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Results The Future of The Real World: A guide to predicting our future based on blockchain, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and robotics. eBook : Lopes, Ewerton: Kindle Store


I have a background in IT, marketing, and business development with over ten years of experience in startups and multinational companies. I live by the philosophy that "entrepreneurship isn't about starting your own company or making money, it's all about solving problems." I m the co-founder of Expert Project from 2010 to 2019, where he oversaw day-to-day operations as well as international expansion. I also founded People Marketing (2012 to 2014) which was a startup focused on creating scalable customer acquisition campaigns for small businesses. When I m not working on my own projects, I can be found reading books about new cultures and innovation or traveling to places for inspiration.

Secure Amazon S3 access for isolated Amazon SageMaker notebook instances


In this post, we will demonstrate how to securely launch notebook instances in a private subnet of an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), with internet access disabled, and to securely connect to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using VPC endpoints. This post is for network and security architects that support decentralized data science teams on AWS. SageMaker notebook instances can be deployed in a private subnet and we recommend deploying them without internet access. Securing your notebook instances within a private subnet helps prevent unauthorized internet access to your notebook instances, which may contain sensitive information. The examples in this post will use Notebook instance Lifecycle Configurations (LCCs) to connect to an S3 VPC endpoint and download idle-usage detection and termination scripts onto the notebook instance.

'Upload' Season 2 review: The *other* afterlife comedy comes into its own


When the first season of Upload premiered on Amazon Prime in 2020, creator Greg Daniels and some of his cast members told Mashable he had an uncanny gift for accidental prediction. Elements of the show, set in a 2033 where humans' digital selves can be uploaded to a virtual reality afterlife, kept popping up in real life during filming -- like a joke about hospitals having "vape lung" units that was written before the phenomenon made real-life headlines. The idea of being able to whisk ourselves into a digital world where our every whim can be coded or gestured into being, and our vulnerable human bodies left behind in meatspace, has existed since at least the 1930s. Nearly a century later, we're still years off the staggering computing power that would allow fully immersive VR, let alone transferring fully functioning human consciousness into a server. But between the release of the first season of Upload and the second, which arrives on Amazon Prime today, the world's most powerful tech company announced -- to much derision -- a pivot to focus on the future of just such a product.

Use a web browser plugin to quickly translate text with Amazon Translate


Web browsers can be a single pane of glass for organizations to interact with their information--all of the tools can be viewed and accessed on one screen so that users don't have to switch between applications and interfaces. For example, a customer call center might have several different applications to see customer reviews, social media feeds, and customer data. Each one of these applications are interacted with through web browsers. If the information is in a language that the user doesn't speak, however, a separate application often needs to be pulled up to translate text. Web browser plugins enable customization of this user experience.

Many of these Cyber Monday deals are better than Black Friday


UPDATE: Nov. 29, 2021, 8:00 p.m. EST This story has been updated with the latest price changes and new deals. Black Friday, we hardly knew ye: Cyber Monday is in full swing at all major retailers, and tons of doorbusters are even better than the ones we found during last week's sales. Below, you'll find a complete list of all the best Cyber Monday deals, broken up by retailer and then by category. We'll continue to update this post as more deals pop up, but don't hold out too long if something on your shopping list is enjoying a discount -- it may not be in stock for much longer thanks to the ongoing supply chain mess that's clearing inventories and putting products on backorder. Please note: All newly added deals have been marked with a .

Best Amazon Cyber Monday deals 2021: Hot discounts on laptops, TVs, AirPods, Fitbits, and more


Cyber Monday is the last opportunity to snap up worthwhile tech deals on Amazon--and this year, it's full of juicy discounts. The retail giant continues to offer many of its best Black Friday sale items in addition to offering new, tantalizing bargains. Don't wait on what you see, because after today it all ends. To make it easier to get the best deals, we've sifted through the offerings and pulled out those worth attention. These bargains meet our usual criteria for a good deal: The price is near an all-time low or is a larger discount than usually available.

The best tech deals we found for Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday has brought a host of tech deals this year, and some of the best deals from a few days ago are still available. You can still find some of the best headphones, streaming devices, SD cards and other gadgets for less today, but we recommend buying what you need fairly quickly to avoid items selling out as well as excessively delayed shipping times. To make things easier, we gathered the best Cyber Monday tech deals here so you don't have to go searching for them. Our favorite pair of Sony headphones, the WH-1000XM4, are down to $248 right now, which is just about $100 off their regular price. We gave these cans a score of 94 for their powerful ANC, immersive sound quality and multi-device connectivity.

A bunch of robot vacuums and smart home gadgets are on sale for Black Friday


Black Friday typically presents lots of opportunities to smarten up your abode, with everything from connected bulbs to robot vacuums undergoing deep discounts for the holidays. We've already seen a few of these items go on sale as part of early Black Friday efforts, and we'll definitely see more today and over the weekend. These devices include not just the aforementioned bulbs and robot vacuums but also sous vide machines, Instant Pots, Nest Hubs and more. To prevent you from sifting through all these sales yourself, we've done the hard work for you. Here are some of the best ones we've seen so far. One of our favorite robot vacuums, the iRobot Roomba 694, is now $95 off, which brings its price down to $180. It does a great job cleaning both hard and carpeted surfaces, plus the app is easy to use.

Save an extra 40% off on apps and software during this Black Friday sale


Black Friday isn't only reserved for massive TVs, kitchen appliances, and home furniture. The biggest sale of the year also applies to apps and software. If you don't want to pay full price for useful apps that can supercharge your productivity, you can take your pick from these 20 options that range from fitness programs to language learning apps to cloud storage. A subscription to Degoo nets you 10TB of supremely secured backup space for all of your videos, photos, software, and other large files -- for life. That's more space than Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined.

21 Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon Devices


Looking for a few smart Amazon devices to enhance your home? There are plenty of options--ranging from a Fire TV Stick to an Echo Dot (including one for kids). Amazon is also offering plenty of discounts for its lineup of Fire tablets and Kindles. To help make your shopping experience easier, we've rounded up our favorites below. Updated November 26: We've fixed links and added more Amazon devices, like the Eero Pro 6.