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Top Machine Learning Trends for 2022


Blockchain is the new talk of the town. It is the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Today, it has turned out to be a game-changer for businesses. Its decentralized ledger offers transparency and immutability in transactions between parties without any intermediary. The transactions are irreversible, which means once a ledger is updated, it can never be changed or deleted. Blockchain technology will eventually find its space in the new and innovative applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Gay dating app Grindr to go public via blank-cheque company

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Popular gay dating app Grindr has agreed to go public through a blank-cheque firm whose founder was part of a consortium that bought the company in 2020, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. The deal with Tiga Acquisition Corporation will raise $384m including $284m of the special-purpose acquisition company's (SPAC) cash in trust plus up to $100m in a forward purchase agreement, valuing the company at $2.1bn including debt, according to the filing. The dating app was valued at $620m when it was sold in 2020 by its Chinese owner. Tiga Acquisition Corp went public in November 2020 to raise $240m, a few months after the Grindr sale. The SPAC would have to liquidate later this month if it failed to reach a deal with a potential merger target, after several extensions of the liquidation deadline.

Super-successful AI Investment Technologies Will Likely Never Be Publicly Available


It's tempting to see AI as a solution to building a super-success investment engine. After all, if AI can solve text-to-speech or self-driving cars or landing rockets vertically, couldn't an artificially intelligent investing engine with access to all stock market, economy, weather, and trends data vastly outpace human investors and guarantee massive returns? And won't we be able to simply ask Alexa to buy a stock that's going to triple in value in six months? Well, never say never, but it's unlikely. One is that investment AI engines are returning benefits right now, but not Everest-sized performance that will blow your financial socks off and make you fire your investment advisor.

5 Major Machine Learning Projects That Can Help Beginners


Machine Learning is a major technology that is dominating the market. This technology can be used in tablets and computers that can learn all types of data, including programming languages. It uses a futuristic approach to address all major requirements, such as speech recognition and virtual assistants. These major projects can help you get started if you are interested in a career as a Machine Learning professional. During the pandemic, people have begun to watch movies online and on television.

19-year old's startup has raised $17M Series A - ArcticStartup


Founded in 2019, by then 17-year-old Oliver Edholm (CEO) and Anton Osika (CTO), is the leading solution in Scandinavia, and increases sales by 4-6%. The giants within e-commerce have been able to build huge in-house teams that leverage AI to deliver clear bottom-line impact. For instance, Amazon is reported to earn 35% of its revenue from their recommendation engine (McKinsey report). However, most e-commerce stores don't have the technical capabilities, nor the large amount of sales data to make existing recommendation systems work. To counteract this imbalance,

What Is Web 3.0 and Why Does It Matter?


The Internet is a constantly evolving technology that continues to innovate. So far, we've experienced Web 1.0 and 2.0, and there's much discussion of what to expect from Web 3.0. Web 1.0 provided a static experience for users without the ability to create the content-rich sites we have today. Web 2.0 brought us together with social media and dynamic websites, but at the cost of centralization. Web 3.0 looks to give us control of our online information and also create a semantic web.

Woman swindled out of $390,000 in crypto scam by man she met on dating app Hinge

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A woman said she lost $390,000 after falling for an online crypto dating scam and wants to warn others. Nicole Hutchinson, of Tennessee, told CBS News not only did she lose her own money, but her father's, too while attempting to make friends before moving to California. Hutchinson inherited her mother's house after she died and decided to sell the property. She split the profit with her father and inherited $280,000 that was supposed to be used to help her family build a life in California. The 24-year-old decided to try the online dating site Hinge and matched with a man named "Hao" while visiting a friend in the state, the New York Times reported.

Refinitiv launches financial AI assistant for Microsoft Teams


Financial services technology firm Refinitiv has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for Microsoft Teams to provide financial professionals with stock market news and actionable insights. Refinitiv AI Alerts - which is powered by technology from AI specialist ModuleQ - uses permissions and Microsoft 365 interactions to automatically learn the user's individual priorities and recommends content based on email conversations and upcoming meetings. "Microsoft Teams has become an indispensable platform for professionals across financial services, with institutions accelerating their adoption, and increasingly integrating critical data and tools into the platform to simplify the workflow and user experience of professionals," said Andrea Remyn Stone, group head of data and analytics at London Stock Exchange Group, which owns Refinitiv. "Refinitiv AI Alerts brings critical content and insights to Refinitiv's customer base within this platform, allowing users to discover and act on timely information across Teams, Refinitiv solutions and Microsoft 365 seamlessly." The new solution is the latest result of Refinitiv's partnership with Microsoft, which has previously helped financial services organisations connect, collaborate and leverage data to make more informed decisions.

Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks (Beyond GOOG)


Thinking artificial intelligence could boost your portfolio right about now? But which AI stocks beyond the usual suspects: Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), Twilio Inc. (NYSE: TWLO), ServiceNow, Inc. (NYSE: NOW), NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) and QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM). Whether you believe some of the famous companies above are bearish and/or overvalued (another argument for another day) or are just looking to inject some new blood into your portfolio, let's go through some options you might consider. But first, in the interest of education, what are AI stocks and which ones should you consider right now? Let's find out. At its most basic level, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to an algorithm or dynamic machine that learns and interprets the data given to it.

Challenges of Artificial Intelligence -- From Machine Learning and Computer Vision to Emotional Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a part of everyday conversation and our lives. It is considered as the new electricity that is revolutionizing the world. AI is heavily invested in both industry and academy. However, there is also a lot of hype in the current AI debate. AI based on so-called deep learning has achieved impressive results in many problems, but its limits are already visible. AI has been under research since the 1940s, and the industry has seen many ups and downs due to over-expectations and related disappointments that have followed. The purpose of this book is to give a realistic picture of AI, its history, its potential and limitations. We believe that AI is a helper, not a ruler of humans. We begin by describing what AI is and how it has evolved over the decades. After fundamentals, we explain the importance of massive data for the current mainstream of artificial intelligence. The most common representations for AI, methods, and machine learning are covered. In addition, the main application areas are introduced. Computer vision has been central to the development of AI. The book provides a general introduction to computer vision, and includes an exposure to the results and applications of our own research. Emotions are central to human intelligence, but little use has been made in AI. We present the basics of emotional intelligence and our own research on the topic. We discuss super-intelligence that transcends human understanding, explaining why such achievement seems impossible on the basis of present knowledge,and how AI could be improved. Finally, a summary is made of the current state of AI and what to do in the future. In the appendix, we look at the development of AI education, especially from the perspective of contents at our own university.