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Xayn introduces user-friendly and privacy-protecting web search


I like the idea that users can take back control of their data in a variety of ways, and I really like the fact that my web search results are not being used to direct ultra-targeted ads toward me. I have been using DuckDuckGo for a while now, have used Presearch when I use Chrome as a browser, and Startpage is my search tab on my Edge browser. Recently I have been having a look at Germany-based tech startup Xayn's app for my Android device. It is based on research in privacy-protecting AI and stands for transparency and ethical AI made in Europe. The app lets you have control over its search algorithms.

How A.I. is Revolutionizing Content Marketing


In a setting befitting the opening scene of a sci-fi thriller at the recently opened Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence at Cambridge University, Professor Stephen Hawking cautions that the future of artificial intelligence could potentially be "either the best, or worst thing to ever happen to humanity." Reiterating his 2014 statement to the BBC, Hawking urges that if done wrong, "the development of full AI could spell the end of the human race" –– think Terminator, I, Robot, or WestWorld. But on the other hand, Hawking believes that amplifying our minds through utilization of artificial intelligence can transform every aspect of our lives. The overarching concern surrounding AI is machine morality and whether it is safe for society. If people do not have proper ethical guidelines or fully comprehend the risks AI could play on mankind, is the expansion of functionalities and the powering of complex self-evolving capabilities – as Hawking would put it – the'worst thing to happen to humanity?'