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How this AI solution from Mimecast protects against phishing attacks – Gulf Business


This intelligence is combined with the outputs from machine learning models to detect anomalies indicative of a malicious email.

UAE professor: How AI and machine learning help teachers monitor students' progress …


Teachers won't ever have to wonder whether students are paying attention in class -- at least not with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine …

Four Crucial Skills for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - EnterpriseTalk


To increase their value in the fast-growing AI field, top Artificial Intelligence professionals will need to develop a few key skills that go beyond just technical expertise. According to'LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise: 15 opportunities that are in demand and hiring now', artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing occupations, with practitioners in great demand in 2021. The best AI/ML professionals and teams are well-rounded in their broad business understanding and ability to communicate, in addition to having expertise in Python, C, or Java and an aptitude for math. The next step of digital transformation is organization-wide adoption of AI/ML technologies; therefore a strong team of developers, programmers, and data scientists is essential for enhancing AI literacy from the top down. It is critical for IT leaders to emphasize that AI/ML is intended to improve, not completely replace the organization's teams.

Should we care about Philosophy of AI in the Mena region?


The artificial intelligence (AI) race between the global powers has countries everywhere hurriedly rummaging up AI applications. A quick glance at magazine headlines, popular culture, and even peer-reviewed academic literature shows the many grand predictions about AI and the eventual winner of its race. But is that race something to be celebrated or feared? And where does the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region stand? Today, algorithms, deep learning and AI have emerged as unparalleled forces of power and have made their way into the everyday world.

Regularizing Deep Neural Networks


Lets discuss Regularizing Deep Neural Networks. Deep neural nets with an outsized number of parameters are very powerful machine learning systems. However, overfitting may be a significant issue in such networks. Making it hard to affect over-fitting by associating the predictions of the many different large neural nets at test time, big networks similarly are slow to use. Dropout might be a technique for addressing this problem.

Beginner's Guide To Neural Networks.


Neural networks, additionally called man-made semantic networks or substitute neural networks (SNNs), are a part of artificial intelligence and go to the heart of deep knowing formulas. Their name and also structure are influenced by the human brain, simulating the manner in which biological nerve cells signal to each other. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are consisted of a node layers, including an input layer, several hidden layers, and also a result layer. Each node, or synthetic neuron, connects to an additional and also has a connected weight and threshold. If the outcome of any specific node is above the defined limit worth, that node is triggered, sending data to the next layer of the network.

Introduction to NLP Deep Learning Theories


Deep learning models rely on numerical vectors to'understand' the input words. We can think of the numerical vectors as high dimensional features representing the input words. In this high dimensional space, words are located close together or far away from each other. Word representation is built by finding the proper numerical vector representations for all the words in a given corpus. The quality of word representation relies on the corpus. This can be easily understood in the way that two human beings can have a different understanding of the same word, depending on whether he likes to spend time reading the modern newspaper or Shakespeare's literature. Besides, the quality of word representation heavily relies on the methods to find numerical vector representations for all the words. There are several methods to generate word representation by learning from the words' context.

La veille de la cybersécurité


Deep neural networks have been responsible for much of the advances in machine learning over the last decade. These restrictions not only raise infrastructure costs but also complicate network implementation in resource-constrained contexts like mobile phones and smart devices. Neural network pruning, which comprises methodically eliminating parameters from an existing network, is a popular approach for minimizing the resource requirements at test time. The goal of neural network pruning is to convert a large network to a smaller network with equivalent accuracy. Here in this article, we will discuss the important points related to neural network pruning. The major points to be covered in this article are listed below.

How AI Will Transform Software Development


While artificial intelligence (AI) is already effectively assisting human developers at every level of the development process, software development will only get better as it is about to undergo a huge change. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way developers work, resulting in significant productivity, quality and speed increases. Everything -- from project planning and estimation to quality testing and the user experience -- can benefit from AI algorithms. AI will undoubtedly impact how developers create applications and how users interact with them in the modern environment. As organizations become more interested in AI technologies, artificial intelligence will certainly affect the future of software development.