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Making The Most Of MLOps - AI Summary


Today, MLOps offers a fairly robust framework for operationalizing AI, says Zuccarelli, who's now innovation data scientist at CVS Health. By way of example, Zuccarelli points to a project he worked on previously to create an app that would predict adverse outcomes, such as hospital readmission or disease progression. That meant creating a mobile app that was reliable, fast, and stable, with a machine learning system on the back end connected via API. As MLOps platforms mature, they accelerate the entire model development process because companies don't have to reinvent the wheel with every project, he says. And this means developing expertise in a wide range of activities, says Meagan Gentry, national practice manager for the AI team at Insight, a Tempe-based technology consulting company.

GitHub - lucidrains/imagen-pytorch: Implementation of Imagen, Google's Text-to-Image Neural Network, in Pytorch


It is the new SOTA for text-to-image synthesis. Architecturally, it is actually much simpler than DALL-E2. It consists of a cascading DDPM conditioned on text embeddings from a large pretrained T5 model (attention network). It also contains dynamic clipping for improved classifier free guidance, noise level conditioning, and a memory efficient unet design. It appears neither CLIP nor prior network is needed after all.

Moving from Red AI to Green AI: A Practitioner's Guide to Efficient Machine Learning


In our previous post, we talked about how red AI means adding computational power to "buy" more accurate models in machine learning, and especially in deep learning. We also talked about the increased interest in green AI, in which we not only measure the quality of a model based on accuracy but also how big and complex it is. We covered different ways of measuring model efficiency and showed ways to visualize this and select models based on it. Maybe you also attended the webinar? If not, take a look at the recording where we also cover a few of the points we'll describe in this blog post.

The Promise of AI Maturity - Theory vs. Practice - insideBIGDATA


Phil Hall is Chief Growth Officer at LXT, an emerging leader in global AI training data that powers intelligent technology. Earlier this year, we introduced our first executive survey, The Path to AI Maturity. The report highlights that investment in artificial intelligence is strong at mid-to-large US organizations, and 40% rate themselves at the three highest levels of AI maturity, having achieved operational to transformative implementations. The new survey by research firm Reputation Leaders included 200 senior executives (two-thirds C-suite) with AI experience at companies with annual revenue of over $100 million and more than 500 employees – and details the impact that AI investment is having across organizations of varying revenue levels and industries. As part of the survey, executives placed their companies on the Gartner AI Maturity Model.

4 questions to ask before building a computer vision model – TechCrunch


It's since been an exciting time for startups as entrepreneurs continue to discover use cases for computer vision in everything from retail and agriculture to construction. With lower computing costs, greater model accuracy and rapid proliferation of raw data, an increasing number of startups are turning to computer vision to find solutions to problems. However, before founders begin building AI systems, they should think carefully about their risk appetite, data management practices and strategies for future-proofing their AI stack. TechCrunch is having a Memorial Day sale. You can save 50% on annual subscriptions for a limited time.

3 Free Machine Learning Courses You Should Take Right Now


There are many ways to get started with studying machine learning. I have previously written a lot about how to design your own curriculum and roadmap as an alternative to taking courses. This approach allows you to pick and choose free, or low-cost, resources from across the internet that suit both your learning style and budget. However, when you are just starting out on the beginning of your journey into machine learning it can often be useful to follow at least a short course that will guide you through the basic concepts first. This will give you a good foundational overview of the field and it will make it easier to design your own learning path and then continue on with deeper self-directed learning.

Meet the Seattle-area teen geeks that just won awards at an international science fair


The bleak and all-too-common spectacle of roadkill was upsetting to Vedant Srinivas -- particularly when his uncle and cousin's beloved German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix was fatally hit by a car. More importantly, the losses made the high school student wonder if he could do something about it. What if Srinivas could stop the pet owners' broken hearts, save wildlife and deflect the economic impacts caused by the collisions? This month his efforts were rewarded. The sophomore from Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Wash., brought home a $5,000, first place grand award for the category of Environmental Engineering from the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

Smarter health: How AI is transforming health care


CHAKRABARTI: Episode one, the digital caduceus. In the not so distant future, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies could …

Another AI supercomputer from HPE: Champollion lands in France – The Register


The HPE Machine Learning Development Environment runs atop this and provides an integrated platform for building and training models, compatible with …