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What will the future of Real Estate look like?


The housing market is facing a very different future with the advent of machine learning. Learn how we used machine learning to predict the prices of homes in Toronto. Real estate is a billion-dollar industry but comes with many inefficiencies. Soon, realtors will be replaced by technology for their role as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. New innovations are changing how we approach real estate and it is for the better for ordinary people looking to buy or sell their first place.

Qindom Cracks the Code for Real Estate Prediction with Quantum Machine Learning


Qindom, the Toronto-based Quantum Machine Learning (QML) start-up, is shifting conventional pricing practices in Real Estate business. Qindom's proprietary AI technology inspired by quantum computing underpins the value of residential properties, addressing the pricing opacity between supply and demand. The team now announces the successful launch of their Real Estate Prediction and Decision Optimization Engine (hereafter, Engine), presenting prominent live results benchmarked against world-leading counterparts. "We found the key to facilitate the trillion US dollars market. Our system carries out accurate predictions on individual home values in Canada and US, and has the potential to untie the knots existing in the home buying, selling and investing process," said Yao Wang, Co-Founder of Qindom, a serial entrepreneur from Alibaba Group.