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Amazon Released Incremental Training Feature in SageMaker JumpStart – InfoQ


AWS recently released a new feature in SageMaker (AWS Machine Learning Service) JumpStart to incrementally retrain machine-learning (ML) models …

AWS, Microsoft, Google Top Cloud AI Developer Market: Gartner – CRN


… Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle and Alibaba Cloud who are leading with machine learning and artificial intelligence products for developers.

Discover the Power of Edge Impulse for Machine Learning


Many embedded systems challenges can't be resolved with rules-based programming. Increasingly, developers are turning to machine learning (ML) to tackle this issue. Elektor met up with Edge Impulse's Jan Jongboom, Amir Sherman, and Arun Rajasekaran at Embedded World 2022 to learn more about how the Edge Impulse ecosystem streamlines the process of using edge-based ML in products of all types. The discussion covers the implementation process from learning data evaluation to model creation; their partnerships with microcontroller vendors to support new products at launch; and the amazing tech solutions that Edge Impulse enables. And, to show what it can do, we took a look at a new Renesas MPU, the R2/V2L, whose AI-accelerator enables vision recognition at 150 frames-per-second.

What is Data Anonymization?


Data anonymization is the process of mitigating direct and indirect privacy risks within data, such that there is a measurable way to ensure records cannot be attributed to a specific individual or entity. With an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated every day and an increasing reliance on data to power new applications, machine learning models and AI technologies, the importance of implementing effective anonymization techniques and removing any bottlenecks is crucial to accelerating future developments and innovations. This post is a general introduction to anonymization, and the tools and techniques for providing sufficient privacy protections, so that personally identifiable information (PII) is safe from exposure and exploitation. Data anonymization should be considered a continuous process; one that can require rapid iteration of applying various privacy engineering techniques and then measuring those privacy outcomes until a desired end state is reached. In the following sections, we'll dive deeper into our core tenets of the data anonymization process, and then walkthrough how you might apply them to a notional dataset.

The DataHour: Introduction to MLOps - Analytics Vidhya


MLOps is an abbreviation for Machine Learning Operations and a basic component of Machine Learning engineering that focuses on optimising the process of deploying machine learning models and subsequently maintaining and monitoring them. MLOps is a collaborative function that frequently includes data scientists, devops engineers, and IT. MLOps allows for the automated testing of machine learning artefacts (e.g. Anish has been a Lead Data Science consultant for various Fortune 500 customers for a long time and has helped over 2000 employees into the Data Science profession. He is an MSc in Data Science and a technical writer for the top Data Science magazines.

Free Machine Learning Summer Training with Analytics Vidhya


When summer begins, all of us get excited and start planning all the fun activities that we would like to do in these a few days. Some of us, love to focus on upskill and upgrade ourselves in terms of skillset. We are happy to announce that Analytics Vidhya is launching a summer training programme for ML enthusiasts. Machine learning applications are around us everywhere. For example, when you're typing a simple email, you notice suggestions appear.

Global Big Data Conference


Artificial intelligence and machine learning careers have an attractive, futuristic sparkle about them. Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications are integral to the operations of countless industries, and their wide-scale adoption, coupled with projected steady growth, make them some of the hottest careers available. In today's time, high-paying jobs in India include data scientists, machine learning experts, blockchain developers, and many more related to the tech world. Artificial Intelligence has been one of the hottest buzzwords in the tech sphere for quite some time now. As Data Science is advancing, both AI and ML are also advancing by leaps and bounds. Essentially, AI is a broad canvas that encompasses machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP), among other things.

Autoencoders(Part 1): What are Autoencoders?


A feed forward neural network that encodes its input into a hidden representation and then decodes the input again from this hidden representation. To avoid poor generalization of the data, we need to regularize the model. To make the model robust, the inputs can be corrupted before feeding into the network. Notice that, the data xᵢⱼ instead of input data Xᵢⱼ is not used because the model should learn the robust representation xᵢⱼ, even when the corrupted data is fed into the model.

Which feature scaling technique to use- Standardization vs Normalization.


When we begin the data science journey, we get few questions regarding feature scaling which are really confusing. Is feature scaling step mandatory? The above questions are frequently asked in interviews too,, I will try to answer the above questions in this blog by providing suitable examples. Let us consider a dataset in which Age and Estimated Salary are the input features and we have to predict if the product is Purchased(output label) or not purchased. Take a look at the first 5 rows of our data.