Personal Assistant Systems

New Google Street View Cameras Will Fuel AI Assistants


Wired reports that the cameras Google uses to create imagery on its Street View service have gotten their first upgrade in eight years. Those units record images of stores, road signs, and other objects at the side of the road in incredible detail--and information gleaned from the data will feed Google's ever-hungry machine-learning algorithms. New 360-degree cameras allow users to upload their own panoramas to Street View, and the company hopes cities and other organizations may do the same to keep things fresh. All of that data will be indexed by Google's algorithms--so who knows, maybe one day, a handwritten "sorry we're closed today" sign might stop a wasted journey for a sandwich.

AI, Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning?


I was at a family event recently and two guests were chatting about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) component of driverless or autonomous vehicles and more specifically, how these vehicles are currently unable to detect human movement at high speed. Form left to right, the diagram depicts a Facebook messenger bot or just as easily an independent purpose build bot placed on the homepage of a website and with the purpose of connecting with customers in a customer service capacity providing and AI-like customer service experience or response to customer enquiries. The NLP component allows the computer to interpret the vast and complicated human language, understand what's being said, process it all, reflect what is being required of it and effectively'talk back', equally like humans do. Cognitive-based systems build knowledge and learn, understand natural language, and reason and interact more naturally with human beings than traditional programmable systems.

How AI is changing the way we assess vehicle repair


Image classification AI within the app compares the customer's photos with thousands of other anonymized crash photos to generate a cost estimate for their repair. At Solaria Labs, the innovation incubator for Liberty Mutual Insurance, a team is developing machine learning tasks to enable safe routing and parking for drivers. Right now, if you were to ask a virtual assistant "Call Brenna, no, call Nora," most virtual assistants will call Brenna first, or ask you to repeat your request. The more natural and seamless the customer's interaction with the technology (think of interacting with a virtual assistant), the less effort it takes them to accomplish a task, and the more likely they are to accomplish that task.