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The best Black Friday tech deals 2021


Early Black Friday deals are already rolling out, with more new sales showing up every day. For 2021, there's concern whether shipping issues will mean less stuff on the shelves for the holidays. As we've already been hearing for months, the global supply chain is seriously backed up with bottlenecks occurring at key points. Hoping to deal with an already difficult situation, retailers stretched out the shopping season as much as they dared, what with shipping timelines stretching to frustrating levels. These supply problems are supposed to be felt acutely in technology, or so the market watchers say.

Amazon's own TVs will support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit


Amazon's first in-house TVs may be showcases for Alexa, but that isn't precluding the company from supporting someone else's ecosystem. According to The Verge, Amazon has unveiled plans to add support for Apple's AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to both higher-end Omni and budget 4-series Fire TV sets now that they're available. You can use AirPlay 2 to cast content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac, but the HomeKit integration may be the most notable -- yes, you can use Siri to control an Amazon TV as part of your wider smart home network. Amazon would only say the support was coming "soon." The TVs themselves start at $370 for the 4-series, which provide the usual Fire TV integrations along with 4K and HDR support in sizes ranging from 43 inches to 55 inches.

Google is redesigning its smart home Developer Center to support Matter device makers


At I/O 2021, Google reiterated its commitment to Matter with a handful of smart home-related Nest and Android updates. If you need a refresher, Matter was known as Project CHIP, or Connected Home over IP, before a rebranding this past May. It's a pact between some of the biggest companies in tech, including Google, Amazon and Apple, that aims to bring standardization to the fragmented smart home space. When it launches in the first half of 2022, it will support a variety of voice assistants and networking protocols, including Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri as well as WiFi, Thread and Bluetooth LE. At its simplest, the promise of Matter is that you'll be able to buy a new device and it will simply work with your existing smart home setup.

10 years of Siri: the history of Apple's voice assistant


Has it really been 10 years of Siri? The Apple voice assistant was originally integrated into the iPhone 4S way back in October 2011, and we're now here to wish Siri a very happy 10th birthday. Sparking a trend for smart voice assistants across the board, Siri certainly changed how we all interact with technology these days, with the rise of Alexa no doubt helped substantially by the presence of Siri before it. It's possible that some of you won't remember the early beginnings of Siri – which is why we've taken a walk down memory lane and looked at the history behind how Siri came to be. We've also looked at just what it was like to use back in those early days, and considered what the next 10 years could mean for the (mostly) helpful voice assistant.

Alexa booster ? tbot thejavasea - Google Search


Did you mean: Alexa booster? You can take advantage of the increased demand for smart devices and the Alexa Built-in and Works with Alexa certification programs to boost--... Alexa Live is a free, virtual education event for Alexa skill builders, device makers, startups, and business leaders eager to learn about the future of AI--... Aug 19, 2021 -- To boost conversational AI (and embrace university research), Amazon recently hosted its fourth Alexa Prize SocialBot Grand Challenge. Johny Deb submitted a new resource: [TheJavaSea] TBOT - Traffic Bot / Proxy Checker ... دانلود smart game booster -- word 2010免費下載 -- plug in hswebplugin. Alexa Integration requires internet-connected Hopper--, Wally, or Joey and Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap. Sep 7, 2021 -- Download Amazon Alexa and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Morning After: Windows 11 will be available (for some) on October 5th


Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will be available on October 5th as a free upgrade for qualifying Windows 10 systems, as well as on new PCs shipping after that date. But it isn't for everyone; a gradual rollout will prioritize newer hardware and use "intelligence models" to determine who gets the upgrade first. Microsoft will apparently factor in reliability and device age. It could be the case that friends and family utterly disinterested in an OS update could be offered it ahead of anyone champing at the bit for the latest edition of Windows. All supporting machines will get the update by mid-2022, if you can think that far ahead.

Why the app store model won't work for Alexa skill discovery


At Amazon's Alexa Live developers' event last month, the agent's steward took up the mantle of improving skill discovery. A perennial challenge in many marketplaces and an exceptional bane of many smartphone app developers trying to raise their profiles, it has proven particularly nettlesome for Alexa skills given Alexa's traditional reliance on audio-only devices that can provide only so much context. But that's changing as Alexa spreads its multimodal wings, building out its presence on displays through Echo Show devices that are growing faster than smart speakers. Promoting skills on these displays is but one way that Amazon is trying to raise the profiles of third-party skills as it creates more opportunities for skill-based commerce, including paid skills and skills that enable the sale of physical and digital goods. In contrast to the dawn of the iPhone's app store in 2008, though, that opened the floodgates for app-based commerce, Amazon is taking a more gradual approach to opening the commercial skill marketplace.

The NVIDIA Shield TV drops back down to $130


Android TV fans looking for something a bit more powerful than a Chromecast should consider the NVIDIA Shield TV. However, now you can grab the NVIDIA Shield TV for $130, or $20 off its normal price. That's almost a record low -- we saw it drop to $129 ahead of Black Friday last year -- but this is the best price we've seen in 2021, and it's only come around a couple of times so far. Despite being more expensive than streaming dongles of similar size, the NVIDIA Shield is worth the extra money thanks to its Tegra X1 processor. It's powerful enough to run the Android TV platform with ease, and it supports Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos audio, Chromecast 4K and AI-powered HD-to-4K upscaling. It also works with the Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa, so you can bark orders at it instead of using the triangular remote if you wish.

How to Fix it When Alexa App Stuck On Setup?


There is nothing more disappointing and irritating than Alexa app stuck on setup during the setup process of alexa device.Especially when you have bought new amazon echo device and excited to explore the features of alexa enabled device and if its giving a hard time on setup so person usually feel disheartened. But don t worry, you are not alone as many people encounters this same issue while setting up their alexa app for the alexa device and today in this troubleshooting guide, you will get to know all the reasons behind this problem and steps to fix this issue. As Alexa app plays a major role in completing the setup process and configuring the device with the wifi, therefore based on user reports in amazon forum we are listing complete troubleshooting tips with which you can overcome this issue with ease. So lets start the ball rolling! There s no doubt to say that amazon alexa powered smart home home device has become part of everyone life today because of its amazing capabilities and features.This digital assistant is capable of voice interaction,providing weather,playing music, streaming podcasts, setting alarms,offering reminders and much more.

This week's best deals: $100 off the Apple Watch Series 6 and more


Samsung may have announced a bunch of new devices this week, but it was Apple and Amazon that led the week when it came to online deals. While Woot's flash sale on the Apple Watch Series 6 Product Red Edition came and went quickly, you can still get the smartwatch for $299 at Amazon. The Mac Mini M1 got a $100 discount while a number of Echo devices went on sale as well -- including the new, second-generation Echo Show 5. And through Sunday, you can save on laptops, tablets, TVs and more in Best Buy's anniversary sale. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today.