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Top Edge Computing Companies for 2021


Edge computing companies offer a more efficient way to process and transmit data, solving two problems: the need for more IT infrastructure, and the massive amounts of unused data generated by edge points. With the rise of 5G networks, some believe edge computing is the next evolution in this space. If you're trying to find the best edge computing company for your business, this article will help you narrow your search. With edge computing, companies gain near real-time insights with less latency and lower cloud server bandwidth usage. With edge computing, companies gain near real-time insights with less latency and lower bandwidth usage.

6G White Paper on Edge Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

In this white paper we provide a vision for 6G Edge Intelligence. Moving towards 5G and beyond the future 6G networks, intelligent solutions utilizing data-driven machine learning and artificial intelligence become crucial for several real-world applications including but not limited to, more efficient manufacturing, novel personal smart device environments and experiences, urban computing and autonomous traffic settings. We present edge computing along with other 6G enablers as a key component to establish the future 2030 intelligent Internet technologies as shown in this series of 6G White Papers. In this white paper, we focus in the domains of edge computing infrastructure and platforms, data and edge network management, software development for edge, and real-time and distributed training of ML/AI algorithms, along with security, privacy, pricing, and end-user aspects. We discuss the key enablers and challenges and identify the key research questions for the development of the Intelligent Edge services. As a main outcome of this white paper, we envision a transition from Internet of Things to Intelligent Internet of Intelligent Things and provide a roadmap for development of 6G Intelligent Edge.