A New Kanye West Dating Service Promises Love Free From Taylor Swift Stans


The galaxy of extremely niche dating sites has gained a new star--one that promises to help you find someone who loves you like Kanye loves Kanye. That's right, lonely singles are no longer confined to finding each other based on interests like farming or the goth aesthetic. With the release of Yeezy Dating, fans of Kanye West are one step closer to finding someone to argue with about the proper breakdown of their Kanye madness bracket. Slated to launch sometime later this month, the Yeezy Dating website is pretty sparse at the moment, featuring a brief explainer noting that the site is "for fans of the genius Mr. Kanye West." However the site, created through a crowdfunding campaign launched by 21-year-old Yeezus stan Harry Dry, has a relatively active Instagram presence.

Why Knowledge Graphs Are Foundational to Artificial Intelligence


AI is poised to drive the next wave of technological disruption across industries. Like previous technology revolutions in Web and mobile, however, there will be huge dividends for those organizations who can harness this technology for competitive advantage. I spend a lot of time working with customers, many of whom are investing significant time and effort in building AI applications for this very reason. From the outside, these applications couldn't be more diverse – fraud detection, retail recommendation engines, knowledge sharing – but I see a sweeping opportunity across the board: context. Without context (who the user is, what they are searching for, what similar users have searched for in the past, and how all these connections play together) these AI applications may never reach their full potential.

Amazon Echo Dot - Alexa Voice Service -


Ther is as many frustrations with the whole "Alexa" product as their are benefits. Not specifically related to this echo dot version of it. The dot is the best way to open yourself to this world of IoT and voice enabled home, cheap and cheerful the tech is awesome, but it is let down by the company vying to gain market share along with its competitors. Remember when Silicon valley was run by dreamers and open source ideals like in the fist season of "Halt and catch fire!" if your a techie over it! The echo for example, wont play from your Apple Itunes library because of business rivalry.

Find True Love With This Kanye West Dating App


Kanye superfan Harry Dry, attempted to create a Kanye West-inspired dating app that allows users to connect via their shared love of the iconic rapper. Unfortunately, the funding goal for'Yeezy Dating' was not reached, leaving us all in a'Love Lockdown.'

This gadget will bring Amazon's Alexa into your car


Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. At home, you generally have your hands free. But while Alexa has clearly made your casa her casa (she's even laughing at you these days), she's nowhere to be found when you need her on the road. Muse is a crafty little gadget looking to change that -- and *gasp* it's not even made by Amazon.

A.I. and the Power of Personalization in the Entertainment & Media Sector


In almost every industry today, you're seeing an increase in personalized experiences for consumers. With more people wanting control over how they buy or consume content, entertainment companies are in the midst of abiding by these customer demands. The consumer need to personalize content is a psychological impulse to find more control in a world filled with information overload. Since media content choices are often overwhelming, it's all the more important for consumers to find something fitting their world views. At the center of all this is artificial intelligence.

Five ways voice assistants are going to change the office ZDNet


It's increasingly clear that voice is the next major interface in computing, in some cases replacing the touch-based platforms of the smartphone era. Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, and Samsung's Bixby are leading the voice charge by providing contextual data and performing tasks on behalf of users. As voice-based virtual assistants continue move into a broad swath of form factors -- including smartphones, smart speakers, and automobiles -- their impact on the general public will grow as well. As consumer use cases continue to accumulate, these assistants are also making their way further into the office, creating new opportunities for improving business productivity and efficiency. SEE: IT leader's guide to the future of artificial intelligence (Tech Pro Research) While voice assistants are known for their ability to start a music playlist, for example, they also have great potential in the workplace.

Should Spotify Make Its Own Smart Speaker?


Smart speakers have become one of the hottest markets in consumer tech. Amazon Echos and Google Homes were among the most popular gifts this past holiday season, and that sales bump solidified Amazon as the leader in the space. Apple has since struggled to catch up, with its recently launched HomePod, but other hardware makers have rushed to get in on the hype, integrating Alexa and Google Assistant into their own headphones, wearables, and speakers. Each of the three big smart-speaker platforms includes its own integrated music player--Amazon Prime Music, Google Play Music, and Apple Music. But for 159 million music lovers, another app is their player of choice: Spotify.

Spotify tests voice assistant sparking rumours of a smart speaker

Daily Mail

Spotify may be about to take on the smart speaker market. The music streaming site is testing an in-app assistant, dubbed'Spotify Voice', that allows users to control their music with their voice. The trial has sparked rumours that the firm is about to release a smart speaker to take on the likes of Apple's HomePod and Amazon's Echo. If the rumours are true, it would allow Spotify to put a microphone and potentially camera in every user's home. Spotify may be about to take on the smart speaker market.

Spotify is testing its own voice assistant to control your music

The Guardian

Spotify is experimenting with a voice-control interface, looking to free itself from reliance on Siri and Alexa and pave the way for the company's forthcoming smart speaker. Users of the service have spotted the new feature hiding in the search bar of Spotify's iOS app. After tapping the magnifying glass to search for a track or playlist, testers see a microphone icon inside a white bubble, according to the Verge. After users tap on the icon, Spotify suggests a number of typical requests for a voice-controlled music system: "Show Calvin Harris", "Play my Discover Weekly" and "Play some upbeat pop", for instance. The move comes as Spotify ramps up its efforts to build a smart speaker to challenge Apple, Amazon and Google in the hardware field, all of which have their own music services.