Fortinet enhances firewall with machine learning


FortiWeb also offers integration with security services from external parties to provide comprehensive protection against vulnerabilities. FortiWeb is available in the form of an appliance, a virtual machine for all major hypervisors, a public cloud system (AWS and Azure) and a hosted cloud system.

VMware kicks off international expansion of VMware Cloud on AWS


VMware said Wednesday that VMware Cloud on AWS is now available in the AWS London Region. The announcement marks the first global expansion of the hybrid cloud service since it was made available less than a year ago. VMware Cloud on AWS, which was previously available only in the AWS US West and East regions, runs VMware's enterprise class software-defined data center (SDDC) on the AWS cloud, allowing customers to run any application across public, private or hybrid cloud environments. The service is optimized to run on dedicated, bare metal AWS infrastructure. Wednesday's announcement also includes updates to VMware's cloud portfolio and partner network, along with the launch of a new cloud service that offers centralized log management.

Machine Learning Essentials - Level 2


Shivam Sharma works as a Subject Matter Expert at CloudThat Technologies and has been involved in various large and complex projects with global clients. He has experience in Machine Learning and Microsoft Infrastructure technology stack including Azure Stack, Office 365, EMS, Lync, Exchange, System Center, Windows Servers, designing Active Directory and managing various domain services, including Hyper-V virtualization. Having core training and consulting experience, he is passionate about technology and is involved in delivering training to corporate and individuals on cutting edge technologies. Arzan has 7 years of experience in Microsoft Infrastructure technology stack including setting up Windows servers, designing Active Directory and managing various domain services, including Hyper-V virtualization. As a Cloud Solutions Architect at CloudThat, he is responsible for deploying, supporting and managing client infrastructures on Azure.

Thwart Insider Threats! Introducing Citrix Analytics Service Citrix Blogs


The analytics engine offers a turn-key, closed-loop, autonomous system that continuously monitors users, devices, applications, networks to detect anomalous or malicious behavior and offers precise actions to mitigate and prevent them, delivering the most secure workspace in the industry. Enterprises are rapidly adopting a variety of new paradigms -- mobile devices, bring your own device (BYOD), SaaS applications, and public clouds -- that boost employee productivity while offering more choice & flexibility. This, however, has adverse consequences on Security. The most notable one is that the traditional well-defined security perimeter around the data center is no longer valid and this renders traditional solutions aimed at defending that perimeter insufficient. Also, the attacks and the attack vectors are becoming highly sophisticated and the traditional threat detection techniques based on signatures and known patterns have limited effect.

Windows Data Science Virtual Machine


The Microsoft Data Science Virtual machine (VM) is a custom Azure VM based on Windows Server 2012 with several popular tools for data science modeling/development like: * SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition * Microsoft R server Developer Edition * Anaconda Python with Juypter notebooks * Visual Studio 2015 Community edition with language and Azure tools and * ML and Deep Learning tools like xgboost, CNTK, mxnet More information on how to use the VM can be found on the [documentation page]( If are wondering about things you can do with the DSVM read this [How-To Guide to the Data Science Virtual Machine]( Here is a list of key software on the Data Science Virtual Machine and comparison between the Windows and Linux editions of the product.

New solution adds machine learning analytics to VMware environments


With virtualized environments performance issues can be hard to pinpoint. IT departments can find it difficult to spot whether the cause is in the application, network, storage, or virtualization layer of the infrastructure. Software optimization specialist SIOS is bringing machine learning to bear on this problem with the latest release of SIOS iQ, its analytics software for VM environments. For the first time, IT staff can easily identify and resolve the root causes of performance issues based on analysis of both the VMware infrastructure and the SQL Server application environment. Other advances enable users to accurately predict and forecast performance and capacity utilization, improve efficiency by identifying and resizing under- and over-provisioned VMs, and save datastore capacity by instantly identifying rogue disk files (VMDKs).

ActualTech Media and SIOS Webinar: Using Machine Learning Analytics to Resolve Performance Issues in VMware Environments - SIOS


SIOS Technology Corp., the industry's leading provider of software products that help IT ensure the performance, efficiency, and high availability protection of business critical applications, today announced it will co-host a live one-hour webinar featuring ActualTech Media Partner and VMware vExpert Scott D. Lowe who will show how using new machine learning based analytics tools can resolve application performance issues in virtualized environments.