The Best YouTube Channels for Learning Data Science for Free in 2023


Inrecent years, data science has become an increasingly popular field due to the explosion of data and the need to extract valuable insights from it. While traditional education can be expensive and time-consuming, many aspiring data scientists turn to YouTube to learn the necessary skills. In this article, we've compiled a list of the best YouTube channels for learning data science for free in 2023. We cover a range of topics, including mathematics, programming, data analysis, machine learning and deep learning, career tips and guidance, interview preparation, and staying updated with the latest trends in the field. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced data scientist, these channels can help you improve your skills and knowledge in data science without breaking the bank.

AI lectures at Berkeley to explore possibilities, implications of ChatGPT

UC Berkeley EECS

AI experts from Berkeley and beyond will explore the ramifications of ChatGPT on science and society in a spring lecture series. Since its launch last November, the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has been an international sensation, with people using the platform to do everything from writing essays, computer code, poems and research proposals to planning vacations, flirting with Tinder matches and creating malware. According to UC Berkeley computer scientist Ken Goldberg, the computer program's facility with natural language -- particularly its ability to consistently demonstrate creativity -- is forcing many AI experts to rethink what machines may be capable of and even our understanding of intelligence. "ChatGPT may catalyze a paradigm shift," said Goldberg, the William S. Floyd Jr. Distinguished Chair in Engineering. "Something changed very dramatically with the performance of ChatGPT, compared with previous large language models, and everyone, including experts, is asking, 'What does it mean? Where do we go from here?'"

How to Use SVD and NMF in Python


In the context of Natural Language Processing (NLP), topic modeling is an unsupervised learning problem whose goal is to find abstract topics in a collection of documents. Topic Modeling answers the question: "Given a text corpus of many documents, can we find the abstract topics that the text is talking about?" By the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to build your own topic models to find topics in any piece of text. Let's start by understanding what topic modeling is. Suppose you're given a large text corpus containing several documents.

How to Build a Speech-to-Text System using ChatGPT and Python - Pyresearch - Medium


Check out our latest tutorial on how to build a speech-to-text system using ChatGPT and Python! Learn how to leverage the power of natural language processing and deep learning to convert audio to text with amazing accuracy. Please let me know your valuable feedback on the video by means of comments. Please like and share the video. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel for more educational videos.

Learn Beginners to Advanced Artificial Intelligence Course After 12th 2023


It is a high need in today's world, where we are continuously watching high advancement in the field of diverse AI platforms nicely evolved to serve a specialized purpose in our day-to-day lives. In this edition, we genuinely require to learn varied Artificial Intelligence parameters that can be taken into consideration to understand these rapidly emerging AI-based platforms. Moreover, it is the need of the hour to learn beginner to advanced artificial intelligence courses to highlight our knowledge parameters in such a way that it gives a fruitful result in the end. To do this, many primetime institutions are offering world-class Artificial Intelligence Course After 12th under the guidance of prominent training instructors with many years of authentic experience to do the honors. As a general rule, beginners to advanced artificial intelligence refers to the different levels of proficiency in understanding and working with AI technologies, with beginners having little to no knowledge and advanced practitioners possessing significant expertise in AI. In addition, beginners typically start with understanding basic concepts such as machine learning and neural networks, while advanced practitioners have a deeper understanding of advanced techniques such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing.

Top A I Tools You Must Try Out Today


In this day and age, the requirement for experienced professionals in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly increasing along with the progression of technology and automation. Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi is created to provide students with the aptitude and expertise to become successful AI professionals. The course begins with an overview of the fundamentals of AI such as its history, definition, and applications, followed by the different types of AI, its tools and techniques, and the ethical and social implications it has on the society. Furthermore, students will be educated on natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and cognitive computing to develop AI-based solutions. The course also covers the use of AI in finance, healthcare, and other industries, as well as the strategies needed to overcome the challenges associated with developing AI solutions.

Top programming languages and topics: Here's what developers want to learn about


O'Reilly Media analysed data on its learning platform's 2.8 million users to find out what developers were keen to learn in 2022 -- and, not surprisingly, AI was the biggest topic of interest. Content about natural language processing (NLP) saw a spike in growth of 42% year on year, while the underlying category of deep learning was the second-most heavily used topic, with 23% growth, according to O'Reilly's Technology Trends for 2023 report. O'Reilly's snapshot of trends in learning is based on its internal "units viewed" metric, which is a measure of how many times IT workers and developers view ebooks, videos and live training courses about key subject areas. While some topics boomed, others slowed: interest in reinforcement learning declined 14%, while content about chatbots declined 5.8%. Mike Loukides, vice president of emerging technology content at O'Reilly, notes the decline in views about chatbot learning modules "seems counterintuitive" but makes sense in hindsight, given interest in OpenAI's ChatGPT and GPT-3 and -3.5 large language models. "The release of GPT-3 was a watershed event, an "everything you've done so far is out-of-date" moment," writes Loukides.

Data Science with Python - Coursya


This Data Science with Python program provides learners with a complete understanding of data analytics tools & techniques. Getting started with Python can help you gain knowledge on data analysis, visualization, NumPy, SciPy, web scraping, and natural language processing. This program is an ideal kickstarter for anyone looking to become a data scientist today.

Data Science: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python


Created by Lazy Programmer Inc. In this course you will build MULTIPLE practical systems using natural language processing, or NLP - the branch of machine learning and data science that deals with text and speech. This course is not part of my deep learning series, so it doesn't contain any hard math - just straight up coding in Python. All the materials for this course are FREE. After a brief discussion about what NLP is and what it can do, we will begin building very useful stuff.

Chat GPT and other AI. What does this mean for education?


Straight from the AI's mouth ChatGPT is a natural language processing model developed by OpenAI that is capable of generating human-like text. It has the potential to revolutionize the field of education in several ways. One potential benefit of ChatGPT is its ability to generate personalized learning materials. By asking questions and providing input, students can use ChatGPT to generate tailored study guides and practice exercises. This can be particularly useful for students who struggle to keep up with the pace of a traditional classroom or who need extra help to understand a particular subject.