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Radicant And Squirro To Add More Muscle To Fintech With New AI Commitments


Radicant, the first sustainable, digital and collaborative internet-based financial services company which is aligned with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, is working closely with Squirro. The integration of technology enables radicant to automate decision-making processes and improve customer understanding and service quality. The Swiss tech company Squirro, recognized as a "Visionary" in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines, links and analyzes data to provide new insights as a basis for decision-making. So far, this artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology has been made available to decision-makers in companies. In collaboration with radicant, these insights and recommendations are now offered not only within the company but also to radicant's customers.

TensorFlow 2 Pocket Reference: Building and Deploying Machine Learning Models: Tung, KC: 9781492089186: Books


The TensorFlow ecosystem has evolved into many different frameworks to serve a variety of roles and functions. That flexibility is part of the reason for its widespread adoption, but it also complicates the learning curve for data scientists, machine learning (ML) engineers, and other technical stakeholders. There are so many ways to manage TensorFlow models for common tasks--such as data and feature engineering, data ingestions, model selection, training patterns, cross validation against overfitting, and deployment strategies--that the choices can be overwhelming. This pocket reference will help you make choices about how to do your work with TensorFlow, including how to set up common data science and ML workflows using TensorFlow 2.0 design patterns in Python. Examples describe and demonstrate TensorFlow coding patterns and other tasks you are likely to encounter frequently in the course of your ML project work.

10 Most Popular Types Of Machine Learning Algorithms


We live in quite an exciting time as we see technologies around us developing at a breakneck speed. We are also seeing data overtaking crude oil as the most valuable resource available for this generation's businesses. The transition of computing power from traditional on-premise mainframe data centres to easy-to-use and ever-scalable cloud computing has unlocked limitless possibilities to use data like never before. And we are just getting started to harness the true power of data. Data Science is probably the most famous buzzword in the domain of technology and IT right now. We are seeing the democratization of several tools and techniques working in tandem with the boost in computing. Using the data on almost everything, we can enable computers to learn and replicate actions as humans do.

Neuropsychology Meets AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been becoming a subject of many fields over time. Whether it will be capable of doing anything human beings can do or not is a big part of the arguments (Artificial General Intelligence -- AGI). On the other side, Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) which comprehends some capabilities not only becomes more reliable in those capabilities but also expands its frame (i.e. Machine learning (ML) which is a vital tool for AI makes supervised learning possible. As a basic example, AI for self-driving cars needs huge data for better performance in determining which is a car and which is not, to keep optimum distance in traffic.

Machine Learning Scientist


We believe that we are better together, and at Tripadvisor we welcome you for who you are. Our workplace is for everyone, as is our people powered platform. At Tripadvisor, we want you to bring your unique identities, abilities, and experiences, so we can collectively revolutionize travel and together find the good out there. The Tripadvisor Data Science Team is looking for an exceptional experienced individual to help lead the design and building next generation systems to understand our travelers and products to improve customer experience. Such work will allow a significant improvement in our ability to offer to travelers the broadest, most relevant travel products (e.g., tell me the most family-friendly summertime activities in Paris).

Artificial Intelligence For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)): Mueller, John Paul, Massaron, Luca: 9781119796763: Books


Luca Massaron is a data scientist and a research director specialized in multivariate statistical analysis, machine learning and customer insight with over a decade of experience in solving real world problems and in generating value for stakeholders by applying reasoning, statistics, data mining and algorithms. From being a pioneer of Web audience analysis in Italy to achieving the rank of top ten data scientist at competitions held by, he has always been passionate about everything regarding data and analysis and about demonstrating the potentiality of data-driven knowledge discovery to both experts and non-experts. Favouring simplicity over unnecessary sophistication, he believes that a lot can be achieved in data science just by doing the essential.

You better know what Artificial Intelligence is since it is here to stay


Artificial Intelligence is making waves in the tech world. It's the next exciting frontier, and it's already transforming industries from healthcare to finance. But what is artificial intelligence? To answer those questions, let's dive into the basic concepts of AI: machine learning and deep learning.

AI system that mimics human gaze could be used to detect cancer


A cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) system that can accurately predict the areas of an image where a person is most likely to look has been created by scientists at Cardiff University. Based on the mechanics of the human brain and its ability to distinguish between different parts of an image, the researchers say the novel system more accurately represents human vision than anything that has gone before. Applications of the new system range from robotics, multimedia communication and video surveillance to automated image editing and finding tumors in medical images. The Multimedia Computing Research Group at Cardiff University are now planning to test the system by helping radiologists to find lesions within medical images, with the overall goal of improving the speed, accuracy and sensitivity of medical diagnostics. The system has been presented in the journal Neurocomputing.

When machine learning meets surrealist art meets Reddit, you get DALL-E mini

NPR Technology

An image of babies doing parkour generated by DALL-E mini. An image of babies doing parkour generated by DALL-E mini. DALL-E mini is the AI bringing to life all of the goofy "what if" questions you never asked: What if Voldemort was a member of Green Day? What if there was a McDonald's in Mordor? What if scientists sent a Roomba to the bottom of the Mariana Trench?