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Using machine learning to make work 'suck a little less'


By integrating with dozens of Microsoft (MSFT), SAP (SAP), Google and Salesforce (CRM) apps, the workspace will allow workers to complete such routine tasks as approving contracts, registering for training courses and submitting purchase orders directly from their newsfeeds. They won't need to log onto (or even and remember the passwords to) those outside systems. Citrix said its machine learning technology will help automate certain tasks and anticipate others. The newsfeed will include meeting reminders, pop-up notifications about new hires and information about vacation requests. Managers can dive into expense reports and accept or reject them without leaving the system.

VMworld 2019 - VMware vSphere Blog


VMworld 2019 US and Europe events feature many opportunities to learn about the latest in VMware vSphere server virtualization technology and operations. This page is a quick reference to the VMworld 2019 sessions and other events where customers are able to engage with VMware experts on a range of topics, as well as network with industry peers. Links to the EU sessions will be added to the coming days. You can also still access the presentations, recordings, and session information from last year here – VMworld 2018 Archive. How PowerCLI Makes vSphere Configuration Management Easy Level 300 – [US: CODE2214U] Configuration management is a key DevOps principle. PowerShell and PowerShell DSC are easy ways to make use of config management in your environment. However, there's one area that's been missing that ability: VMware. PowerCLI has introduced the key to close that gap, and it's open-sourced! The Art of Code That Writes Code Level 300 – [US: CODE2216U] REST APIs are everywhere these days. A majority of those are backed by what's known as OpenAPI (swagger) specifications. Using the vast ecosystem of OpenAPI tooling, we can generate documentation, SDKs, and even PowerShell modules.