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Brave's privacy-focused Google alternative lets you customize your search rankings


Brave is probably best known among hardcore geeks as one of Chrome's challengers. But for awhile now, the company has offered more than just a privacy-minded browser. A year ago, it launched the beta for a search engine, too--and now, on its first anniversary, Brave Search has hit a milestone of 2.5 billion queries, with a peak of 14.1 million queries in one day. For a nascent search engine, these numbers are big. As Brave claims in a blog post, it's won this achievement faster than Google (who took over a year to meet the same goal), plus run circles around DuckDuckGo. Its privacy-oriented rival took four years to cross the same threshold.

HUD settlement changes the way Meta delivers housing ads – Search Engine Land


Meta and HUD collaboration. The announcement comes after a year-long collaboration between Meta and HUD to develop processes for machine learning …

Let's Discuss About Microsites & Dips In Visitors: Ask An search engine optimisation - Channel969


At present's ask an search engine optimisation query comes from Kate in Louisville, who wrote: "I work for a corporation that builds microsites for shoppers. What components do I have to concentrate on when there's a dip in natural site visitors? In This autumn 2021, for instance, we did a rebrand and meta knowledge was altered. Would this have an enormous influence on site visitors going ahead?" They nonetheless take a look at URLs, hyperlinks, titles, content material, and lots of of different rating components so the identical search engine optimisation greatest practices for diagnosing a rankings drop will apply to microsites, too.

Writing for Search Engines: Optimize for Robots or People?


Google processes more than 8.5 billion searches every day. That's more than 100,000 searches per second, thousands of which could lead a user to a purchase. It's no wonder, then, that 60% of marketers list SEO as their number one inbound marketing priority. But generating organic traffic comes with challenges. Google has hundreds of billions of webpages in its index, competing for the top spots on search result pages.

New Report on Progress and Risks of Artificial Intelligence


A new report showed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached a critical turning point in its evolution. Substantial advances in language processing, computer vision and pattern recognition mean that AI is touching people's lives daily--from helping people to choose a movie to aid in medical diagnoses. With that success, however, comes a renewed urgency to understand and mitigate the risks and downsides of AI-driven systems, such as algorithmic discrimination or the use of AI for deliberate deception. Computer scientists must work with experts in the social sciences and law to assure that the pitfalls of AI are minimised. The report – Gathering Strength, Gathering Storms: The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100) 2021 Study Panel Report – aims to monitor the progress of AI and guide its future development.

How To Encourage Content material Groups To Care About search engine optimization - Channel969


When organizations start with search engine optimization, they typically begin with a devoted search engine optimization specialist. This particular person's tasks are normally broad and embrace a spread of duties. The most important problem then is getting a content material group to care about search engine optimization. Simply as you want your dev group to grasp search engine optimization's priorities, it's important that you just encourage your content material professionals to assist your search engine optimization targets. As a result of groups exterior the search engine optimization group handle all different content material creation and enchancment, there's a danger of missed alternatives for brand new content material, superficial understanding of consumer necessities, and unintentional de-optimization of content material discovered through engines like google.

Vivaldi on Android will get higher tab administration options and search engine syncing - Channel969


Vivaldi considerably improved the best way you handle a ton of tabs earlier this 12 months with its new two-level tabs characteristic (opens in new tab), which shows full-size tabs in a second tab bar. The corporate has gone a step additional by permitting you to rename and edit the tab stacks. It's a part of a broader set of updates introduced at this time as a part of the rollout of Vivaldi 5.3 on Android. The newest launch introduces a bunch of enhancements that make for higher tab administration, translation, and syncing of looking knowledge throughout your gadgets. Maybe essentially the most notable change within the replace is the power to call your tab stacks.

Machine learning explores materials science questions and solves difficult search problems


Using computing resources at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have succeeded in exploring important materials science questions and demonstrated progress using machine learning to solve difficult search problems. By adapting a machine-learning algorithm from board games such as AlphaGo, the researchers developed force fields for nanoclusters of 54 elements across the periodic table, a dramatic leap toward understanding their unique properties and proof of concept for their search method. The team published its results in Nature Communications in January. Depending on their scale--bulk systems of 100 nanometers versus nanoclusters of less than 100 nanometers--materials can display dramatically different properties, including optical and magnetic properties, discrete energy levels, and enhanced photoluminescence. These properties may lend themselves to new scientific and industry applications, and scientists can learn about them by developing force fields--computational models that estimate the potential energies between atoms in a molecule and between molecules--for each element or compound.

simpleshow Explainer Videos Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Whether you choose a background created exclusively for your business or a pre-made template, the extra touch of personalization will have a great impact on your audience. With this feature, users can simply customize and personalize videos in any way, while enjoying the video creator's renown for simplicity and ease-of-use. Users can upload a personalized background to fit their CI, edit the background to match their brand colors, or choose from simpleshow's pre-made backdrops. In addition to all of the latest features and additions mentioned above, simpleshow continues to stand out from the crowd through the launch of their latest collection of diversity characters. With this latest one-click feature, content creators can now build out their own video content with characters to fit their exact demographic and target audience.

Building an AI-powered PDF Search Engine with Python: Part 1


With neural search seeing rapid adoption, more people are looking at using it for indexing and searching through their unstructured data. I know several folks already building PDF search engines powered by AI, so I figured I'd give it a stab too. How hard could it possibly be? This is just a rough and ready roadmap -- so stay tuned to see how things really pan out. If you want to follow along at home (and maybe fix a few of my bugs!), check the repo: I want to build a search engine for a dataset of arbitrary PDFs.