Metareasoning: Overviews

Metareasoning: A Manifesto

AAAI Conferences

This manifesto proposes a simple model of metareasoning that constitutes a general framework to organize research on this topic. The claim is that metareasoning, like the actionperception cycle of reasoning, is composed of the introspective monitoring of reasoning and the subsequent meta-level control of reasoning. This model holds for single agent and multiagent systems and is broad enough to include models of self. We offer the model as a short conversation piece to which the community can compare and contrast individual theories.

A Review of Recent Research in Metareasoning and Metalearning

AI Magazine

Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in the use of metacognition in intelligent systems. This article is part of a small section meant to give interested researchers an overview and sampling of the kinds of work currently being pursued in this broad area. The current article offers a review of recent research in two main topic areas: the monitoring and control of reasoning (metareasoning) and the monitoring and control of learning (metalearning).