large projection screen in my backyard, but due to the high Florida humidity--and unbearable October heat--I decided to stick to testing the smart projector indoors.


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If you ordered an Echo Show on Amazon Prime Day, you aren't alone. The smart device is one of the top-selling products from Amazon's biggest shopping event of the year. Check out the 15 deals everyone bought on Prime Day.) If you're the proud new owner of an Echo Show, you may be wondering how to set it up and exactly what it can do. Make sure to download the Alexa App on your smartphone or tablet so you're able to install skills and games on your Echo Show.

Apple is ready for its Hollywood closeup, but will consumers bite?

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Apple has once again summoned the media to its Cupertino, California headquarters. Monday's festivities are expected to be a star-studded sneak peak of a new $9.99 monthly entertainment subscription service, offering series and movies from the likes of Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Brie Larson. The place to find the service is expected to be on the Apple TV app, which is available for the set-top box and on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Reporters are eager to hear how Apple plans on expanding its base to TVs and other set-top boxes like Roku and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Additionally, Apple is expected to unveil a "Netflix of magazines," that will offer publications like the Wall Street Journal and People for $9.99 monthly.