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SEO in Real Life: Harnessing Visual Search for Optimization Opportunities


The most exciting thing about visual search is that it's becoming a highly accessible way for users to interpret the real world, in real time, as they see it. Rather than being a passive observer, camera phones are now a primary resource for knowledge and understanding in daily life. Users are searching with their own, unique photos to discover content. Though SEOs have little control over which photos people take, we can optimize our brand presentation to ensure we are easily discoverable by visual search tools. By prioritizing the presence of high impact visual search elements and coordinating online SEO with offline branding, businesses of all sizes can see results.

Council Post: The AI-First Database Ecosystem


Bob van Luijt is CEO of SeMI Technologies the company behind the open-source vector search engine Weaviate. A new ecosystem of smaller companies is ushering in a "third wave" of AI-first database technology. New search engines and databases brilliantly answer queries posed in natural language, but their machine-learning models are not limited to text searches. The same approach can also be used to search anything from images to DNA. Much of the software involved is open source, so it functions transparently and users can customize it to meet their specific needs.

Sinequa To Enhance Airbus Helicopters' Technical Support And Customer Service


Airbus Helicopters will improve its Technical Support and Customer Service by using Sinequa's intelligent search platform. Fremont, CA: "Sinequa is proud to work with Airbus Helicopters to help advance the company's digitalization of its processes, and to improve the findability of vital information across the organization," states Stephane Kirchacker, Vice President, EMEA, at Sinequa. Using Sinequa's Intelligent Search platform, Airbus Helicopters, the world's largest helicopter manufacturer and a branch of Airbus, has improved its technical assistance and customer experience. With this solution, Airbus Helicopters provides self-service technical assistance, thereby enhancing the customer experience and enabling professionals to operate more efficiently while getting valuable insights that contribute to the aircraft's safety. Sinequa's extensible AI-powered search platform with advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU), multi-language support, and text mining capabilities will help Airbus Helicopters' Technical Support team develop a specialized search application – internally dubbed Hyperion – that will enable self-service support and autonomy for over 20 percent of customer queries, with an estimated 60 percent resolution rate for simple queries.

Movies to understand how Artificial Intelligence works - The Gal Times


Artificial intelligence (AI) is more present than ever in people's lives, it has been used to create the algorithms of social networks like Facebook or TikTok, to show suggestions on streaming platforms like Spotify or to automate Google search results. This concept was first used in 1956 in a Dartmouth College conference,in the United States, and since then, the cinema has not stopped using it to create generally not very optimistic stories that deal with themes such as the replacement of human beings and the rebellion of the machines. Understanding everything that happens around this discipline of computer science is not always that simple. For this reason, Infobae made this list with movies that will help understand AI in a practical and entertaining way. Apart from being very famous in various countries around the world, it has been categorized as a cult movie. It belongs to the genres of action and science fiction.

Brave's privacy-focused Google alternative lets you customize your search rankings


Brave is probably best known among hardcore geeks as one of Chrome's challengers. But for awhile now, the company has offered more than just a privacy-minded browser. A year ago, it launched the beta for a search engine, too--and now, on its first anniversary, Brave Search has hit a milestone of 2.5 billion queries, with a peak of 14.1 million queries in one day. For a nascent search engine, these numbers are big. As Brave claims in a blog post, it's won this achievement faster than Google (who took over a year to meet the same goal), plus run circles around DuckDuckGo. Its privacy-oriented rival took four years to cross the same threshold.

Let's Discuss About Microsites & Dips In Visitors: Ask An search engine optimisation - Channel969


At present's ask an search engine optimisation query comes from Kate in Louisville, who wrote: "I work for a corporation that builds microsites for shoppers. What components do I have to concentrate on when there's a dip in natural site visitors? In This autumn 2021, for instance, we did a rebrand and meta knowledge was altered. Would this have an enormous influence on site visitors going ahead?" They nonetheless take a look at URLs, hyperlinks, titles, content material, and lots of of different rating components so the identical search engine optimisation greatest practices for diagnosing a rankings drop will apply to microsites, too.

It Happened One Frame: incredibly accurate video content search with OpenAI CLIP


I love movies, so as a fun exercise for my It's named "It Happened One Frame", in tribute to the classic 1934 romantic comedy "It Happened One Night". To use this app, all you need is the link to a Youtube video. For example, you could search "Macaulay Culkin screams with hands on his cheeks" in a Home Alone movie clip and get the screenshots that capture the most iconic scene in this classic. This particular image is so popular that you can easily get it from a google search.

Get a lifetime subscription to the WordLift SEO tool for only $49


Visitors aren't likely to find your website unless you employ search engine optimization. But creating SEO-friendly content is often easier said than done. Wish there was a better way? And now is an excellent time since a lifetime subscription is just $49 -- a savings of hundreds off the regular price. WordLift is a first-to-market solution that harnesses the power of AI to render web content more easily found by prospective visitors.