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GPT-3 Training Programmers for the Present (and the Future)


Last year, I wrote a paper in Spanish about the future of programmers. TL;DR: Instead of manually translating my paper, I decided to rewrite it completely with GPT-3. In the same way, The Guardian asked GPT-3 when it was in private beta. When I asked it to translate the article, GPT-3 decided the title was not good enough. The current market is looking for programmers to stack bricks (1) using their trendy languages.

The Applied Artificial Intelligence Workshop: Start working with AI today, to build games, design decision trees, and train your own machine learning models: So, Anthony, So, William, Nagy, Zsolt: 9781800205819: Books


Zsolt Nagy is a software engineer, manager, tech lead, and mentor specializing in the development of maintainable web applications with cutting edge technologies since 2010. As a software engineer, Zsolt continuously challenges himself to stick to the highest possible standards. Zsolt puts extra effort into building a T-shaped profile in leadership and software engineering. You can read more about Zsolt's specializations by visiting his blogs. His tech blog ( is on improving your JavaScript skills by solving tech interviewing questions and developing real world web applications that you can monetize or display in your portfolio.

Learning SQL Part 4: ALTER TABLE


The ALTER TABLE statement is used to add, delete, or modify columns in an existing table, and also used to add and delete, drop various constraints on an existing table.

Viewpoint: AI Can Enhance Human Intelligence Instead Of Replacing It - AI Summary


Some have feared that artificial intelligence will replace human workers in the future, but it can be used in a more synergistic way to enhance human intelligence, according to a March 18 column published in Harvard Business Review.

A Beginner's Guide to Basic Python


Python programming language is a recommended language for beginners to learn. The reason is, this language has concise commands, so it is very easy to understand and write. You want to learn Python, but are confused about where to start? This time, we invite you to get to know what Python is, its functions and data types, to practice Python tutorials themselves. Python is one of the many examples of programming languages in the world.

AI-Powered Coding Assistant Aims to Help, Not Replace Developers WSJD - Technology

Software code is the mathematics-like language that powers computer applications, which underpin many core business functions, from sales and marketing, to human resources, accounting and finance. The Morning Download delivers daily insights and news on business technology from the CIO Journal team. "The process of writing code has remained mostly manual," Mr. Dohmke said Wednesday at Collision 2022, a startup and investing conference held in Toronto. Instead, he said, the AI coding tool acts like a predictive-text feature on smartphones. As developers work, the tool suggests options for lines of code needed to execute given tasks, within a larger software program.

IBM Data Engineering


This Professional Certificate is for anyone who wants to develop job-ready skills, tools, and a portfolio for an entry-level data engineer position. Throughout the self-paced online courses, you will immerse yourself in the role of a data engineer and acquire the essential skills you need to work with a range of tools and databases to design, deploy, and manage structured and unstructured data. By the end of this Professional Certificate, you will be able to explain and perform the key tasks required in a data engineering role. You will use the Python programming language and Linux/UNIX shell scripts to extract, transform and load (ETL) data. You will work with Relational Databases (RDBMS) and query data using SQL statements.

Tech jobs: These are the 10 most in-demand developer, cybersecurity and cloud roles


Despite fears of a looming recession and hiring freezes at a number of major tech companies, demand for tech-based roles continues to run high. Most companies have been forced to increase their reliance on – and investment in – technology over the past two and a half years. That's left them with a number of gaps in the workforce to fill, whether in IT security, software development, IT support or data analysis. ZDNet takes an in-depth look at key trends in software development and how developers are changing the tech industry. Some tech professionals are seeing greater demand than others.