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OpenAI's New AI Learned to Play Minecraft by Watching 70,000 Hours of YouTube


In 2020, OpenAI's machine learning algorithm GPT-3 blew people away when, after ingesting billions of words scraped from the internet, it began spitting out well-crafted sentences. This year, DALL-E 2, a cousin of GPT-3 trained on text and images, caused a similar stir online when it began whipping up surreal images of astronauts riding horses and, more recently, crafting weird, photorealistic faces of people that don't exist. Now, the company says its latest AI has learned to play Minecraft after watching some 70,000 hours of video showing people playing the game on YouTube. Compared to numerous prior Minecraft algorithms which operate in much simpler "sandbox" versions of the game, the new AI plays in the same environment as humans, using standard keyboard-and-mouse commands. In a blog post and preprint detailing the work, the OpenAI team say that, out of the box, the algorithm learned basic skills, like chopping down trees, making planks, and building crafting tables.

OpenAI's New AI Learned to Play Minecraft by Watching 70,000 Hours of YouTube


In 2020, OpenAI's machine learning algorithm GPT-3 blew people away when, after ingesting billions of words scraped from the internet, …

I listen to podcasts while I game because there's only so much time


Some people get used to not having as much free time as they did when they were kids. I am not one of those people. As a working adult with an admittedly compromised social life (thanks, COVID!) and numerous other time-sucking obligations, finding time for both video games and podcasts has become a challenge. I truly, deeply adore both things; gaming is a lifelong passion and podcasts have been making me laugh on a daily basis for 15 years. I had to hear a lot of talk radio as a kid, so podcasts changed everything once I found out that the format could be funny and lively instead of dusty and decrepit.

AI can now play Minecraft just as well as you - here's why that matters


Experts at OpenAI have trained a neural network to play Minecraft to an equally high standard as human players. The neural network was trained on 70,000 hours of miscellaneous in-game footage, supplemented with a small database of videos in which contractors performed specific in-game tasks, with the keyboard and mouse inputs also recorded. After fine-tuning, OpenAI found the model was able to perform all manner of complex skills, from swimming to hunting for animals and consuming their meat. It also grasped the "pillar jump", a move whereby the player places a block of material below themselves mid-jump in order to gain elevation. Perhaps most impressive, the AI was able to craft diamond tools (requiring a long string of actions to be executed in sequence), which OpenAI described as an "unprecedented" achievement for a computer agent.

The best gaming laptops under $1,000: Best overall, best battery life, and more


If you're jonesing for a powerful gaming experience but you're really strapped for cash, there are a number of budget options to consider. You can actually get some pretty decent CPU and GPU performance out of a budget gaming laptop. You just may need to dial back your graphics settings to hit that hallowed 60 frames per second mark in the latest cutting-edge games. If you're not sure where to begin, don't sweat it. We've done the hard work for you and curated a list of the best gaming laptops that fall under the $1,000 mark.

OpenAI spent $160,000 on Upwork for Minecraft gamers to train a neural net


The computer program achieved the feat in ten minutes, half the time it would take a proficient human player to do it. How important might it be to master the "diamond tool" in Minecraft? Important enough to spend $160,000, according to OpenAI, the artificial intelligence startup. That is the amount of money that a team at OpenAI spent to hire players of Minecraft on the online job listings platform Upwork to submit videos of themselves playing the game. In a paper unveiled this week, "Video PreTraining (VPT): Learning to Act by Watching Unlabeled Online Videos," OpenAI researchers Bowen Baker and team break ground in the use of large datasets to train a neural network to mimic human keystrokes to solve different tasks in the video game.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is launching this yr - Channel969


Be a part of gaming executives to debate rising elements of the business this October at GamesBeat Summit Subsequent. Blizzard introduced right now that World of Warcraft's subsequent growth, Dragonflight, is popping out later this yr. That is one thing of a shock. The final growth, Shadowlands, launched in November 2020. Whereas a two yr wait between expansions isn't unprecedented, it's a comparatively quick turnaround contemplating the sluggish launch of updates the MMO has acquired in recent times.

Ubisoft will reveal 'the future of Assassin's Creed' this September


Ubisoft will reveal what's next for its long-running Assassin's Creed franchise later this year. The publisher announced today it will host a special event in September to discuss the future of the series. While we didn't get many hints from the company during its recent AC 15th Anniversary Celebration livestream, we have a good idea of what to expect. We know from reporting by Bloomberg's Jason Schreier that Ubisoft is working on two new Assassin's Creed projects. The'future of Assassin's Creed' will be revealed this September during a special event

These are the games included with PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium


You don't have to wonder just what games you can play if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium. Twitter user Wario64 has noticed that Sony published its game catalog for those who sign up for PS Plus' two higher-end plans. As hinted earlier, the company is offering a mix of big-name hits, classics (for Premium users) and lower-profile titles. You can expect well-known games like Death Stranding, several Final Fantasy releases and Red Dead Redemption 2 alongside major PS4 and PS5 offerings like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Demon's Souls, Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. There are some curious splits, though.

Merit Circle Partners With Tatsumeeko, an MMORPG-Lite


Merit Circle has partnered with Tatsumeeko by investing $200,000, effectively opening the gates of Tatsumeeko to the world of Web3. Tatsumeeko is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has been designed to be played mainly on Discord, and it, however, does integrate different mobile communities. The game can be played on iOS, Android, Discord, Web, or other supported chat platforms. Players go through a storyline that starts with players waking up in a mysterious land of Steyria and then making their way across the land while battling evil bent on destroying Ielia. They are tasked with building a team of characters and exploring the magical land.