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Text Summarization with GPT2 and Layer AI


The Transformer soon became the most popular model in NLP after its debut in the famous article Attention Is All You Need in 2017. The capacity to analyze text in a non-sequential manner (as opposed to RNNs) enabled large models to be trained. The introduction of an attention mechanism proved tremendously valuable in generalizing text. Before the advent of Deep Learning, previous approaches to NLP were more rule-based, with simpler (pure statistical) machine learning algorithms being taught the words and phrases to look for in the text, and particular replies being created when these phrases were discovered. Following the publication of the study, numerous popular transformers emerged, the most well-known of which is GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer).

Can We Query a Table with T5? - KDnuggets


Do you remember the first time you started to build some SQL queries to analyse your data? I'm sure most of the time you just wanted to see the "Top selling products" or "Count of product visits by weekly". Why write SQL queries instead of just asking what you have in your mind in natural language? This is now possible thanks to the recent advancements in NLP. You can now not just use the LLM (Large Language Model) but also teach them new skills.

Deep Learning For Compliance Checks: What's New? - KDnuggets


Natural Language Processing (NLP) has long played a significant role in the compliance processes for major banks around the world. By implementing the different NLP techniques into the production processes, compliance departments can maintain detailed checks and keep up with regulator demands. All of these areas can benefit from document processing and the use of NLP techniques to get through the process more effectively. Certain verification tasks fall beyond the realm of using traditional, rules-based NLP systems. This is where deep learning can help fill these gaps, providing smoother and more efficient compliance checks. There are several challenges that make the rules-based system more complicated to use when undergoing check routines.

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Well, from a technical point of view, we leverage the power of a global crowd to provide some of the world's biggest companies with the high-quality data they need to power their artificial intelligence. We're instrumental to the progression and development of artificial intelligence and we couldn't be prouder or more inspired to be involved in an industry that is changing the world. We bond over our shared love of software engineering, data science, and strong coffee. We like online gaming, running marathons, and team drinks. We celebrate authenticity and diversity and we're invested in what we do.

Google Offers a More Modest Vision of the Future


Certainly some of the new ideas do appear helpful. In one demonstration about how Google continues to improve its search technology, the company showed a feature called "multisearch," in which a user can snap a photo of a shelf full of chocolates and then find the best-reviewed dark chocolate bar without nuts from the picture. In another example, Google showed how you can find a picture of a specific dish, like Korean stir-fried noodles, and then search for nearby restaurants serving that dish. Much of those capabilities are powered by the deep technological work Google has done for years using so-called machine learning, image recognition and natural language understanding. Many companies can build digital services easier and faster than in the past because of shared technologies such as cloud computing and storage, but building the underlying infrastructure -- such as artificial intelligence language models -- is so costly and time-consuming that only the richest companies can invest in them.

10 Best AI Courses: Beginner to Advanced


Are you looking for the Best Certification Courses for Artificial Intelligence?. If yes, then your search will end after reading this article. In this article, I will discuss the 10 Best Certification Courses for Artificial Intelligence. So, give your few minutes to this article and find out the Best AI Certification Course for you. Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives.

Roadmap to Master NLP in 2022 NLP


This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. A few days ago, I came across a question on "Quora" that boiled down to: "How can I learn Natural Language Processing in just only four months?".

Hugging Face nabs $100M to build the GitHub of machine learning – TechCrunch


Hugging Face has closed a new round of funding. Following today's funding round, Hugging Face is now worth $2 billion. Lux Capital is leading the round, with Sequoia and Coatue investing in the company for the first time. Some of the startup's existing investors participated once again. These investors include Addition, Betaworks, AIX Ventures, Cygni Capital, Kevin Durant and Olivier Pomel.

What is Deep Learning?


What do you achieve with deep learning? Deep learning is a part of our daily life. For example, when you upload a photo to Facebook, deep learning helps by automatically tagging your friends. If you use digital assistants like Siri, Cortana or Alexa, they serve you to the benefit with the help of natural language processing and speech recognition. When you meet with overseas customers on Skype, it translates in real time.