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Building an AI-powered PDF Search Engine with Python: Part 1


With neural search seeing rapid adoption, more people are looking at using it for indexing and searching through their unstructured data. I know several folks already building PDF search engines powered by AI, so I figured I'd give it a stab too. How hard could it possibly be? This is just a rough and ready roadmap -- so stay tuned to see how things really pan out. If you want to follow along at home (and maybe fix a few of my bugs!), check the repo: I want to build a search engine for a dataset of arbitrary PDFs.

Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends you Need for 2022


Keeping up with all of the moving parts of digital marketing can be a task. From SEO to PPC, platforms, tools, and best practices the digital landscape is changing constantly as new technologies, techniques and algorithms become available. We know that what worked the last few years may not work the same way in 2022, and to get the best possible results for your business is to stay on top of these trends. As we enter a new year and tech continues to change rapidly, it's a good time to take the opportunity to dive into the digital marketing trends you will see more of in 2022. Google announced that it would end cookie tracking in early 2022.

Top 10 AI graduate degree programs


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fast-growing and evolving field, and data scientists with AI skills are in high demand. The field requires broad training involving principles of computer science, cognitive psychology, and engineering. If you want to grow your data scientist career and capitalize on the demand for the role, you might consider getting a graduate degree in AI. U.S. News & World Report ranks the best AI graduate programs at computer science schools based on surveys sent to academic officials in fall 2021 and early 2022. Here are the top 10 programs that made the list as having the best AI graduate programs in the US.

How to Use AI in B2B Marketing: 7 Tips and Tricks


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the process of programming a computer to make decisions for itself. This type of independent and self-learning system has a wide range of applications in modern business, including B2B marketing. Although it's still in the early stages of development and application, AI can already help B2B marketers in a number of ways. After analyzing dozens of use cases, we picked the ones that proved to be most efficient. In this post, we will explain the basics of B2B marketing and show you seven tips and tricks on how to use AI in this field of business.

Hyperparameter Tuning of Decision Tree Classifier Using GridSearchCV


The models can have many hyperparameters and finding the best combination of the parameter using grid search methods. Grid search is a technique for tuning hyperparameter that may facilitate build a model and evaluate a model for every combination of algorithms parameters per grid. We might use 10 fold cross-validation to search the best value for that tuning hyperparameter. These values are called hyperparameters. To get the simplest set of hyperparameters we will use the Grid Search method.

Allied Technologies


As a leading SEO company, it is important that we set the example straight by showcasing our ranking on very competitive keywords of organic rankings on Google. Allied Technologies ranks on the first page of Google on many keywords & some of them are listed here. These rankings prove our expertise in SEO services and organic ranking. We have mastered the process and we know all it takes to ensure you rank better on search engines. Contact us today to get a free audit of your website and drive more traffic, leads and conversions.

Is Predict GmbH - Google Search


Our company name shows our passion: Predictive analytics - always aiming at increasing process efficiency for humans, machinery, material and electricity. Therefore, we have realized Self-learning Predictive Intelligence software solution which automates time consuming Data Science work with the help of Artificial--... Company Description: IS Predict GmbH is located in Saarbr--cken, Saarland, Germany and is part of the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry. She is co-founder and managing director of AI company IS Predict which is automating Data Science for Industry 4.0 with its--... IS Predict GmbH ... IS Predict is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions provider for Industrial IoT. IS Predict GmbH ... PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE is an unsupervised, self-learning analysis, prediction and control solution. Employees, 7 ( View all); Founded, 2010; Category, Consumer Electronics & Computers, Retail; Web Rank, 22 Million; Keywords, is predict gmbh, universit--t--... IS Predict GmbH, Saarbr--cken, Germany, District Court of Saarbr--cken HRB 18868: Earnings, Public funding, Total assets, Revenue, Network,--...

AI Predictions For 2022 And Beyond - Liwaiwai


We have all been down the same train of thought regarding artificial intelligence, thanks to sci-fi films peppered throughout the history of Hollywood: Artificial intelligence is too dangerous. However, as time has proven over and over again, humankind is unable to duplicate the same kind of AI that we see in the movies..yet. Any attempt at creating artificial intelligence is garnered towards machine learning and semantic similarity. We're still a long way from sentient A.I, but here's what's going on in the industry and what we can expect moving forward. The prestigious business magazine recognizes the fact that we already utilize A.I. in our day to day, and is playing an important role in automation.

6 Business Applications that Badly Need Better AI -


The success and growth of AI is undeniable. Yet there are still basic tasks performing poorly, despite or because of automation. In some cases, you can blame reliance on outdated AI. In other cases, it is a result of corporate policies or multiple AI systems that compete against each other. The AI systems in question may be top notch, but they play against each other. It is similar to a Wall Street firm using two separate, competing black box trading systems, resulting in cannibalism.

Scholarships for students with disabilities


In 2017, the National Disability Institute completed a financial survey. It showed that students with disabilities take out fewer loans than nondisabled individuals. However, 36% of respondents with student loan debt did not complete their degree. As someone living with a disability, you have other payment options -- like scholarships. Scholarships for students with disabilities can help you avoid some student loan debt.