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Day 29 : 60 days of Data Science and Machine Learning Series


ML clustering Project 2 ( Part 2)... “Day 29 : 60 days of Data Science and Machine Learning Series” is published by Naina Chaturvedi in Coders Mojo.

An AI-Based Approach to Monitor, Expose, and Counter Anti-Hindu Hate


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AI/ML, Data Science Jobs #hiring


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Need Help -- An AI / ML Enthusiast Professional with 18+ years of experience in SAP (ERP)…


Reaching out to you with a request for Career related advice / input. I am a professional with about 18 years of experience in advisory services and implementation of SAP solutions across industries and geographies, presently working with a consulting firm in the U.S. I am a Chartered Accountant from India by education. From 2018, I started focusing on ML/AI as my parallel interest / career in addition to SAP. For the last four years, I started putting efforts to learn fundamentals of the ML/AI domain. I read multiple blogs, books, completed courses as well as completed PoC for a few Embedded Machine Learning solutions of SAP.

IIT Roorkee Offers 5-Month Online Course on Data Science & Machine Learning


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee is offering a five-month online course on data science and machine learning (ML). The course is conducted by Imarticus Learning in association with iHUB DivyaSampark to enable candidates to leverage data Science and ML for effective decision-making. Prof Sudeb Dasgupta, project director of iHUB DivyaSampark said in a press release, "We bring iHUB DivyaSampark's expertise in building outstanding programs with IITs and Imarticus' technical expertise to deliver an outstanding learning experience through a holistic approach. Together, we envision creating a skilled workforce for innovation and digital growth." For more information, go through the brochure.

How new-age tech courses and careers are redefining the future of jobs


New-age careers like cloud reliability engineer, Artificicial Intelligence (AI) architect, malware analyst, digital transformation specialists and many others have taken the job market by storm. These choices have been fuelled by tech courses like Data Science, DevOps, Cloud Computing, AI and and Machine Learning, Cybersecurity resulting in a huge demand for online certifications from ed-tech platforms who have collaborated with distinguished educational institutions. But is this change here to stay and what is its impact? The online education market is expected to touch Rs 360 billion by 2024, up from Rs 39 billion, according to a recent report by data firm'Research and Markets.' With a futuristic approach, DevOps as a system encompasses everything from organization to culture, processes, and tools and its adoption is growing rapidly.

How I became an ML hackathon Grandmaster


HSBC's Akash Gupta has won over 45 machine learning hackathons to date. The MachineHack Grandmaster has come second thrice in a row and is currently ranked sixth on the platform. "I've always been fascinated by numbers and patterns. I got very curious about algorithms – how they are made, how they work, and what we can do with them– after I took Andrew Ng's machine learning course," said Akash Gupta. The data scientist spoke about his MachineHack journey in an exclusive interview with Analytics India Magazine.

From data and AI aspirations to sustainable business outcomes

MIT Technology Review

He leads the team of applications, data, and AI experts ensuring they are developing market-leading solutions and supporting customer teams with the technology and solutions customers need most. Vishal was previously with DXC Technology where he was the senior business leader for their Data & Analytics AI, Machine Learning, and IoT business. Leading a significant pivot in the company's strategy, he leveraged best-in-class partnerships with cloud-based next-gen platforms to implement scalable industrialized solutions for DXC customers. Vishal is a senior executive with experience in multiple geographies including Asia Pacific, India, and the Americas. He has deep experience in consulting across IT and Business Process Services with exposure to Product Management, Design Thinking, Marketing, Operations, and P&L leadership in diverse industries.

All you need to know about career in algo-trading and its future


Sonam is a globally recognized researcher in the field of machine learning in finance & quantitative investing. She has worked with HSBC Edelweiss & Qplum where she has built and handled large-scale portfolios & trading algorithms in US & India. Download The Economic Times News App to get Daily Market Updates & Live Business News.

This Bengaluru startup is competing with Silicon Valley giants with machine learning feature store


A visit to DMart or Reliance Retail in India on any given day would make one think about Black Friday sales. The limited manpower in stores often falls short to tend to the swarm of shoppers in Indian retail stores. To solve the issue, Scribble Data strives to provide automated and customised solutions for retail businesses to tend to the demand and needs of every customer that walks in through their door. The startup offers retail chains real-time inventory management, identifies customer shopping trends, and provides personalised recommendations. Scribble Data helps businesses build machine learning (ML) applications for making their daily operations hassle free and for creating more market-worthy ML features.