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Why and how RELECURA stands out?


With innovations and inventions becoming the pacesetter of development right across the world, IPR and IP analytics have come to the center stage of the innovation ecosystem. The IP database is growing day by day and many more countries, especially in Asia and America are emerging as the new nerve centers of technological revolution. Thus, data analysis and analytics pertaining to IPR have become more complex, vast, and unwieldy for manual operations. Fortunately, AI/ML-powered data mining and data analytics have taken over the area in recent years. Depending upon the dedicated research invested in this area, the efficacy and accuracy of the results vary from service provider to service provider.

Add Voice Search to Improve e-Commerce Engagement


In our high-speed, multi-tasking culture, fundamental shifts are happening in the way we interact with search technology. Today, mobile devices are the source of 60% of all online searchers. As voice-to-text technology has improved on smartphones and other devices, so has adoption of voice-based commands. In their research recap "Prepare for the Voice Revolution" PWC reports the majority of survey respondents said searching online with voice assistants--like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa--is easier, more convenient, and faster than speaking to a human or texting on a phone. Although younger mobile-first consumers are driving adoption, PWC states, they aren't using the tech as frequently as their 55 counterparts.

Wingsure develops AI-driven mobile insurance app for small farmers - Agriculture Post


California, US-based, SRI International today announced that its insurtech venture spinout, Wingsure, is expanding its artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) capabilities to deliver instant access to personalised insurance products for underserved small farmers and communities worldwide. The initial implementation will focus on India where 50 per cent of households are dependent on agriculture for their living. Many are located in remote rural locations without access to financial services and are unable to insure against crop failure or other unexpected events. Wingsure's mobile platform provides previously inaccessible services to this enormous market, where 600 million people are agri dependent. Wingsure is an insurtech platform that revolutionises how small farmers and rural customers leverage insurance and financial products to transform their lives and livelihood.

Design Principles for Iteratively Building AI Applications


Consider this scenario-- we're AI engineers, and we're building a social media monitoring application to track the sentiment of Fortune 500 company mentions in the news. Following the advice we saw on Twitter this morning, we start with an end-to-end multi-billion parameter language model to extract mentions of companies and classify each one as positive, neutral, or negative. After training our model, we're disappointed to find that our end-to-end score is much lower than expected. What should we do from here? Are they due to missing company mentions?

Fact check: Facebook didn't pull the plug on two chatbots because they created a language

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It's hard to escape artificial intelligence. From algorithms curating social media feeds to personal assistants on smartphones and home devices, AI has become part of everyday life for millions of people across the world. The future of that human-tech relationship may one day involve AI systems being able to learn entirely on their own, becoming more efficient, self-supervised and integrated within a variety of applications and professions. But some on social media claim this evolution toward AI autonomy has already happened. "Facebook recently shut down two of its AI robots named Alice & Bob after they started talking to each other in a language they made up," reads a graphic shared July 18 by the Facebook group Scary Stories & Urban Legends.

Gupshup nabs $240M to power messaging channels


All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Conversational messaging platform Gupshup today announced that it raised $240 million led by Tiger Global Management, with participation from Fidelity Management, Think Investments, Malabar Investments, Harbor Spring Capital, and others. The tranche, which values the company at $1.64 billion, will be used to build new tools, infrastructure, and services while expanding Gupshup's global reach, CEO Beerud Sheth said. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation for enterprises, in some cases driving the need for messaging services. Offline businesses are moving online while online businesses are offering more products, and both are looking for tools to better engage customers.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs. Echo Show 8 (2nd gen): Which is right for you?


It can be exciting when a brand like Amazon drops new versions of its devices, but it can also be overwhelming to figure out which one is best for you (and if it's worth paying more than its original version). Amazon released their newest versions of the Echo Show 5 and the Echo Show 8. After testing both of them, I'll walk you through what's the same, what's different, what they bring to the table compared to the 1st gen versions -- and which one you should buy. The new Echo Show 5 sells for $84.99, and the updated Echo Show 8 for $129.99. The Echo Show 5 Kids is available for $94.99, and if you're ready to upgrade you can get 25% off any of these devices with a trade-in.

Harnessing the benefits of AI


Google search, Facebook news feed, Amazon product recommendations are obvious examples of digital services used by billions of consumers everyday that successfully leverage Machine Learning (ML)¹. In fact you could say that the stellar growth these companies have experienced over the last decade or more just would not be possible without it. The internet giants have each conquered specific segments of consumers' daily digital lives and are now an ever-present habit for billions of people around the world. Google enables people to discover knowledge and information about products, places and things. Facebook enables people to engage with friends who have similar interests and stories.

Microsoft Clarity For Web Analytics : A-Z Complete Tutorial


This course on Microsoft Clarity will help you learn how to leverage this new FREE tool by Microsoft – that makes you understand the actual user experience and gain actionable insights for your website – some insights that are currently only offered by Clarity – like Recordings, Heatmaps, dead clicks and more! Most Importantly, You will not only learn the Software, but also learn how to understand user behavior and take actions to improve user engagement thus improving your website performance and ranking. Microsoft Clarity is a free-to-use analytics product built to help website owners and managers improve their website experiences by better understanding site visitor behavior using real evidence in form of recordings and heatmaps. So if you are a website owner, or you manage your company's / client's websites, then knowledge of this tool will be a great new addition to your skill set, and you can get certain insights that currently no other tool offers! A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course on Microsoft Clarity.

How To Do Keyword Recognition Using Simple Convolutional Network


With the rapid development of mobile devices, speech-related technology is booming like never before. Many service providers like Google offer the ability to search through the voice on the android platform. For android mobile phones, 'Ok Google' uses this functionality to search a particular keyword to initiate the voice-based commands. Keyword recognition refers to speech technology that recognizes the existence of a word or short phrase within a given stream of audio. It is synonymously referred to as keyword spotting.