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'Siri, Find Me A Russian Submarine,' U.S. Navy Asks


Virtual assistants such as Apple's Siri or Amazon's AMZN Alexa have become popular technological helpers. Ask a virtual assistant to find a restaurant or tell you today's weather, a soothing AI voice obligingly responds. So why not a virtual assistant to help the U.S. Navy find Russian and Chinese submarines? The Navy wants a virtual assistant -- like the ones found on consumer smartphones -- to help overloaded sonar operators manage multiple anti-submarine warfare (ASW) systems. In particular, active sonar on Navy cruisers and destroyers come with a variety of settings.

A chat with AI instructor Chris Mohritz (GigaOm)


A chat with AI instructor Chris Mohritz Christopher Mohritz is a lifelong entrepreneur and technologist with a number of successful businesses under his belt; bringing a unique blend of technology know-how coupled with creative thinking and business acumen to each of his projects. Since 2009, Chris has been building and leveraging artificial intelligence systems to cognify a wide range of business functions -- marketing, sales, customer support and decision automation to name a few. And over the past five years, he has been building and operating a business accelerator for web/mobile startups, helping other entrepreneurs launch exceptional "AI-first" businesses. Chris draws heavily from a deep background in technology -- from operating nuclear reactors in the U.S. Navy to designing datacenters at Lockheed Martin. Complemented by a broad range of business experience -- from technical sales for the Fortune 500 to project management in the public sector.