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The 5 best entry-level coding jobs to start your career


As the digital transformation of work continues, many companies find they need more tech workers. A recent Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) report found that European companies posted nearly 900,000 ads for new tech jobs in the first quarter of 2021. LinkedIn listed tech coding careers in artificial intelligence, data science, and digital marketing among its 15 most in-demand jobs for 2021. A coding career path represents some of the fastest-growing fields in the United States. Other types of coding jobs projected to grow in the next few years include web development, software engineering, and market research analysis.

9 Powerful Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Digital Marketing


As artificial intelligence has evolved, it has found its way into more aspects of our lives – from social media to digital marketing. How AI is transforming the future of digital marketing? In this blog post, we will examine 9 ways in which AI is changing how companies market themselves online. In today's competitive business environment where every businessman is trying to make their brand stand out from others. Marketing strategies play an important role here because it helps you reach people easily.

Read Digital Marketing : An Overview Online by SUBJECT EXPERT


World is going through a digital transformation era and customers are spending most of their time online. Now most of the people started using online for purchasing essentials items due to the pandemic situation. People are spending their time online for various purposes like spending time on social media networks and searching in the internet. It also helps them to take purchasing decisions at a faster pace than before. Hence organization needs to have dynamic strategies to understand the needs of the users and convert them as their potential customers.

The Changing Face of Marketing: How AI is Inventing the Future


Artificial intelligence is changing the way we do marketing, and it's happening faster than we think. From voice assistants like Siri helping users find information or complete tasks, to personalized ads popping up while browsing online–these are just some examples of how AI can be incorporated into your digital strategy today. In this blog post, I will explore how AI is inventing the future of marketing for us. The use of AI in marketing is rapidly changing the way that businesses connect with consumers. One company already using Ai successfully is Zalando, the European e-commerce retailer.

Outdoor Advertising Advantages When Combined With Voice Technology


Where is the next great marketing innovation coming from? The advertising industry has changed drastically over the last decade, especially outdoor advertising. New technologies are pushing the industry forward with artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice search, and digital out of home (DOOH). Also, we need to consider the outdoor advertising advantages when used in collaboration with voice technology. More and more advertising space is now available online, and digital out-of-home (DOOH) solutions have expanded significantly.

5 Free AI Tools For Digital Marketing Automation


A new term in the world of digital marketing is automation. It is a term used to reference activities that help digital marketers drive and increase interaction with their audience. This includes things like email marketing, SMS, online advertising, social media management, etc. This article reviews 5 tools that can be used to automate your digital marketing tasks, as well as gives you an introduction to what this all entails. is a great choice for digital marketing automation and it can help to improve customer experience, increase website traffic, generate leads, and boost engagement with your customers.

A case for conversational marketing automation: 89% of customers prefer messaging brands


While the future of retail may be largely digital, we know there will be an equally large focus on meaningful communication with consumers. It’s a strategic space to navigate, as the already crowded e-commerce marketplace has become that much busier because of the pandemic. Sure, customers are used to shopping online, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to call on sales reps anymore, whether for help or recommendations. They just want to connect a little differently now.

How to Boost Your Social Media Campaigns Using AI


Social media and AI both have emerged as great ways of marketing your business online. While social media provides you with a platform to potentially reach 4.2 billion people, AI has started to find applications in numerous marketing fields. And, when it comes to the combination of both, the market for AI in social media is expected to grow to $2.2 billion by 2023-- nearly a 4x jump from 2018. But, why is the market for social media and AI growing at such a rapid pace? The answer to this lies in the results that AI can help you derive for your social media campaigns.

Google's Tensor Chip Could Spell Trouble for 5G


Google's Pixel 6 phone isn't coming until the fall, but the online ad firm just revealed the chip that will power it: Tensor, a Google-branded processor clearly designed to accelerate machine learning and AI. The chip is likely made by Samsung. Given Google's past focuses, it's probably going to have an amazing dedicated machine learning (ML) processor, a terrific image signal processor, boring off-the-shelf ARM CPU and GPU components, and a relatively mediocre modem. Tensor is a signpost, not a destination. Google has never sold huge numbers of Pixel phones and isn't signaling a change in strategy there.

Account-Based Marketing: Complete Guide To The ABM Strategy


Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy that's been around for over 100 years, yet only lately has gained the interest of business marketers. In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about Account-Based Marketing and how it can work for your business. So without any further ado, let's get straight into it. For those not familiar with the terms, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is an approach to marketing that focuses on identifying and prioritizing accounts or contacts within a target market. In most cases, ABM will also involve creating personalized value propositions for each account or contact, building individualized campaigns based around those unique value propositions, and then delivering customized content to each account in order to generate the best possible ROI.