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Top 4 Ways AI Rewriting the Prospects for Fintech


In the finance industry, firms run and thrive on innovations and customizations, which are derived from cutting-edge technologies. FREMONT, CA: Fintech is synonymous to innovations and high accessibility in the world of finance. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the core purpose of fintech is enabling the masses to get benefits from the mainstream financial system. Being aware of these market dynamics, banking institutions are adopting AI and its applications. The range of AI applications are broad and lies across all industries ar several levels.

Is Google creating a voice-activated search engine for TODDLERS?

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Google is potentially creating a search engine for toddlers, despite recent privacy scandals. The tech giant has filed a European patent, entitled Gamifying Voice Search Experience for Children, which gives it exclusive rights to develop the concept. Aimed at nursery-age youngsters, the prospective product would use a child-friendly bubble-interface to engage with infants. This would be separate to Google Assistant, which already allows people to conduct voice-activated searches on their devices. However, education experts have raised concerns over the risk of potential privacy violations, such as those associated with Amazon's Echo Device, plus the dangers of making children addicted to technology.

AI and Robotics in Retail: Drivers, Impact, and Challenges


As the modern world seeks innovation and convenience, retail providers are faced with the new challenge -- to keep up with the trend or fall behind. Due to this, many retailers are delving into the latest technologies that seek to address the new needs of their businesses, and that may mean looking toward enterprise software development. Let's look at how retailers are innovating and dive deeper into their artificial intelligence and robotics solutions. According to Statista, by 2021 online e-commerce sales are set to total a record of $4.8 trillion (USD). Meanwhile, in 2018 this amount was estimated at a lower $2.8 trillion.

Benefits of Enabling Enterprise Search in your digital Workplace eXo


A disconnected/disengaged workforce, broken business processes and an overall decrease in efficiency represent the most recurrent challenges facing organizations today. As a result, digital workplace solutions have grown in popularity as they offer an holistic solution capable of integrating different tools and applications. A typical digital workplace includes a knowledge management system (KMS), an enterprise social network (ESN), an intranet portal, instant messaging and more. It also integrates different third party software used internally, from CRM to Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). For better usage and efficiency, a digital workplace needs to collect data from all these data sources and make it widely accessible to users in a centralized place – thus the importance of the enterprise search engine.

AI survey 2020 - Constellation Research


Welcome! Complete this survey to learn where your organization stands within Constellation Research's capability maturity model for adopting and integrating artificial intelligence capabilities. In addition, by completing this survey, you will be contributing to a research report on AI adoption by businesses. After completion, you will receive a score on a scale from 1-5 indicating the degree of AI adoption. You will have the opportunity to learn more about what your results mean when the full research report is published. This survey seeks to understand: what are the drivers of business investment in AI; how much are businesses investing in AI; at what stage are businesses in their AI implementations; what are businesses using AI to accomplish; is there resistance to the adoption of AI; and how will AI impact the workforce.

AI Enables Foreign Language Study Abroad, No Travel Required IBM Research Blog


A student learning to speak Mandarin wanders into a marketplace on the streets of China on a sunny summer afternoon. Before long, two vendors approach and begin hawking products, trying to outbid one another. The student must now grasp what's being said and formulate an appropriate response using proper pronunciation to avoid being misunderstood. It's a challenging, yet common, scenario for anyone trying to learn a new language by interacting with native speakers and immersing themselves in a foreign culture. Fortunately, the student in this case is able to pause the unfolding scenario to check the accuracy and tone of her planned response.

This government bank to use made-in-India AI tool to help users - Times of India


NEW DELHI: Andhra Bank has partnered with Floatbot to offer an Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistant for online banking users. The AI chatbot named "ABHi" --made by Floatbot-- is integrated with Core Banking Servers (CBS) of Andhra Bank and will automate customer support for 5 crore Andhra Bank account holders. Floatbot will also develop a chatbot for over 20,000 internal employees of Andhra Bank to automate on-boarding and training. Floatbot is incubated at NASSCOM Center of Excellence DS-AI, an initiative of the Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka. "Floatbot has launched the chatbot for Andhra Bank after going through end to end security audit and a rigorous user acceptance testing (UAT). More than 50,000 queries were tested before the final sign-off," the company claimed in a statement.

Professor Patrick Winston, former director of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, dies at 76


Patrick Winston, a beloved professor and computer scientist at MIT, died on July 19 at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. A professor at MIT for almost 50 years, Winston was director of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory from 1972 to 1997 before it merged with the Laboratory for Computer Science to become MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). A devoted teacher and cherished colleague, Winston led CSAIL's Genesis Group, which focused on developing AI systems that have human-like intelligence, including the ability to tell, perceive, and comprehend stories. He believed that such work could help illuminate aspects of human intelligence that scientists don't yet understand. "My principal interest is in figuring out what's going on inside our heads, and I'm convinced that one of the defining features of human intelligence is that we can understand stories,'" said Winston, the Ford Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, in a 2011 interview for CSAIL.

Free Trial Signup - Gather Twitter Data DiscoverText


Use this information to train machine-learning classifiers to recognize relevant text and social media data. Jump into data using an interactive word CloudExplorer or build a mini topic dictionary using "defined" search.

Hacks For Designing a Chatbot Personality


Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer talks to Hillary Black about the daily life and challenges of a conversation designer, essential tools, techniques and insights, and even tips on how to get started as one.