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Ghostery's New Search Engine Will Be Entirely Ad-Free


The internet runs on advertising, and that includes search engines. Google brought in $26 billion of search revenue in the most recent quarter alone. As that business has grown, it's reshaped what search looks like. Year after year, ads have gobbled up more space on its results pages, pushing organic results further out of view. Which is why using Ghostery's new ad-free search engine and desktop browser, even in their pre-beta form, feels at once like a throwback to a simpler internet and a glimpse of a future where browsing that puts results ahead of revenue is once again possible.

Apple Is Quietly Working On Its Own Search Engine To Take On Google

International Business Times

Apple may be stealthily developing its own search engine, as Google faces a lawsuit from the U.S. antitrust authorities regarding the search engine giant's agreements with companies to be the default search tool. In the newest operating system update for the iPhone, the iOS 14, Apple has started showing its own search results and direct links to websites when users search from their home screen. In its updated version, iOS 14 does not use Google for many of its search functions, as it previously used to. The search window that appears in iPhones when users swipe right now compiles Apple-generated search suggestions rather than Google results. Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Justice, in a landmark lawsuit said, Google is monopolizing the search space by entering into multi-billion dollar deals with mobile companies like Apple, Motorola, and network carriers like AT&T and Verizon, to be the default search engine on devices.

3Diligent Expands ProdEX and Shopsight Applications


Its Shopsight application provides users access to project opportunities from ProdEX and enables remote assessment, quoting, and project management. Both systems incorporate 3Diligent's Connect interface which enables customers and manufacturers to communicate directly using a secure online portal and Zoom video conferencing tools. Operating similarly to traditional search engine marketing, manufacturers can create text ads that will display based on a customer's material and technology requirements. However, unlike traditional search engines, Connect is driven by RFQ inputs rather than generic keyword searches. As a result, manufacturers can customize their bids and visibility on dimensions such as material, technology, and program size to drive higher ROI.

What Do You Need to Know to Use a Search Engine? Why We Still Need to Teach Research Skills

AI Magazine

For the vast majority of queries (for example, navigation, simple fact lookup, and others), search engines do extremely well. Their ability to quickly provide answers to queries is a remarkable testament to the power of many of the fundamental methods of AI. They also highlight many of the issues that are common to sophisticated AI question-answering systems. It has become clear that people think of search programs in ways that are very different from traditional information sources. Rapid and ready-at-hand access, depth of processing, and the way they enable people to offload some ordinary memory tasks suggest that search engines have become more of a cognitive amplifier than a simple repository or front-end to the Internet.

Useful sites for finding datasets for Data Analysis tasks


Let's now look at some of the useful sites for finding open and publicly available datasets, quickly and without much hassle. Google Dataset Search is a search engine dedicated to finding datasets. It is a search engine over metadata from data providers. This implies that it indexes over the descriptions of a dataset instead of its content. So if a dataset is available publicly, there is a good chance, that it will pop up in the Google dataset search.

Elastic Transformers


Contextual bit -- as we have seen, keyword search can be (sometimes) limiting. Context is definitely highly beneficial to receive results that are semantically related to what you are looking for: when looking for "virus threat", "virus risks" also appear, etc

Archie, the very first search engine, was released 30 years ago today


On Archie's 30th anniversary, we salute the world's first search engine, a pioneer that paved the way for giants to come. Archie was first released to the general public on Sept. 10, 1990. It was developed as a school project by Alan Emtage at McGill University in Montreal. According to an interview with Digital Archaeology, Emtage had been working as a grad student in 1989 in the university's information technology department. His job required him to find software for other students and faculty.

The search engine boss who wants to help us all plant trees

BBC News

This week we speak to Christian Kroll, the founder and chief executive of internet search engine Ecosia. Christian Kroll wants nothing less than to change the world. "I want to make the world a greener, better place," he says. "I also want to prove that there is a more ethical alternative to the kind of greedy capitalism that is coming close to destroying the planet." The 35-year-old German is the boss of search engine Ecosia, which has an unusual but very environmentally friendly business model - it gives away most of its profits to enable trees to be planted around the world. Founded by Christian in 2009, Ecosia makes its money in the same way as Google - from advertising revenues.

Learn how to reach the first page of Google with this SEO training bundle


TL;DR: Learn how to drive more traffic to your website with the SEO Blueprint for Ranking on Google bundle for $29.99, a 94% savings as of Aug. 28. Digital marketing trends come and go, but there's one thing that never changes: You won't be as relevant if you're not on the first page of Google search, and there's data to back it up. Reports show that 75% of people never bother to scroll past the first page of search results, so regardless of how stellar your content is, barely anyone will see it unless you know what you're doing. We're talking about search engine optimization (SEO), which is a set of processes that help your site and content skyrocket to the first page and gain relevance. It takes time, energy, and patience to get your SEO in a good place, but the SEO Blueprint Course Bundle can certainly help.

Deep Search Query Intent Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Understanding a user's query intent behind a search is critical for modern search engine success. Accurate query intent prediction allows the search engine to better serve the user's need by rendering results from more relevant categories. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive learning framework for modeling query intent under different stages of a search. We focus on the design for 1) predicting users' intents as they type in queries on-the-fly in typeahead search using character-level models; and 2) accurate word-level intent prediction models for complete queries. Various deep learning components for query text understanding are experimented. Offline evaluation and online A/B test experiments show that the proposed methods are effective in understanding query intent and efficient to scale for online search systems.