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Top Data Science & AI Trends For 2022


Its adoption accelerated, and leaders correctly predicted growth in the industry in all aspects. Overall, organisations invested more in Data Science, and there was an upswing in the Data Science jobs. While the median salaries of analytics professionals saw a slight decline at the start of the year, a rising trend was witnessed again in the recent months, which will continue to be the case in the coming year. The inefficiencies of Data Science teams from development to deployment in the real world were observed before but they became even more evident due to the pandemic. The operationalisation and scaling of Machine Learning models through structured frameworks was the talk of 2021. These processes will start getting streamlined in the coming years. The Data Science industry also realised the breadth of roles needed for these deployments. While generalists will continue to be in demand, niche roles will play an important role going forward, especially Data Engineers. Subsequently, the role of education will also evolve. It will become further formalised with more specialisation courses introduced.