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The best tech certifications for every IT professional


IT certifications can help professionals break into the field, stand out in the competitive job market, and pursue higher-level, lucrative positions. Whether you're new to tech and looking for a basic certification or a seasoned pro who wants to receive recognition for your specialized skills and experience, there's a certification for you. While the best tech certifications are those that serve your experience and career goals, these credentials can help you secure a more lucrative job in IT. Certifications in IT help you tout your skill set so you can vie for raises and qualify for better-paying positions. On this page, you'll find an exploration of the best tech certifications available in 2021.

Introduction To Web Applications: Part 1


It is hardly surprising that web applications have seen such an impressive development over the course of the last approximately ten years. If one were to make a synthesis of the overall experience of desktop applications, there are a couple of valid arguments that we can be almost certain would appear. First and foremost, a piece of desktop software has to be manually retrieved (downloaded from the Internet or physically) and installed, which can present issues to the "non-technical" user. Needless to say that this process can bring, and mostly has, subsequent issues in regards to updating and/or patching the software, system requirements, etc. Also, cross-platform development efforts are needed in order to provide versions for the three major operating systems (macOS, Windows, Linux) if the target is to reach as large of an audience as possible. Desktop applications used to be bound to the machine in terms of the licensing as well, which further reduced the flexibility in approaching one's work. A further valid point has to do with the limited, often delayed, user feedback and how that can lead to the diminishing of testing scenarios. Of course no solution is constructed out of disadvantages alone and we are not dealing with such a case here, either: desktop applications tend to be faster and are generally considered more secure than their web counterparts. However, history has shown that while the web is not the perfect solution, its advantages were simply too powerful to ignore. Not only does a web application require no installation from the user, updates can be easily rolled out and made available to all users instantly after a new release.

Anyone Can Download An Autonomous 'Research Robot' From The Air Force Research Laboratory


Dr. Benji Maruyama is the Air Force Research Laboratory team lead for Autonomous Materials and the ... [ ] Autonomous Research System also known as ARES. ARES OS, an open-source software program, is now available online as a free download. In the fight to prevail over America's adversaries by out-innovating them - a fight which has all the hallmarks of a Cold War despite President Biden's assertions to the contrary - increasing the speed at which physical lab experiments can be done and iterated is vital. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) scientist, Dr. Benji Maruyama, is reminding his peers and the public that, "Research is a painfully slow process. Being in a lab and doing experiments takes lots of time."

The Python Programming For Everyone Immersive Training


Welcome to The Python Programming For Everyone Immersive Training. This Ultimate Masterclass covers all the essential topics to become a Professional Python developer like: variables, data types, Strings, data structures, functional programming, different types of modules, files handling, object-oriented programming and more. You'll get A demonstration of each point in this training and an explanation of all theoretical and practical aspects in an easy way and in an easy language for anyone. Also, you can test your skills using quizzes and be a certified python developer that can be hired and you can upload the certificate of completion to your profile. Python is one of the coolest,and best programming languages in terms of ease and features.

Data Analysis Using Scala - KDnuggets


It is very important to choose the right tool for data analysis. R and Python are at the top of the list. In this article we will tell you about an alternative stack of data analysis technologies, based on Scala programming language and Spark distributed computing platform. How did we come up with it? At Retail Rocket we do a lot of machine learning on very large data sets.

Try These 5 Tips To Optimize Your Python Code


Python is famous for its amazing libraries that are available for almost any field of computer science and you should take the advantage of them. Some built-in functions in Python like map(), sum(), max() etc are already implemented in C so they are not interpreted during the execution which saves a lot of time. For example, If you want to convert a string into a list you can do that using the map() function instead of appending the contents of the strings into a list manually. The code is more optimized and smaller in size too. You can find many more similar cool functions available on python that can make your task easy and optimized.

9 free software copycats that work better than the real expensive programs

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

There are more features and tricks hiding in your Mac or PC than most people will ever know. You can do even more if you know the right software to download. If you're relying on your computer's built-in spell check to catch all your grammar mistakes, for example, it's time to upgrade. Here are five stellar options to make you sound smarter. I have used one for 223 weeks straight.

Data Structures and Algorithms In C++


This "Data Structures and Algorithms In C " course is thoroughly detailed and uses lots of animations to help you visualize the concepts. This "Data Structures and Algorithms in C " tutorial will help you develop a strong background in Data Structures and Algorithms. The course is broken down into easy to assimilate short lectures, and after each topic there is a quiz that can help you to test your newly acquired knowledge. The examples are explained with animations to simplify the learning of this complex topic. Complete working programs are shown for each concept that is explained. This course provides a comprehensive explanation of data structures like linked lists, stacks and queues, binary search trees, heap, searching, hashing.

A New Era for Mechanical CAD

Communications of the ACM

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has been around since the 1950s. The first graphical CAD program, called Sketchpad, came out of MIT ( Since then, CAD has become essential to designing and manufacturing hardware products. Today, there are multiple types of CAD. This article focuses on mechanical CAD, used for mechanical engineering. Digging into the history of computer graphics reveals some interesting connections between the most ambitious and notorious engineers. Ivan Sutherland, who received the Turing Award for Sketchpad in 1988, had Edwin Catmull as a student.