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Why AI Can't Properly Translate Proust--Yet

Oxford Comp Sci

This observation--that to understand Proust's text requires knowledge of various kinds--is not a new one. We came across it before, in the context of the Cyc project. Remember that Cyc was supposed to be given knowledge corresponding to the whole of consensus reality, and the Cyc hypothesis was that this would yield human-level general intelligence. Researchers in knowledge-based AI would be keen for me to point out to you that, decades ago, they anticipated exactly this issue. But it is not obvious that just continuing to refine deep learning techniques will address this problem.

Can AI Achieve Common Sense to Make Machines More Intelligent?


Today machines with artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more prevalent in society. Across many fields, AI has taken over numerous tasks that humans used to do earlier. As the reference is to human intelligence, artificial intelligence is being modified into what humans can do. However, the technology has not yet matched the level of utmost wisdom possessed by humans and it seems like it is not going to achieve the milestone any time sooner. To replace human beings at most jobs, machines need to exhibit what we intuitively call "common sense".

The AI revolution is not what you expect it to be - AIExplained


The AI revolution is taking place right now. In contrast to what the scary headlines and stories suggest, the revolution is not about robots or computers taking over humanity. The real revolution does have and will have a continuing impact on all facets of society, but in a more subtle way. This blog will keep you informed about the developments in AI by emphasising the actual practical implications for society and business rather than stating futuristic claims about what may happen. Let us start with the concept of artificial intelligence, AI, for short.