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How Daily Employee Monitoring Could Make Data Breaches a Thing of the Past


In "The Minority Report," a specialized police force called PreCrime deploys psychics called "Precogs," who can see crimes before they happen, which allows the police to apprehend a would-be killer before he or she can do the deed. A similar type of predictive behavior profiling is being deployed in workplace settings. Companies such as Boston Consulting and Microsoft have begun monitoring emails and chat logs to map the flow of employee communications. It has long been technically possible for an employer to collect an employee's digital breadcrumbs and use them to determine if an employee's pattern of online behaviors signals an intent to do something the company frowns on--and of course they can see behaviors that could put the company in danger of a breach or compromise. Wall Street brokerage firms and big casinos are big practitioners of this form of monitoring to guard the integrity of their network transactions.